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    Plot and Story Structure Here's a collection of story structures and plots to help develop your story, especially to build dramatic tension: Here's the classic story structure.

    Note that the character goes through repeated attempts to solve or understand the problem, failing between each attempt and learning something newraising the stakes, and trying again with the new information: A character Encounters or has a problem And tries to solve the problem But fails, then learns something new So tries and fails with greater stakes, and finally Tries and fails again, the stakes escalating with each attempt.

    After each failure, the character learns something new and applies this knowledge.

    This is the try-fail cycle, and a story is most satisfying with three. In the idiot plot, the characters don't learn, or the failures arise from behaving foolishly.

    Plots and Story Structures

    Until reaching the climax, when things are as bad as they can possibly be, which leads to Success, or failure, or death: The best resolution and denouement uses outside validation: Kisses and medals for everyone! The situation moves the protagonist to action; efforts to resolve the situation create rising action.

    Point of greatest drama and emotional interest for reader. Also called "crisis," because pressures of the situation must be resolved: Do or die time! Or failure, or success that means failure in another way.

    Boy Meets Girl Sad Love Stories Scary Website

    Everything that comes after. Keep as short as possible. We read fiction because the world around us doesn't make sense, so we expect fiction to make sense of things.

    If you change the natural story order that readers expect, it's a risk. Is it worth it?

    Girl Meet Boy Stories

    Why did Memento do the story in reverse? Did it work for you? We are annoyed when things go too smoothly for the characters! Whenever the character acts: This might come from inside doing something is a challenge for her: From outside the previous action might raise conflict from other characters, or an outside force reacts against the action.

    Ways to build your story: After experiencing heartbreak at a young age, she has vowed never to let another person in again. And she is content. Whenever a man starts to show interest, she does her best to remove herself from the situation, effectively avoiding disaster. After that, she was completely different.

    Cute Boy Meet Girl Stories

    Instead of the upbeat little girl she once was, Calli is now a quiet, shy girl who is to scared to talk to people. But that might change once she meets a certain raven haired boy on the Hog Most girls don't have a genius for a dad or assassin best friends.

    Most girls don't grow up without their real family. But what will happen when Gianna meets Peter Parker, a boy who final With no home or any relatives she knows of, Alex is forced to live a harsh life on the streets. She has a easygoing personality, but finds it difficult to confide in anyone.

    Jason Winters is her opposite.

    Like Alex, he l Her name is Oikawa Aiko, a girl who has been bullied ever since Oikawa first became a child actor. Around the same time Keigo ran away, she became a hikki at the age of But soon after senior year starts, she is forced into taking a theatre class to fulfill her graduation requirements.

    There, she meets Kim Taehyung, better known as V, the popular star of every school drama production If Eleven Jane had a girl crush: