Runs A Con Using Fictitious Female Profiles

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    Do You Want To Know If Is A Scam Read This

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    Runs A Con Using Fictitious Female Profiles

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    Runs A Con Using Fictitious Female Profiles

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    Runs A Con Using Fictitious Female Profiles

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    Runs A Con Using Fictitious Female Profiles

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    Russian Bride Scam First Things To Know

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    Runs A Con Using Fictitious Female Profiles

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    Runs A Con Using Fictitious Female Profiles

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    Runs A Con Using Fictitious Female Profiles

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    Free to sign up Most functionality is free, upgrade to a paid membership for premium services The dating site does not connect to Social Media accounts to help set up your profile Unlike other sites that focus on getting you set up and online as quick as possible, POF has a reasonably detailed profile questionnaire up front. Questions include gender, type of relationship sought, do you own a car, language, ambition, education, desire to have children etc and all questions are mandatory to proceed with sign up.

    Another thing that is unlike most sites, POF does not connect in to any other Social Media platform to help you sign up.

    Free Online Dating Site Services For Singles & Personals

    It is almost common practice these days for dating sites and apps to utilise your Facebook profile to draw information about your interests and friends, but POF does not. It does however allow you to connect into your Facebook or Instragram page for uploading profile pics, or you can use saved pics from your phone or desktop.

    Runs A Con Using Fictitious Female Profiles

    Sign up is free and you can comfortably use the majority of features on a free membership, with premium services available to upgraded members. Their messages function works just like txt messaging where you can type free text back and forth with other users. Communication is unlimited, even on a free membership. Profile Quality The profiles are very detailed The profile information can be changed later Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free Not only are you asked what are you looking for in terms of Hang Out, Friends, Dating or Long Term during profile creation, but you are also asked Dating Intent.

    This level of detail if quite unusual in most dating sites which is great as you know what someone is seeking to achieve from being on the site up front. This helps with searching and matching with other members to ensure you are both looking for the same type of dating or relationship.