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  • A person who is not a Christian, Moslem, or Jew; heathen. One who has no religion. This also includes those who worshiped gods before the advent of the Judeo-Christian religions. As Mortimer Adler put it: The Western peoples of pre-Christian antiquity were all pagans in the sense defined.

    Many remained pagans during the early centuries of the Christian era; and from the 16th century on, the number of pagans living in communities that were predominantly Christian or Muslim has steadily increased.

    Russian Brides Cyber Guide A Russian Woman About Russian Women

    The lawful documents, symbols and mottoes of the founding government do not contain any mention of Christian, Moslem, or Jewish religions. The documents, symbols and mottoes of the founding government describe Pagan deities and concepts.

    Since the government in question involves the founding documents and symbols of the United States of America, we must satisfy the above two criteria with evidence for Paganism and a lack of evidence for Christianity, Judaism, or Islam.

    This becomes evermore interesting in light of the recent religious-right movement in their attempt to convince citizens that the American government derived from Christian principles.

    The inspiration for creating this article came from deceptive claims by right-wing Christians about Moses and the 10 commandments depicted on the Supreme Court building and other state courthouses more about this below. This article shows their error by examining the very documents establishing the United States of America the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the symbols and mottoes used by the early Americans.

    In every case, Paganism prevails and Christianity does not. In fact, Paganism reveals itself so predominantly that it should give the reader pause to consider the power of Christian propaganda to deceive and disguise these obvious facts for so long. When I was a boy World was better spot. What was so was so, What was not was not.

    Russian Brides Cyber Guide A Russian Woman About Russian Women

    Now I am a man; World have changed a lot. Some things nearly so, There are times I almost think I am not sure of what I absolutely know. Pre-independence America Although the first colonists in America came from Europe mostly Great Britain, Spain, and Hollandmany of them to escape religious persecution Christian persecution no less!

    The religious-right propagandists like to put emphasis on this period of American history because, indeed, these first European-Americans did live under Christian rule and it makes it seem as if these first colonists established the government of the United States. Of course the first Americans did not practice Christianity at all. Native Indians lived in America thousands of years before the Christians invaded their land. These original Americans got dispossessed, slaughtered, or segregated to the will of intolerant Christians.

    Today's religious-right Christians conveniently leave out any mention of the original Americans, Pagan to the very core. Only a very brief period before the formation of the United States could Christians call America their land.

    The following gives a brief historical summary: Augustine, Florida, in Inthe London Company founded the Jamestown colony. In the Mayflower ship lands at Cape Cod, Massachusetts and its colonists formed the Mayflower Compact a true Christian document to establish a form of local government. But these early Christian colonies the Puritans became so religiously intolerant that a few of the colonists began to rebel. Because of his "new and dangerous opinions" calling for religious and political freedoms, including separation of church and state.

    Russian Brides Cyber Guide A Russian Woman About Russian Women

    Providence then became a haven for many other colonists fleeing religious intolerance. Just a few years later inthe Massachusetts general court approved a law that made religious heresy punishable by death! In hysteria grips Salem, Massachusetts as suspects accused of witchcraft got arrested and imprisoned. These religious Puritans accused one-hundred-fifty people of their own citizens and they executed twenty of them.

    InMassachusetts passes a law ordering all Roman Catholic priests to leave the colony within three months upon penalty of life imprisonment or execution New York passes a similar law. In in Maryland, the Anglican Church gets established as the official church. In South Carolina also established the Anglican Church as its official church.

    All of this occurred well before the establishment of the United States. These early European Americans began to feel very suspicious of the growing encroachment of Christianity upon government and personal freedoms.

    By the mid s, a few of the colonists began to introduce heretical ideas. More and more Americans become wary of religious and political impositions on their life. It becomes an instant best-seller. Paine, a Pagan deist would later write "Age of Reason" where he rejected Judeo-Christian tenets and scriptures. Remember that at this time the colonies belonged to Great Britain. Things had come to a head. The most influential American colonists rebelled against Great Britain and their taxes, institutional churches, and desired to form an independent government free from religion and Monarchies.

