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  • Does the villa have a private swimming pool? The villa has a large exclusive private swimming pool. How big is the swimming pool?

    Hairy Bikers Christmas special Daily Mail Online

    The swimming pool is 10 metres by 5 metres. The shallow end is 1 metre 20cm in depth and the deep end is 2 metres in depth. Most new builds and most of the villas in the Algarve have swimming pools that are a lot smaller than ours.

    What is the privacy like at the villa? Please take a look at the picture included with instruction 9 in section 2. Our villa is situated at the end of the road.

    There are six other villas on the same road, one of which can just about overlook the pool from its upstairs back bedroom when the boundary plants and trees are cut back and shortened. This villa is situated to the left hand side of the wall and plants in the picture in section 2. You can just about see this villa in the corner of the picture in section 2. When the boundary trees are at full flight and the flowers are fully booming then the next door neighbour is unable to overlook the pool.

    Overall, the villa is well positioned and the privacy is very good. Do you provide any baby equipment? Unfortunately, we do not provide any baby cots or baby equipment at the villa.


    You will need to take a travel cot with you. Do you provide towels at the villa? Bathroom towels are provided but not beach towels.

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    Does the villa have fans and air conditioning? There are ceiling fans in the living room and downstairs bedrooms and osculating fans in the upstairs bedrooms which are sufficient for keeping you cool.

    A list of attraction in and nearby Kingston.

    There is no air conditioning in the villa. Do you arrange transfers from the airport? We do not arrange transfers from the airport.

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    There are tens and tens of taxis available from the taxi rank outside Faro airport, so arranging a taxi before arrival is not necessary. It takes about 25 minutes to get from the airport to the villa.

    Please refer to section 2. Taxis from the airport to the villa cost between 40 to 50 Euros.

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    On your return to Faro airport I suggest using one for the following taxis remember to put in front of number if using a British mobile from the villa: Would the villa be suitable for us?

    Read any tour guide.

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    Walk in the footsteps of naturalist Charles Darwin as you learn how the geological history of this chain of islands allowed unique animal species to flourish. There are also plenty of opportunities for diving, snorkeling, surfing, boating and hiking. You can look down from high bluffs to the dramatic meeting point of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers, where the borders of West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland come together.

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