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  • The purpose is to allow people to read the next chapter without having to go back through the whole story. I don't recommend reading all of this; past "Scenes in Progress" and "Current Major Plot Points", it's more meant for looking up information about specific characters if necessary.

    Obviously, this contains spoilers for the manga through chapter There may be small bits of my own interpretation here, but I have tried to stick to just what we have been given. Some name spellings change a bit as the scans progress, so a couple here might be different from what shows up in the chapter.

    Best Black XXX Movies Black Gaps

    Hopefully none are very confusing. Scenes in Progress Abe's duel with Nishina starting in ch. The two agreed that the loser will not get in the way of the winner. Watanabe [Unknown], who followed Abe to try to prevent him from getting in trouble, looks on with Ooki [Carla Chretien], who is watching and admires Nishina.

    At the last moment, Yamada [Patty Herschel] uses a priest's defensive magic to block Abe's attack, declaring "This duel is over. They reach the conclusions that Dolgerg and Thornton had been aware of Glen's parentage and informed the Moswick army, along with being the ones to say that Glen was a mole.

    Dolgerg's motives are unclear, but Hiroki remembers an assassin trying to kill Glen saying "You have to die.

    I will end the Alphard line. That is your brother's wish. Hiroki decides to try reenacting the moment when Veronica said she would kill Glen in order to remember what happened. Note that Minami does not know Hiroki is actually Glen.

    He believes her to be Bart. Hiroki, who is hiding her past identity as Glen Schreiber, secretly plans to hold a ritual to allow her to use magic. Midou will be the priest to oversee the ritual, and Motoi and Nishizono are also aware of the plan.

    Takao, Minami's girlfriend knows that Glen was truly in love with Veronica though she does not know if he ever managed to confess his love in the past. She remains worried about what could happen to their relationship if Glen were to appear. Zeze is intentionally avoiding recovering his memories, and he pretends to have just been a common soldier.

    In fact, his past life was prince Eugene, and he is gradually regaining his memories. He occasionally has his own suspicions, though he tries not to think about it. Nanaura continues to lead Nishina and Ooki while following the commands of a mastermind unknown to others.

    Nishina believes Minami to be Eugene since Minami falsely revealed himself as such to Nishinaand seeks to protect him currently from Abe and try to figure out the truth about what happened.

    Ootomo has recently remembered definitive knowledge that the church was involved in the attack on the castle.

    Ben Affleck Set For David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’! Ben Affleck, Gone Girl Just Jared

    He is trying to determine more about exactly what the plan was, and struggles with his feelings of guilt over the past. Memories and conflicts of the past continue to interfere with their present lives, causing distress for some, such as Hasebe and Fukushima. Tahara-sensei remains suspicious of what is going on with his class. From his childhood, he has had memories of his past life as Veronica, a princess of Zerestria. In elementary school, this made him an outcast; he suffered bullying that continued into middle school where he met Kamioka, his first real friend.

    After using weak magic to get away from bullies and prove his past life to himself, he resolved to live his life as Minami Harusumi. Even so, he still carried the regrets of his past life as Veronica. This became complicated a month into high school, when his notebook about his past life was revealed to others, triggering their own past memories to surface, just after he starts dating Takao.

    With others remembering their lives, Minami pretends to be like Zeze in not knowing his past identity; by this point, however, many people are aware of Minami being Veronica. Minami is very concerned about the effect that their past lives will have on the current world. He also continually deals with wanting to reveal his identity but being held back by various reasons. Minami primarily cooperates with Takao, Hiroki, Teshimano, Ootomo, Midou, Meguro, and Nishizono in figuring out information about the past.

    He has falsely revealed himself as Eugene to Nishina in an effort to get information from him. Veronica was raised an educated by Bishop Moston Velbard at the Rakedonia monastery, where she learned how to use magic and became close to Carlo. As royalty, she possessed her own particular magic: She was annoyed at the castle, where she had already read all the books and learned everything she able to know, with new books and information never arriving.

    She hoped that this would change when Eugene arrived to marry her, calling him a "ray of hope". Her relationship with Eugene seemed to be slightly rocky, though she still enjoyed talking with him. During the battle, Eugene asked Veronica to join him; she refused and escaped, saying "I will protect this castle". She gave one of her earrings to Glen as passage to the underground room, telling him to stop Eugene. Later, she and Rida attempted to reach the room; Rida died, but Veronica made it after Vince and Glen had already collapsed.

