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  • All the best chats, lols and singing happen on long road trips and trust me, this was an epic one. We stayed at the Titanic Hotelwhich we found online as we were instantly drawn into the cool warehouse vibe of the rooms it may have also been because of my love of all things Titanic related.

    25 February News Archive Daily Mail Online Daily Mail Online

    The next morning we all packed up the car and set off for Edinburgh. The drive up through the green hills was so breathtakingly beautiful. We decided to stay in an AirBnb for our trip.

    It had beautiful high ceilings and the buildings were so decadent. We explored little cafes and sat on trip advisor to work out the best places to visit whilst we were there.

    It had a really nice relaxed vibe and the food was delicious. We spent quite a bit of time exploring the area, but my favourite part was the old town. Particularly Cockburn Street on the way up to the Royal Mile that just felt like something in Harry Potter with its tall slender buildings winding up and around.

    The Royal Mile itself was packed with street performers and fringe festival goers. There was always something to stop and watch, whether that was someone breathing fire, telling jokes or playing music. We were very lucky that for the 4 days we were there, we had sunshine on 3 of them.

    It was so idyllic. Having lived near the City Of Bath, Edinburgh felt like a larger, slightly more grand scale of that.

    Zoella Fell In Love With Edinburgh

    The flats where we stayed curved around a beautiful private park that is shared amongst residents living in the square. The idea of this made me want to purchase a property right there and then.

    YouTube stars have seen years of growth as vlogging has exploded, but it looks as though the golden days are over and the most business-savvy creators will need to diversify. Popular creators like H3H3Productions have blamed YouTube's algorithms for an apparent slowdown in subscribers or viewers. There's no official explanation, but YouTube has had to tweak its algorithms a lot in to tackle inappropriate content.

    The internet is a fickle mistress. Popular YouTube stars like PewDiePie and Zoella are seeing a huge slowdown in their online subscriber growth, signalling that even the top earners will need to look beyond video to maintain their popularity and income.

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    Business Insider analysed statistics from SocialBlade, a website that tracks channel statistics for YouTube and other social networks, and found a trend of slowing subscriber growth and channel views. As PewDiePie, Kjellberg built a base of fans who enjoyed watching him play games, though he quickly branched out into goofball comedy and, increasingly, philosophical musings about the news, his fame, and YouTube as a platform.

    This graph shows that Kjellberg's total number of subscribers has been increasing over time, which isn't much of a surprise — he's one of the highest-earning YouTube stars ofaccording to Forbesand has almost 60 million subscribers. Kjellberg's number of subscribers has increased since Since January, the number of people subscribing to Kjellberg's channel each month has slowed.

    This graph suggests Kjellberg hit "peak YouTube" in late In other words, anyone who wants to watch his videos regularly has most likely already subscribed. This is fine if Kjellberg can maintain or increase his monthly views. That would mean that even though he's hit peak subscribers, his audience is still loyal and engaged. But his monthly views are slowing, too.

    Zoella Drink Up

    The graph below shows that throughKjellberg's channel regularly hit at least million views. Fast forward to October, and the picture is one of decline.

    It looks as though fewer people are watching Kjellberg's videos each month. Zoella is seeing slowing growth across her 2 main channels Zoe Sugg, known as Zoella, is probably the most famous female YouTuber in the UK. She has noticeably branched out into books, events, beauty products, and a poorly received advent calendar.