• A former presidential candidate and an MSNBC on-air personality sinceBuchanan was suspended by the network in Octoberfollowing the publication of his book "Suicide of a Superpower". Scarborough habitually introduced Burnett with the nickname "International Superstar. Haines filled in for his co-anchor Erin Burnett on several occasions for the "Business Before the Bell" segment. From October through to Julythe show's next-to-last segment regularly featured Hazlett and co-host Willie Geist discussing her latest column.

    No official announcement or explanation was given regarding the decision to drop Hazlett from the show.

    She remains a contributor to the msnbc. She was on maternity leave at the time.

    O'Donnell frequently appeared as a commentator and often guest-hosted the program with Willie Geist in Scarborough and Brzezinski's absence.

    Between andRoggin contributed a taped sports scores and highlight recap for "The Sideline" and "Morning Sports Shot" segments during the 6: Co-host Willie Geist gradually took over the segment in It featured a host replaying his or her favorite moment from the day's show. Controversial incidents[ edit ] Chris Matthews "messed around" comments[ edit ] On January 9,the morning after Hillary Clinton 's surprise victory in the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary, Matthews appeared on the show and said of Clinton, "I'll be brutal, the reason she's a U.

    That's how she got to be senator from New York. We keep forgetting it. She didn't win there on her merit.

    Once he realized his mistake, Scarborough repeatedly apologized for his slip of the tongue, and explained that he had meant to say "the F word" instead.

    She often bullies him, but of the dialogue between Teddy and Jo, it is found out that she likes him, but doesn't know what to do. Next time she sees Gabe, she is being nicer to him. It is possible that Jo is afraid of Charlie.

    Jo is portrayed by G.

    Contents [ show ] Personality Jo is usually described as tomboyish, aggressive, devious, and manipulative. She is shown to be Gabe's "frenemy" throughout her appearances.

    She later visits the Duncans and has a playdate with Gabe.

    Jo's strength and aggressiveness is often demonstrated through violence; she once dislocated Gabe's shoulder while playing video games, as well as busted his lip, and gave him a black eye. In Duncans Got Talentshe agrees to help Gabe make a campaign video, but really makes the video full of lies about Gabe.

    In Charlie in Chargeshe and Gabe are upset about a project on Hawaii they are assigned to do together, but she eventually has fun with Gabe doing the project. In Duncan vs Duncanshe and Gabe do Cotillion classes together. She also loves things that explode and it is revealed in Charlie in Charge that she is good with babies although she claims that every doll she ever had ended up without a head and she threatened Gabe to hurt him if he let anybody know.

    Also, it is shown she is good at pranks.

    This was proven when she put some earthworms in the salad of the female teacher in Cotillion class much to Gabe's delight. Personal life She says she likes Gabe but only a 'little'. Teddy later invited her to help her express her true feelings, but it ends up wrong when she claims Gabe cheated at a videogame then ends up dislocating his shoulder " Boys Meet Girls ". Jo promises Gabe that she will help him run for class president.

    They work on the campaign video together, but when it comes in time for presentations, Gabe gets tricked by the one and only, Jo. Jo says that 'he hates babies' and much more fake facts about Gabe. He is a really caring person.

    People 'boo' him, but he makes a new video and shows it to the whole class. He then becomes the class president and Jo gets in trouble for sabotaging his video " Duncan's Got Talent ". She is Gabe's partner in science class. It turns out that she is actually good with taking care of Charlie and much better than Gabe at it " Charlie in Charge ".