    What happened afterwards is unclear, but she told Glen that she would kill him, and seemingly left the room.

    German Shepherd Training 7 Golden Rules

    She gained her memories of being Glen Schreiber in middle school, though she pretends to gain her memories alongside everyone else. Initially Hiroki claims to be Veronica, later changing to Bart Belbania. She is afraid to reveal her true identity since someone in the past intended to kill Glen.

    Although at first she doesn't want to cooperate with Minami seeing him as too separate from Veronicashe now generally does though still keeping her true identity secret. Hiroki is also unable to use magic, though she intends to hold a contract ritual with Midou to receive the ability. Hiroki has also developed a close relationship with Maki, who eventually confesses everything about Nanaura's group to her. Glen Schreiber was a squire of Zerestria stationed at Veronica's castle.

    Shortly after arriving he lost the earring signifying his service to Veronica. He was widely believe to be the princess's lover; though they did not actually have such a relationship, he did at some point realize that he was in love with her. At one point, he and Cotton made a promise with Ashley that they would protect the princess.

    Although he is known as the bastard of Frederick Belbania, Glen is actually the son of Thornton Alphard. Frederick claimed Glen as his own child in order to protect him, and with some thought of having Glen take over the Alphard line eventually.

    Due to the anger of his older non-blood brother Dolgerg, he was at various points thrown out of the Belbania house and sent to fight in the front lines of the war.

    Despite this, Bart always defended Glen; he intended to repay Bart by fulfilling the desires of the Belbania house and not causing trouble for him. During the battle, Glen received Bart's pendant after Bart was gravely injured.

    Later, Veronica gave Glen one of her earrings and told him to stop Eugene. Though he reaches the room with Eugene and Lucas in it, both him and Vince are defeated. He survives at least long enough for Veronica to say she is going to kill him. He had also told Rida that he was going to confess his love to Veronica; it is unknown if he ever did. According to Abe, Glen was a mole within the castle who helped the Moswick soldiers enter for the battle.

    Just before people's past memories surfaced, she and Minami agreed to start dating. She gained her past life memories shortly after seeing the first flash of magic, leading her to serve Minami just as Rida served Veronica.

    She struggles to balance being Veronica's guard with being Minami's girlfriend, and is troubled by thoughts of the feelings between Veronica and Glen. However, she vows to protect Minami, not as a guard, but because she loves him. Rida was Veronica's personal guard, from the prominent Razarasare family in Zerestria.

    She was utterly devoted to her duty. She believed Veronica and Glen to be lovers; this was confirmed during the battle, when Glen told Rida as much. Rida died during the battle shortly after she and Veronica saw Adele die; this left the princess by herself. He works at his dad's karaoke place.

    Ben Affleck Set For David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’! Ben Affleck, Gone Girl Just Jared

    Although he vaguely recalls a past life when others do, he is unable to remember his identity. Because he accidentally overheard, Zeze is aware of Minami's identity.

    He mostly chooses to stay out of dealing with his past life, but he seems to slowly be regaining his memories regardless. He is very afraid of what might happen if he does remember his past identity and is consumed by it.

    Ben Affleck Set For David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’! Ben Affleck, Gone Girl Just Jared

    Zeze also likes to cheer other people up, and occasionally gives out keen advice. Throughout his life, he has been told "you don't need to do anything", and he has issues with responsibility.

    Eugene was the third prince of Moswick, and marriage partner to Veronica. His younger brother died as a child.

    Michael Douglas meets granddaughter Lua Izzy Daily Mail Online

    He seemed to have somewhat of a relationship with the second prince, Ishmael, who mentored him and warned him not to trust others, including their older brother Evan. By the time he arrived at Veronica's castle, Eugene had a very dismal view on life, putting on a fake face for the world. He privately expressed disgust for Veronica's demeanor, though he seemed to be in some way amused by talking to her. During the battle, Eugene tried and failed to bring Veronica with him. Along with the priest Lucas, he left behind most of the Moswick army and allowed the plan with the white pillar magic to be activated earlier.

