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    Good Girls In Bad Situations!

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    Good Girls In Bad Situations!

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    Good Girls In Bad Situations!

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    Trail Riding & Horseback Riding Stables Trail Riding Algonquin Park Ontario!

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    Meet hot girls or boys for friendship or real sex – Naked Girls

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    Good Girls In Bad Situations!

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    So far I made my mum pancakes, which my sister claimed gave her a stomach ache. I claim I did nothing, but hey, this is why my mum is known as the best cook in the house.

    And because this project was incredibly easy only took me maybe 3 hours altogether I figured it may be worth a good DIY post. It will come eventually For today though, here's a post on how to create your own Red Riding Hood Cape! If you want it longer, buy 2 metres. The pattern is pretty simple and flexible with the way it needs to be drawn. It only consists of two parts. How to construct the cape pattern: If you know how to construct a half circle skirt, you're in luck!

    Cause that's all this cape is. Draw out a quarter of a circle with a 16 cm radius. This small radius forms part of the neckline of the cape. Then from the bottom of the circle, mark out your length. My cape was 80cm long cause that's as much fabric I could spare for both the cape and hood. A great way to get your ideal length is to measure down from the base of your throat to whatever length you want it to lie. But make sure you add on a few centimetres for a hem before you cut your pattern.

    That way it saves you having to sew up another side.

    Good Girls In Bad Situations!

    How to construct the hood pattern: Okay so this isn't as straightforward, but it's still flexible enough to do freehand. Just trust your instincts ;D First, start with the 16cm quarter circle shape.

    Good Girls In Bad Situations!

    That's your neckline, and that's where the cape and hood will join. From that, draw 30cm up one side in a straight line. That straight line represents the opening of the hood. And to connect the rest, it's like a backwards D shape. But don't overdo it, otherwise you will swim in fabric. For those who do want some reassurance, I didn't make my hood any wider than 34cm, and that widest point aligned with the centre of the 30cm line.

    Cut two separate pieces of the hood, and make sure you add your typical 1.

    Good Girls In Bad Situations!