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  • He is adored by fans around the globe, and his celebrity status has done wonders for the game by introducing it to the masses. GX and is the anti-hero counterpart to Jaden Yuki. Though not initially caring much for Jaden and Duel Academy, Aster is sent there by his manager to defeat Jaden, succeeding in doing so.

    It is only after a furious Duel between Heroes and realizing that he was being deceived that Aster comes to better terms with Jaden. He is also a pro-athlete, and excels at skiingskydivingskysurfingand surfing. While no mention of it is made in the English dub, the original version further indicates that he has a Ph.

    Girl Meets Girl English Dubbed

    Aster can also see Duel Monster Spiritsalthough not to the same degree as Jaden. Aster is one of only three people to ever defeat Jaden, the other two being Zane Truesdale and Kaibaman.

    Watch Girl Meets Girl Episode 1 English Dubbed Online

    An alternate universe version of Aster appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! Depicted here is the Duelist in full regalia from front, side, and rear alongside views of his head from different angles.

    Aster's character design was overseen by Kenichi Hara.

    Girl Meets Girl English Dubbed

    His usual outfit consists of silver formal wear with button-up sleeves, a black shirt underneath with matching shoes, and a loosely-fitting necktie. His grey hair is sectioned in two layers, his bangs forming one layer and the rest the other. His blue eyes are positioned between the layers closest to his face. He carries an Academy-issued Duel Disk on his left arm. Voice and mannerisms In the dub, Aster's speech is riddled with slang such as "dude" and "rockin". However, he is also very arrogant.

    In addition, he yells "Come on! In the dub, he has a somewhat deep voice.

    Girl Meets Girl English Dubbed

    Personality Aster is a professional Duelist whose belief in destiny draws him into confrontations with the most skilled of opponents. Aster is well-mannered much more so in the Japanese version with good intentions, but can often be blinded to the reality of a given situation due to his stubborn attitude and pessimistic outlook. He pursues his ambitions despite risks and overwhelming odds, and feels that the burden of avenging his father and reclaiming the " Destiny Hero " stolen from him is one that he must shoulder alone.

    Because his father was taken from him while he was still young, he has a dependency on father figures, such as Sartorius, or his legal guardian, The D.

    Watch Kashimashi Girl meets Girl Episode 1 English Subbed at Anime Series

    This has, in some instances, proven to be a weakness of Aster's, as the two men have been known to exploit him with mere words, albeit they were being controlled.

    Since his father's disappearance, Aster has also held a fear of the state of his "time", afraid that he has not truly advanced anywhere as a person following the life-changing event. As such, he uses his "Destiny Heroes" to control his opponents' future. Aster is also shown to be sympathetic to other orphans like himself. Abilities Aster's physical ability, especially while so young and for his size, is astonishingly exemplary.

    Aster, before trouncing Zane in professional Duelingsingle-handedly defeated a criminal much larger than himself and knocked him unconscious in an alleyway while disguised as a Duel Monster.

    Aster was even able to move an incredible space all the way to the buildings rooftop in mere seconds after being spotted by Zane and before the nearby police could even arrive. When Aster was carefully watching Bastion he was able to move fast and swiftly out of sight that even the genius Bastion mistook himself as seeing things, despite that it was even Bastion's room and that Aster was again disguised as a Duel Monster.

    Watch Girl Meets Girl Episodes English Dubbed Online

    Aster's impeccable senses and intellect borders him a soothsayerakin to his close friend and manager's own abilities to precisely predict the future. An example of Aster's prognostication abilities is Aster's first real Duel with Jaden in where he set multiple events to happen into the future and moved Jaden's monsters through time then perfectly proceeded to deal damage to Jaden by targeting the displaced monsters that returned to the field from the past, all whilst Aster's Clock Tower field spell perilously tolled each turn and counted down to Jaden's defeat that Aster had already predetermined and revealed to Jaden beforehand.

    Also very quickly into his Duel with the Sarina, Aster sensed an ominous feeling and prognosticated that the Sarina had an ulterior motive than what they were showing, Asters prediction comes true when the Sarina's Summon "Dark God" to which he confirms was the source of his perturbed feeling.

    A further testament to Aster's foresight is such when after just encountering Bastion who goes to challenge and win against Sartorius, Aster perfectly foretells to Jaden and Jaden's friends that Bastion will lose regardless of whether he holds the ability to win or not, to which Bastion does just that as Bastion would've defeated Sartorius's servant Chazz but loses due to Sartorius's own subterfuge.

    During Aster's visit to Domino City Aster reveals that he is one of the extremely rare few that is able to see Duel Monster Spirits as when he sees the four " Monarch " Duel Spirits that Sarina had cast creating a barrier around Domino City.

    Edo is also the original name for Tokyo. His English given name means "star", or "silver star". Biography This article may require cleanup to meet this wiki's standards.

    You can help out by re-organizing or re-writing parts of it or checking grammar and spelling. History Aster discovers his fatherwith his last cards littered on the floor with him the body is removed in the dub. When Aster was a child his father who was a card designer for Industrial Illusions was murdered kidnapped in the English version leaving the last cards he createdscattered on the floor around him at the scene. A card was stolen from him, known only as "The Ultimate D-Card". Society of Light Aster is reminded to lose instead of win.

    Aster first meets Jaden at Duel Academy at the beginning of the second year, enrolling as a new student. After arriving at Duel Academy, Aster enters Dorothy 's card store and he builds a Deck using the contents of several random packs of cards that were left on the shelves. Dorothy tells him that he won't get far building Decks like that, he tells her it's fine, as he is only testing his abilities.

    In the middle of his Duel with Jaden, Aster receives a phone call from a Sartorius who reads his fortune and tells him that the God of Death tarot card is in reverse, a reading that means that Aster should forfeit his victory.

    Girl Meets Girl English Dubbed

    Aster replies that he understands and ends the call. Aster proceeds to Duel Jaden more seriously, and he quickly takes back the Duel, destroying all of Jaden's monsters and leaving him open for direct attacks. After Jaden narrowly avoids a finishing attack, Aster thinks about the previous conversation that he had with Sartorius, who told him to lose the Duel on purpose as it would better him as a Duelist. Following his manager's orders, Aster throws the Duel and leaves on a respectful note, still thinking to himself about how Dueling this lower-level Duelist would change him and starts to doubt his manager's predictions.

    Girl Meets Girl English Dubbed

    Aster is then seen meeting with Sartorius who chides him on his careless vigilante ways and advises him that he would not expect the man he seeks to be among the petty criminals in that area. As Sartorius begins to predict Aster's future, he draws The Chariot tarot card.

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    Girl Meets Girl English Dubbed

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