    He refused to explain anything to Vince, who eventually forsook him. At some point, Eugene felt that "[he didn't] have a single person on [his] side".

    According to Abe's memories, Eugene was the one who would activate the pillar of light magic. Although he was Moswickian in the past, he carries little loyalty to Moswick or Eugene, preferring to focus on the present. This aligns him with Minami, whose identity he learns fairly early.

    Having been Eugene's guard in the past and Zeze's close friend in the present, he is the first to realize Zeze may be Eugene. Generally, Teshimano is an integral part of Minami's group and works toward the same goals as him. Vince Everett was son of the Duke of Everett and Eugene's personal guard, though there was little trust between them. He did not know what was going on in the battle. During the battle, he received one of the Zerestrian earrings from Eugene; later he removed his own earring and chose to no longer serve Eugene.

    She tells him that she put out the plates just in case he came. When she tries to get Mool Po to put the hat on Soo Ho tells him that he should.

    Catherine ZetaJones shares rare photo of Carys and Dylan Daily Mail Online

    He happened to be shooting an interview at the same place she was. They part ways and she tells him to cheer up. He reminds him that he offered to pay for cram school.

    Ben Affleck Set For David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’! Ben Affleck, Gone Girl Just Jared

    Soo Ho wonders why he wrote the file by hand then. Ryang Ha is driving Soo Ho and asking him about his plans for the new game.

    He goes off about his stocks and Soo Ho mentions that there are no stocks. Soo Ho goes to visit Zeze for their launch and everyone is happy to see him.

    Ben Affleck Set For David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’! Ben Affleck, Gone Girl Just Jared

    He asks if she came alone, looking around for Bo Nui. She asks him if he knows where Zeze factory is, and he asks why she just says she has someone to meet there. He offers to take her there. She wonders briefly why his voice sounds familiar he simply brushes it off.

    Dal Nim comes in and tells her she should have called. BoNui tells her everything but nothing about her time at Zeze or Soo Ho.

    Gary comes and hands gifts to every one of the Zeze development team and thanks them for making a life much cooler than his own. Gary enters the room and Dal Nim tells him she has to meet with the reporters but Bo Nui should be there soon.

    He agrees to sit with her while she plays. She starts raving about the games and is shocked that her sister designed it. Gun Wook tells her that she made it with her in mind. She tells him she only needs Soo Ho waits out front of Zeze to catch a glimpse of Bo Nui.

    He hears her get out of the cab and answer the phone. For a moment time seemed to slow and he walks away happy. Bo Ra asks Gary if he called her and her retorts that he though she told her she was coming. Bo Ra apologises and asks about the game. Bo Nui confirms all the information that Gary gave and when Bo Ra tells her good job.

    Bo Nui and Gun Wook go to have coffee on the roof. She complains about Bo Ra and how she calls him all the time. They talk briefly about his father and make plans to eat together. Gun Wook suggests that she should move back to Seoul because Bo Ra seems to feel trapped and it would make her job easier.

    Bo Ra tells her that she needs to be the one with the first invite. Bo Nui looks uncertain but she promises that she will go to the wedding regardless of her fear of bumping into Soo Ho. Soo Ho arrives back at his office and pulls out a book from his bag.

    From the book, he extracts the picture of himself, Bo Ra and Bo Nui together. He looks at it fondly before placing it back into the book.

    Ben Affleck Set For David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’! Ben Affleck, Gone Girl Just Jared

    Bo Ra hands Bo Nui an envelope. Inside is an application for a Game Concept Contest. After Dal Nim hangs up the phone Ryang Ha shows up acting all cute. Dal Nim is planning for the couple to meet again at their marriage and fall in love. Seriously watch this scene. Gary meets with Amy and she teases him about habits being hard to break. She thought she misheard, and he tells her that he left IM and she could recruit him. She agrees and offers monthly instalments of hs signing fee and he agrees.

    Bo Nui is walking home when she gets a call telling her that she has passed the first stage of the contest. She tells Bo Ra who is super happy for her sister. Young Il agrees with him, but tacks on that they still need money. Ryang Ha is about to leave when he remembers the wedding invitation.

    He tells Soo Ho that he has to come before leaving.