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  • She just shows love in her own way. And when she's with you, she wants it to be so special that you'll always remember.

    It first aired on November 12, The episode was written by Ed Decter and John J. Straussand directed by David Trainer. Contents [ show ] Plot Mr Feeny has roped Cory and Shawn into removing the snails from his garden under the guise that they could use it as bait for their upcoming fishing trip with Cory's dad. Alan arrives and informs them that fish don't eat snails before teaching them how to cast a line; and knocking down a potted plant from Mr Feeny's yard in the process.

    Mr Feeny asks to give it a try and of course nails the line landing into a bucket.

    He attempts to tell old stories of his time bass hunting but Alan cuts him off and Cory asks why his brother isn't joining them on the trip this year. Inside, Eric is teaching Morgan a speech to tell girls at the mall that will get them interested in Eric.

    Amy is amused but approves if only because her kids are spending time together.

    Suddenly their grandmother drops in for a visit. She brings a shrunken head for Morgan and a bull whip for Eric. She gives dried cactus to her son and Amy, and she tells everyone that she's only in town for the weekend. With her grandchildren gathered around, Grandma Matthews promises to buy Morgan a ton of clothes at the mall, take Eric to a car show to see bikini girls, and to take Cory to get a Cal Ripken baseball card autographed.

    Needless to say, the kids are all thrilled. Saturday comes and Grandma is tired after the mall and car show. Cory is a bit worried she's too tired for their baseball outing on Sunday but she assures him she wouldn't miss it for the world.

    Mr Feeny comes over and asks for Eric's help in entertaining his niece. Eric fakes being sick presumably because he doesn't want to be involved with any relative of Feeny and may think she's similar to her uncle.

    Matthews, education is not about obscure facts and little test scores. Education is about the overall effect of years of slow absorption.

    Boy Meets Girl () Movie Moviefone

    Concepts, philosophies, approaches to problem-solving. The whole process is so grand and all-encompassing that it really can't be threatened by the occasional late-night no-hitter.

    It is important that a boy spend time with his father. But how do you know that?

    Your dad didn't let you stay up with him. That's precisely why I do know.

    It originally aired on October 8, The episode was written by April Kellyand directed by David Trainer. Contents [ show ] Synopsis The show opens on father and son making hearty sandwiches to take to see the Blue Angels navy flight demonstration.

    Cory is particularly excited to be spending time with his father but his plans come crashing down, along with a shelf at the supermarket. Assistant manager, Leonard Spinelli, comes to the house in person to deliver the bad news of a broken shelf, among other chaos, and since Alan is manager of the supermarket, he has to cancel plans with Cory, though he promises to make it up to him.

    Alan returns home late and wakes up Cory to watch the end of a Philly's game that's stretching into the seventh inning. While eating their potato chip stuffed sandwiches, Cory thanks his dad for waking him up and his dad is happy enough to finally spend time with him. But he advises Cory not to tell his mother about their little father-son bonding.

    The next day in class, Cory falls asleep and fails a test. He tries to explain why he stayed up past midnight but Mr.

    Feeny refuses to accept any excuse. When Cory tells his dad, and inadvertently his mom, Alan sheepishly explains to Amy his reasoning before resolving to ask Mr Feeny to give Cory a make-up test. Both Cory and Alan go see their neighbor, and though Mr Feeny understands, he refuses to change Cory's grade.