    On July 4,The Declaration of Independence written by a Pagan deist announced their independence to the world. The Declaration of Independence, a Pagan document Although strictly not a lawful document, the Declaration of Independence, a pre-government document, revealed the first attempt by the American colonists to establish their own independence from Great Britain.

    The Declaration also mentions god where the religious-right of modern times have tried to use as evidence for their Christian god. But does the god of the Declaration speak about a Biblical god? No, not at all. Clearly the god mentioned describes a Pagan concept. Lets look at the Declaration's words directly: When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume, among the Powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

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    Thomas Jefferson thought of himself as a scientist more than he did a politician. Consider that the "Laws of Nature" describe a materialist viewpoint, many times referred to as Newton's laws in the years following Newton's discovery of the laws of gravity, light, and calculus mathematics.

    Thomas Jefferson greatly admired Isaac Newton and anyone who visits Monticello will see the influence he had on Jefferson. Clearly Jefferson intended "Nature's God," not to refer to the personal god of superstitious Christianity, but of a physical god of nature, the laws of physics-- Nature's God.

    In Jefferson wrote, "Nature intended me for the tranquil pursuits of science, by rendering them my supreme delight. But even if you do not feel persuaded that Nature's God means the Laws of Nature and you insist that it refers to a supernatural god, then you still cannot use it to support a Judeo-Christian god.

    Because to call the God of the Bible as Nature's God would not only contradict the Bible but would constitute heresy in the minds of 18th century Christian leaders of both the Protestant and Catholic faith. Nature's God describes a Pagan concept because nature describes the world.

    The Biblical concept of nature describes the earth the worldthe planets, plant, man and animal as nature, but certainly not as a part of God. According to Christianity God and Jesus come from above.

    The God of Christianity does not come from this world: The alleged Jesus said, "You are from below, I am from above; you are of this world, I am not of this world. The Egyptian, Hindu, Greek and Roman religions describe a plethora of gods of nature. Below gives just a few examples of Pagan nature gods from various religions: The Hindus worshiped Vedic Gods: The Pagan nature gods number in the thousands.

    Clearly then, to worship a god of nature regardless of whether you think it means the laws of nature of a supernatural god of nature means practicing Paganism by the very meaning of the word. To continue with words in the Declaration: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

    The Declaration echoes John Locke's idea [1] that in the "state of nature," all human beings lived free and equal Locke would remain a hero of Jefferson throughout his life.

    The Bible supports inequality from a top down hierarchy: God-man-woman-beast Catholic dogma adds the church and their priests between God and man. Moreover the word "Creator" describes a Deistic term in the s.

    Jefferson, in his many papers and correspondences throughout his life expressed a Deistic view of religion. Deists did not believe in miracles, revealed religion, the authority of the clergy, or the divinity of Jesus. Jefferson regarded ethics, not faith, as the essence of religion.

    Of course Deists believed in a creator, but thought that the original Creator no longer lived or did not play any part in the world or influenced the lives of people.

    That goes to the very reason why the American founding fathers knew that they We the people had to form the laws of the land, laws based on human reasoning. Note also that the Declaration says, "their Creator," not "our Creator. It could mean a personal pagan god as often seen in pagan societies who's members worship their own personal god.

    It could mean their parents, who provided them with their life, rights, and their ability to achieve happiness. It could also mean whatever natural or physical laws created them. Nowhere else in the Declaration or any other founding document do we find mention of gods or creators. The entire bases of connecting god with the U. And even these three words come from a deist describing a Pagan concept!

    The Constitution of the United States, a Pagan document The only mention of religion in the Constitution comes from exclusionary wording: Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

    Frustrating to both Pagans and Christians, nowhere in the Constitution does it mention a god. Fear not my fellow Pagans.

    Russian Brides Cyber Guide A Russian Woman About Russian Women

    Sunday mentioned in Article 1, Sec. Some Christians have tried to claim the ratification date at the end of the document as referring to Jesus [2] but this fails for the reason that no Christian worships dates while nothing prevents Pagans around the world from worshiping the God Janus in January, Mars in March and the Saxon Sun god on Sunday. Of course Pagan Enlightenment thinking also influenced the Constitution, as well as many early American Deists.

