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  • See active discussions on Single Moms j dating when pregnant? So I have been on a dating site for a while and met a few guys already none of which care that I'm pregnant it's the first thing I told them what do u think about starting a new.

    Relationship when pregnant Sort by: Oldest Newest 15 Posts r robbyb jennlily I wouldn't start dating while pregnant. A new relationship takes time and effort. Once your baby is born you should be putting your time and effort into your new LO.

    I'm Dating While Pregnant And This Is What It's Really Like

    I am sure someone will post soon about how they did it and everything was sunshine and rainbows, but I am sure that is not the norm. A Adilay jennlily As long as you are ready to deal with a new relationship with tons of hormones involved go for it. Be careful as you might make a guy super excited to be with you and looking forward to a family, and then crush him if you don't want to continue.

    I've seen that happen. I've also seen really nice girls think their prince charming was there to "save them".

    They just had lots of sex with no consequences, then ran out. K Katathryn jennlily Just be careful!

    dating when pregnant Single Moms Forums What to Expect

    Make sure he knows your baby and health are top priority, and don't let your hormones trick you into feeling things you aren't. I've actually met a guy who straight up said "I love pregnant chicks, ya can't knock em up twice".

    You will find creeps and princes wherever you go, so if you are unsure, don't hesitate to just remain friends until your life settles down a bit more. I met a good guy, but my hormones went crazy and he pretty much just stopped coming around.

    It sucked because he even dropped the Love word, and was buying stuff for Sophia. I started talking to my now boyfriend two weeks before my due date. I met him a week after I had Sophia.

    Now its been 2. I couldn't be happier, and he loves Sophia. I've asked girls on my fb pregnancy board, and a lot of them actually met thier now husbands while prego. Just be honest, up front, and let them know the baby comes first. A lot of men would date someone with a child, its just a tad different, but I met a few that didn't have any problems with it.

    I'll also say, my boyfriend and I had to wait 6 weeks before we even could have sex Anyways, that showed he really did care. A jennlily I'm going through the same: N NoahsMommyAllie kagr84 exactly what kagr said. I'm 21 and have a 3 month old son whos dad left when I told him I was pregnant exactly a year ago. Two weeks later, I was peeing a stick and then screaming with excitement! I was knocked up!

    But I knew that miscarriages are very common, especially in the first trimester, and I had made a promise to myself not to tell anyone — not even my family — until I made it through those first three months.

    But, I was willing to give it a try. We took one look at each other across the crowd, and I knew instantly that we would be spending more than 15 minutes together. I could tell he felt the same.

    He was handsome, smart, a great talker and an even better listener. We talked for hours. We got hungry and went out for dinner at a restaurant down the street. We wanted to spend more time together, so we went for a walk through a nearby park.

    Dating4ababy, dating & fertility tips for women & men looking for a partner

    It was getting late, and I was getting tired — gestating is exhausting! I mentioned that I lived nearby. He asked if he could walk me home. I wanted to stop to get some Tylenol. So, even though I had originally planned to wait another six weeks before telling anyone about what has happening in my uterus, I figured now was as good a time as any to let the cat out of the bag. And from there, we dated for four months. But, being pregnant, it was suddenly a huge deal.

    No second-hand smoke inhalation for me and my fetus, thank you. From the beginning, though, he promised to never smoke around me, and he kept that promise.