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  • As always, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Due to my role as the elder statesmen of Expat affairs, albeit an unofficial title the shallow man has received the following request.

    Do you have any experience in online dating in the Netherlands? Do you recommend it? Of course, in order to make sure that the advice I provide is based on real world experience, I sacrificed myself, and actually joined several dating sites and had a number of dates whose results I shall keep to myself while smiling at my screen. The things I do for my readers!

    You should follow the advice in my previous post and follow the herd. The Expatica site is incredibly easy to use and has local sites in a number of countries including my present home, the Netherlands. Registering is easier than than finding a kebab shop in Amsterdam East. Simply fill out your name, age, email address, and country of origin.

    Profile tips The first step after registering is to create your profile.

    Having browsed through a number of profile photos the shallow man advises the following. Although certain cats with scary eyes can scare you out of your house Great abs old chap, but it might help if we could see more of your face. Another case of too much tummy in the profile pic For Profile photos the shallow man suggests having a good friend provide you with a second opinion, as what might look fetching to you, could be alarming for others, or cause them to fetch a bucket.

    Netherlands Women Dating, Netherlands Single Women Online

    Describing your match Be as honest as is reasonable when describing what you are looking for in a compatible match. Just imagine that after dating this person, that they might end up sitting next to you on the sofa for the rest of your days. For instance if wasting valuable Playstation time on a Sunday, to visit art galleries and museums is your thing, then put that in your match profile. Posted on June 24, When you think of The Netherlands you'd be forgiven for picturing the stereotypical sights, canals, windmills and tulips.

    It's a nation known globally for its liberal thinking on issues such as freedom for its citizens to make their own choices.

    Expat Dating in The Netherlands – chatting and dating Expatica NL

    But does this progressive attitude extend to animal welfare? We find out what life is like for Dutch citizens of a canine persuasion. Home to 17 million residents, it's estimated that one in five homes have at least one dog.

    Although breeds such as the Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd and Golden Retriever have been the most popular pedigree dogs in recent years, their decline in popularity in favour of mixed breed dogs has become apparent with cross-breed dogs now outnumbering pedigrees in Dutch homes, writes Donna Jannsen.

    They will be captured quickly by the local animal welfare. In the Netherlands dogs must be walked on leads in most places, including towns.

    We have designated areas where you can walk your dog leashed, unleashed and where dogs are not allowed. This includes cities, forests, beaches and fields.

    A Guide to Online Dating in the Netherlands – DutchReview

    On our beaches, kilometres dogs are allowed from the end of September until April and in the summer time after 7pm. There are special beaches for dogs which have no time restrictions. In most cities we have little fenced dog areas. The government cleans these dog areas with special dog poop cleaners.

    All owners are obliged to take a poop bag with them on their walks and they must clean up dog poop. In the Netherlands, we love to bike with our dogs. We can take dog buggy behind our bikes in case our dogs get tired. We like to run with our dogs as well and there are more sports we do together with our pets. And we use dog carts if necessary. The Netherlands has different kinds of nature. In between we have wide open fields, forests, cities, roads, bike trails and lots of lakes and rivers.

    Do the Dutch Do Dogs Right We Found out What It’s Like to Be a Dog in the Netherlands

    Our climate is mild but our weather is unpredictable and it can seem like it rains a lot! Special breeds of dogs need coats here, especially our Greyhounds. If you have no opportunity to walk your dog properly, some people use professional dog walking services or daycare services.

    When our dogs cannot join us on holiday, we can leave them in a dog residence or dog boarding facility. In the Netherlands, we can choose from many different veterinarians, specialised clinics for pets, behaviour specialists and training centers, physical therapists for animals, alternative medicine specialists such as homeopaths.

    In our dog training schools, we can take puppy classes as well as agility and fun lessons.

    The Netherlands requires registration for breeders and tries to prevent people from buying puppies from puppy mills. We can insure our dogs for medical expenses and our personal insurance is necessary because if our pet causes any damage, the owner of the pet is always responsible according to our law, no matter who was right or wrong.

    In most restaurants you can take your dog as well as in bus, train and metro. Taxi drivers can decide for themselves whether they want to take your pet. We must vaccinate our dogs against diseases and all dogs should be micro-chipped and registered.

    As to the dog world in The Netherlands, we have to deal with many differences.

    People who have small budgets have problems paying the veterinary bills and buying dog food at lower prices. Illegal hunters breed Greyhounds and get rid of the ones that are not useful to them by leaving them behind in the streets. People who abuse animals live here too. Other breeds of dogs are more lucky, are happy, and live a more luxurious life.

    Free Online Dating in Netherlands Netherlands Singles

    We can choose to buy our dogs from professional registered breeders or bad puppy mills who have little interest in animal welfare. We adopt dogs from local shelters or from shelters abroad more than 26, new microchip registrations in were for imported animals.

    There are many organisations who work for animal shelters in eastern and southern countries like Romania and Spain. For somebody who wants to adopt a pet abroad, it is difficult to check how these animal welfare organisations handle their animals, adhere to rules and what they value.