    Deism served such a powerful force in the formation of a naturalistic and scientific viewpoint in the minds of our founding fathers that it shouldn't surprise anyone that inopponents frequently argued that the Constitution represented a deistic conspiracy to overthrow the Christian commonwealth.

    Pagan concepts to the very core The formation of the United States began a grand experiment in government. The ratification of the U. Constitution marked the first time any nation had dared to put a formal distance between church and state.

    Our founding fathers carefully studied the ancient governing states and kingdoms from the Greeks and Romans, the Saxons, and the theocracies of the medieval era.

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    They had seen the dangers of church-state unions of both Europe and colonial America. They knew, first-hand, about state-sponsored religious persecution.

    Our American founders wisely took the best features from various governments and left out the worst features, those that would impinge on personal freedoms. Fortunately they left out the Judeo-Christian theocracies.

    Through careful thought, our founding fathers produced a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy as some people falsely believe. In fact, nowhere in the Declaration of Independence or the U. Constitution does it mention democracy. Bush describe America as a democracy, they embarass themselves as to what kind of government they want to govern.

    Although a Republic evolved out of past democratic governments, and our local governments retain some elements of democracy, the U. During the Constitutional Convention of no one supported a direct form of democracy. On the contrary, our founders feared pure democracy because it provides no checks and balances on the people themselves.

    Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and conflict; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.

    The word comes from the Greek demos meaning "the people," and kratein meaning "to rule. The Roman government divided between these two branches and they voted on various issues. Our founding fathers based the United States government on the Greek, Roman, and Anglo-Saxon ideas along with freethought ideas from the Enlightenment.

    Jefferson saw the Anglo-Saxons as originators of the institutions of representative government and trial by jury. The terms, "Life and liberty," "The pursuit of happiness," Self-evident truths," according to Mapp, "were not just glittering ornaments to brighten somber discourse.

    Russian Brides Cyber Guide A Russian Woman About Russian Women

    They were terms specifically defined in the writings of the Scottish Enlightenment to which Jefferson had been introduced by William Small and which he continued to study with great avidity. Of course the ancient Greeks, Romans and Anglo-Saxons practiced Paganism and thus our form of government derives entirely from Pagan ideas.

    Founding Fathers Pagan grave sites For those who wish to grasp the Pagan nature of our founding fathers, just examine their grave markers. A grave and its markings reflects the legacy and personal views of those who have died. You will find that our American fathers paid little heed to religion during their life or at their death. To the chagrin of the religious-right who attempt to distort history, most of our founding father's graves omit any mention of Judeo-Christian religions, a rather odd feature if, indeed, they thought of themselves as Christian.

    The following describes just six of our most influential American founders grave sites. Benjamin Franklin's Tomb Benjamin Franklin Statesman, inventor, and the greatest American scientist of the period.

    Although his tomb sits on the property of the Christ Church burial ground in Philadelphia, his modest tomb had no references to Christianity.

    Russian Brides Cyber Guide A Russian Woman About Russian Women

    This shouldn't surprise anyone considering that the deist Franklin criticized Christianity. Note the pennies thrown on the grave for good luck a Pagan practice that persists to this day. Thomas Paine's Pagan monument Thomas Paine Political Philosopher and Advocate of freethought and free expression. Perhaps the single most important person to influence Americans toward independence.

    Because of his attacks against Christianity, Christians accused him of atheism and denied him burial on "consecrated" grounds. They buried Paine at New Rochelle on 10 June InWilliam Cobbett dishumed Paine's bones and took them to Liverpool where they remained until Cobbett's death in as part of the property of his son, who became bankrupt. The bones were last heard of in possession of a Mr.

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    A monument erected at New Rochelle in [photo at left] cites Paine's own words. George Washington gave his own instructions to build a modest brick grave site on his own land, Mount Vernon. The grave marker reads: Inside the brick building sits a modest vault Egyptian style. Note the two Pagan Egyptian obelisks. The obelisk on the right went to the memory of John Augustine Washington, nephew of Bushrod Washington. My name is Elena Petrova. It's my picture at the top left corner.

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    Russian Brides Cyber Guide A Russian Woman About Russian Women

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    Russian Brides Cyber Guide A Russian Woman About Russian Women

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