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  • I recently had the opportunity to speak with both George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam about life back in the '80s, their personal relationship through the years, all the damn songs they kept giving to Whitney Houston, and, of course Taking it from the top, and your first self-titled album peaked at 76 on the album charts.

    Subsequently, it took three more years before the follow-up, Reel Life. What was the thinking during those three years with regard where the first album went wrong, and what to do for the follow-up?

    Boy Meets Girl Review

    Naturally, we were very disappointed. Sometimes you lose out in the decision making process, especially where budgets are involved.

    Such are the vagaries. Paul then introduced us to the also late and amazing producer Arif Mardin. Peaking at 5 on the Billboard Hotthe song reached 9 in the UK.

    Reflecting back to those days back inhow did things change for you around that time? How exciting, on every level; to celebrate a new relationship and an album reflecting it all was electric.

    Is this a true story - and if so, what made you both see this star, all the way up above, when Whitney was on stage performing her heart out for you at the time?! Sometimes the universe whispers in your ear, and you respond regardless of what is happening around you.

    I swear, right above the stage in the night sky.

    Shannon dives for her notebook Belinda Carlisle then recorded the song for her album, Heaven On Earth, but she ultimately disliked the song, leaving it off the final album pressing. My God, what was so wrong with the song that everyone was treating it like the plague, all of a sudden? Each artist has a unique delivery that resonates with the soul of a song.

    Finally seeing the light of day in via your own website, how angry were you back then, that the label you trusted had pulled the rug from out beneath you?

    You divorced each other in the early 's, but have continued your musical collaboration ever since. How easy was that a thing to do in those early days of the divorce - and what were some of the speed bumps you had to overcome?

    But when it appeared things could spin out of control, we signed a pact with each other - a peace treaty if you will - agreeing to handle ourselves with grace, and to treat one another with respect.

    Anne Carlini Exclusive Magazine

    Still, divorce temporarily leaves you feeling as if your world has torn apart, so there were times when we needed to repair to our separate corners for a while and get centered in our changed individual landscapes.

    Perhaps not surprisingly, music was the lifeline that helped us move to brighter days. Lively mixes from Mylo, Cabin Crew, and Sunset Strippers and others all did very well, and have ended up on all sorts of compilation CDs. Not only that, you have written hit songs for Deniece Williams, Bette Midler, and many others over the years. With regard the Whitney tracks, that she then made mega chart hits, why didn't you guys keep them and sing them yourselves?

    She turned it down because she was working on the brilliant concept album called Control, and our song would definitely not have fit in.

    April 13, Summary: A formidable young cast bring potent emotional power to Boy Meets Girl, a rom-com with a refreshing premise that too often settles for formula.

    The title does not refer to a meeting between two people of different genders, but the merging of gender identities.

    Protagonist Ricky Michelle Hendley was born a man but identifies as a woman. As a child, she dressed up in gowns for Halloween. In high school, she ditched football for fashion blogging and dress designing. In a time when greater awareness about the transgender community has created much more cultural acceptance, watching Boy Meets Girl feels both liberating and limiting.

    A Talk With Boy Meets Girl Retro Junk Article

    Regardless, one can be thankful that a film like it exists, despite its glaring flaws. The aforementioned Ricky lives in small-town Kentucky and dreams of working as a designer in New York. As she awaits acceptance into a college program, Ricky serves coffee at a local shop for little pay. One afternoon, she begins to flirt with Francesca Alexandra Turshenthe daughter of a devoutly religious Republican senator. The two become close friends, even after Ricky reveals that she is transgender.