Baked Carrot Bacon – Meet The Shannons

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  • Cheesy Garlic Herb Pull Apart Bread Girl Versus Dough

    Dog and Scone is a heaven for dog lovers, where you can enjoy delicious cakes, coffees and teas all in the company of our resident dogs.

    Dog cafes are public spaces where people can pay for a drink and some food with dogs around. We want to bring this special experience to the UK, and more specifically, we want to bring it to Newcastle.

    However, dogs are not like cats: Owner — Sean Shi I am an owner of all dogs, and yes I am a dog lover! I got my first dog Momo, a toy poodle, in and since then our family has grown and grown! Since I visited a dog cafe in Asia, opening one of my own has been my dream. I started to plan opening my own dog cafe when I was a university student, and I spent a lot of time researching how to make my dream come true.

    It took over a year to find and decorate a cafe so that it was comfortable for both our customers and our dogs. Finally, after a lot of time and effort my cafe Dog and Scone was born; now I can work with my dogs and I don't have to leave them alone when I go to work!

    Baked Carrot Bacon – Meet The Shannons

    Book your table Please read this before you make the booking 1. For safety and insurance policy reasons our cafe is not suitable for children under cm height.

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    For safety and insurance policy reasons, visiting dogs are not allowed in the cafe. If you wish to cancel, you must give us a 24 hour notice in order to get a full refund. You can do it yourself online or we can do it for you via phone only - no email or facebook messages. If you want to change date or time for your booking please call us 6. Each child should be accompanied by an adult.

    This fee goes towards vet bills, food, grooming, toys and help our cafe running.

    Tactics Tuesdays PushPull for Getting Girls Girls Chase

    Booking Book your table in advance to avoid disappointment: Please arrive on time for your booking or contact us if you are going to be late, as we will hold your table for 10 minutes, after which we will offer it to other customers. Tuesday to Friday 11am - 7pm. Saturday and Sunday 10am - 7pm. Now I like to make everyone feel as lucky as I am when they come to visit the cafe! I maybe small but I am very playful, I can't wait to meet you all!

    Baked Carrot Bacon – Meet The Shannons

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    Baked Carrot Bacon – Meet The Shannons

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    Baked Carrot Bacon – Meet The Shannons

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    Baked Carrot Bacon – Meet The Shannons

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    Baked Carrot Bacon – Meet The Shannons

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