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  • Heartbroken, he climbs Mt. Kashima which overlooks the city in which the story takes place and is inadvertently killed due to an alien spacecraft crash-landing on him.

    Girl Meets World Season 1, Episode 8 Girl Meets Smackle

    In order to rectify the situation, the alien resurrects Hazumu, but in the process his physical sex is changed to female.

    Hazumu attempts to adjust to living life as a girl, and goes along with wearing a female school uniform bought by her mother.

    Hazumu still retains her male personality, and Tomari Kurusuone of his good friends, attempts to teach Hazumu the ways of being a girl. At the end of the episode, Hazumu is surprised by two strangers in her room.

    At school, Yasuna unexpectedly becomes distant from Hazumu and Hazumu worries about their friendship. After talking with Tomari, Hazumu gets an idea which may help save her friendship with Yasuna.

    Girl Meets World Season 1 Episode 1 Girl Meets World Cast & Crew TVBuzer

    Her plan involves the two flower plants she and Yasuna planted on the grounds of the school they attend. Later, Hazumu goes out shopping with Yasuna and they end up going to a karaoke bar. Conflict begins to arise in the form a love triangle between Hazumu, Yasuna and Tomari after Tomari sees Yasuna try to kiss Hazumu at school one day.

    They end up forming a group of three, but it quickly turns sour as Tomari brings up that Yasuna initially rejected Hazumu's feelings. Later, Hazumu finally learns of Yasuna's unique affliction and they share a kiss after school, but Tomari unexpectedly walks in on them.

    She is reminded of a promise Hazumu made when they were children about one day becoming Tomari's husband.

    Meanwhile, Tomari tries to encourage Hazumu to pursue a relationship with Yasuna, but still harbors feelings for Hazumu. After having some fun, Hazumu goes to get some water for everyone, but is held up by a couple of guys who hit on her.

    Watch Girl Meets Farm Episodes Season 1 TV Guide

    It aired on July 22, to 2. Contents [ show ] Overview When Cory becomes the head of the Nature Club, the whole gang heads out on a trip to a familiar ski lodge.

    Cory, who chose to head the Nature Club, is dramatically making the trip sound as though any one of several dangerous things could happen to them while there.

    Maya and Lucas are wondering why Cory sounds so angry; Riley answers that when Cory was their age, he was kissed by another girl at the very same ski lodge-- a situation that nearly ended his relationship with Topanga. Cory goes on to talk about "the other kind of nature": Cory warns the students that, as their chaperone, he will be dogging their every step, but he is even more concerned about the "three-headed creeping triangle that won't die", namely the still-unresolved triangle between Riley, Maya and Lucas.

    Maya is confident that she has her own human nature under control, but when Joshua followed by Topanga walks into the classroom announcing that he too will be chaperoning the trip, Maya loses her cool.

    The group barely arrives at Mount Sun Lodge when Riley sprains her right foot falling off the bus. Lucas makes the observation that Cory's "nature" discourse was focused on the triangle.

    Riley reminds him that they put the triangle on hold so that Maya could find herself, but now that Maya is back to her old self again, Lucas points out the new angle to the triangle in the person of Joshua, but Maya brushes it off saying that Joshua is only a fantasy. Joshua welcomes the students to the lodge and reminds them that the weekend is a time to turn their thoughts away from indoor relationships and toward their relationship with the outdoors, but Zay is not so sure that will happen, pointing to adult couples who are there and flirting with one another; Topanga is mortified when she sees a sign near the entrance saying "COUPLES WEEKEND".

    Girl Meets World Season 2, Episode 1 Girl Meets Gravity

    The sign also reads: When Farkle, Smackle, Zay, Lucas and Maya all return from a trail hike, Lucas is annoyed at Maya because she broke the trail rules, though Farkle claimed that Maya was helping him because he fell off the trail chasing a rare moth for his collection.

    When Maya tries to downplay it saying Lucas likes when they tangle, Lucas disagrees. Riley shows them the leaf that blew in the window, and Lucas remarks about Riley's romanticism; Riley declares that the triangle has to die, but neither Maya nor Lucas see how it will happen.