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  • Everyone was at their seat waiting for Mr.

    They looked at the clock,one minute has passed,"All right. I don't want a sub. You never know where they've been" said Farkle. He's one minute late. Stop overreacting" said Riley.

    What if I never learn anything else? I'm going down, sir! Oh, he's not even here" said Farkle then he fell on the ground. A little help, Maya? No Maya time" said Riley as she helped Farkle to stand on his feet but he fell again,"You may proceed" "During Maya time, we open the confiscation drawer and take back all the stuff from the land of unfairly taken toys" said Maya.

    I don't think anybody really wants A boy in the back of the class raised his hand and Maya threw it to him but Farkle stood up and said,"What'd I miss?

    He is going to walk in and catch you and you're going to be in trouble and I am here to keep you out of trouble, and I will have failed. Do you want me to fail? It's a rule" said Riley as she walked next to Maya.

    Girl Meets World S 2 E 7 Girl Meets Rules Video Dailymotion

    Maya and Riley threw ball at the whole class as Ashley picked up the balls on the ground and threw them back at Riley and Maya. Matthews as he stepped in the class then Ashley threw a ball at him. Why are you the only one here that didn't say I'm sorry? Because you respect the rules. Because you know without them, civilization becomes chaos. The rest of you are gonna spend the afternoon thinking about that, with the exception of Lucas the good" said Cory. He imagined them with a blue t-shirt and the words "Lucas the good" in yellow on it,"I gotta do something" he said turning to Cory.

    Everyone's looking" said Lucas.

    Hungry Blonde NYC Food + Wellness Blog by Gracie Gordon

    Do what you gotta do" said Cory. Lucas took out his phone and sent a text to him,"Detention" he said after reading the text. Yeah, we're exactly the same" said Lucas. Riley raised her hand,"What do you want? But the best of students know just how far they can push before those rules are broken. Today you are not the best of students" said Cory as the students walked into the class.

    You're my daddy" said Riley. Well, guess what, guys. You've got the whole place to yourselves. One hour to behave however you want. Let's see what becomes of you" "Well, I think we'll be perfectly behaved ladies and gentlemen" said Riley. The best punishment I can give is to force you to spend some time with yourselves.

    I'll see you in an hour. Whoever's left" he went out. Ashley took out a granola bar from her pocket,opened it and was going to eat it but Cory came in and took it from her,"No food". Cory smiled and nodded as he walked out and locked them. I don't have a problem with that.

    Girl Meets World Season 2 Episode 7 Girl Meets Rules TVBuzer

    I'm not claustrophobic or anything. We're trapped" said Farkle,panicked. There's more carbon dioxide than oxygen!

    The ratio is all wrong! Farkle gotsta go" said Maya. This is exactly what my father wants. He wants us to panic and fall apart.

    Melanie Meets The World. Girl Meets Rules. Wattpad

    We have to show him that we can get through this without turning into a pack of wild animals" said Riley. Girl Meets Rules is the seventh episode in season 2 of Girl Meets World and the 28th episode overall. It aired on June 12, to 2. Contents [ show ] Overview When the entire class gets detention, the class divides and chaos ensues. Meanwhile, Auggie's friend Ava attempts to be nicer when she thinks she's losing him to another girl. Plot When Cory's class realize he's late, Farkle freaks out and faints over the prospect of a substitute teacher, but Riley is confident Cory will arrive soon.

    Maya decides that while Cory isn't there, it's Maya time - time to take back the toys he's confiscated from them. Riley isn't comfortable breaking the rules, but Maya calls on "ring power" to make Riley follow her.

    Maya convinces Riley to join her in shooting a ping-pong gun, and the whole class descends into chaos, except for Lucas who remains still. When Cory finally arrives, he wants to know why they disregarded the rules. The whole class apologizes, except Lucas - who says he never does anything. Cory says he usually gives them leeway around the rules because they're good students - but not today; as punishment, Cory gives everyone detention except for "Lucas the Good"; fearing this will give Maya more name-calling fodder, Lucas uses his cellphone in class to make Cory give him detention, too.

    At the end of the day as detention starts, Maya believes that she would do pretty well in a world without rules, which the rest of the class agree with, except Riley.

    Girl meets Rules Girl meets Ashley

    Cory tells them they can be without rules for the next hour, but he thinks they'll be eating each other after a minute. Cory locks them in the class as he thinks the best punishment he can give them is to be stuck with one another. Riley is convinced that Cory wants them to fall apart, so she says they need to unite and prove they can get through the hour without turning into wild animals.

    Riley decides to create a perfect society: Rileytown, but Maya decides to make her own place that is more chaotic: Riley asks why Maya and the others can't just follow her lead. Farkle says they're not all like her; he then explains the reason he can't choose between her and Maya is because life with either one alone would be too extreme.

    When Maya notices Cory forgot to lock the door at the back of the classroom, she and her followers, including Farkle, make their way out.

    Tired of never doing anything, Lucas re-channels his Texas persona and excitedly charges out of the room.

    When Riley talks to her followers, they say they admire her, but being bored, they all wish they'd followed Maya and the others.