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    Zollinger, Zollinger Associates SUMMARY Material handling plays a vital role in all sectors of business and commerce, but nowhere is it as important to an efficient operation as it is in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution. Those who study this field and understand how material handling methods, equipment and systems can be used to increase productivity look on the material handling process and the technologies available as strategic competitive factors.

    Cost reduction capital and operatingincreased throughput, improved response times, work place safety, and total quality are measures of performance that have strategic implications for a business. These factors are all directly affected by how well an organization performs its material handling functions.

    These factors alone are enough to cause business leaders to want to study this field and to research best practices and available technology worldwide.

    The strategic advantages that many say Japan has in a wide variety of industries e. Japan's competitive position in high technology manufacturing helped motivate the National Science Foundation and the Department of Defense to commission an expert panel to conduct a study of material handling in Japan that would include visits to Japanese suppliers and users of material handling technologies.

    This report synthesizes the findings from approximately sixty site visits, attendance at major Japanese trade exhibitions, a review of current literature, and discussions with numerous Japanese experts in the field. Although much of the research was conducted during the first five months ofvisits dating back to provided additional valuable information.

    Pallet Rack Repair Solutions WWMH

    A summary of the conclusions drawn from this study follows: Prior to Japan trailed the United States in industrial productivity and in the application of modern production methods, especially in the use of state-of-the-art material handling technology. All that has changed.

    In the late s the Japanese Productivity Center sent a team to the U. The result was the licensing of U.

    Today, we see spin-offs and derivations of that early technology, which has improved vastly in several areas. Japan is not only using its own material handling technology and equipment domestically, but Japanese suppliers are selling them on a worldwide basis, including in the United States.

    Productivity improvement--and the strategic advantages that accompany such improvement--have provided the rationale for Japan's quest for the best production methods and technologies over the last thirty years.

    However, that rationale today is being amplified manyfold by changing demographic, social, and business conditions in Japan.

    The result has been an acceleration in the application of automated material handling systems that dwarfs what we see occurring in the United States.

    The evidence is fairly clear that factors such as declining population, aging work force, changes in work preferences, and the ever-present congestion and lack of space are fueling the use of automation. The corollary in this case is that demand application and use of automated material handling technologies fuels supply, which translates into a rationale for ongoing research and product development. In many cases, economies of scale in the production of material handling equipment can also be associated with high demand levels.

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    Automated material handling equipment and systems in Japan are not deployed exclusively in large, complex integrated systems. LCB is a community of those who believe love is colorblind.

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    International dating Find love with us EliteSingles

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