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    Broadcast schedule[ edit ] Originally broadcast on NBC as a Saturday morning cartoon, the series ran first-run original episodes for three seasons, from tothen aired repeats for an additional two years from to Alongside the Spider-Man animated seriesAmazing Friends was later re-aired in the late s as part of the 90 minute Marvel Action Universe not to be confused with 's The Marvel Action Universea syndicated series that was used as a platform for old and new Marvel-produced animated fare the newer programming featured RoboCop: Season changes and popularity[ edit ] In the second season, the show was aired along with a newly produced Hulk animated series as The Incredible Hulk and the Amazing Spider-Man.

    The two shows shared one intro which showcased the new title. Stan Lee began narrating the episodes in the second season. Narrations by Stan Lee were added to the first-season episodes at this time so that the series seemed cohesive. These narrations for the first and second season are not on the current masters. They have not aired since the NBC airings. As seen on the Stan Lee narration list at Spider-Friends. This time the characters' names would be reversed and the show was called, The Amazing Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk.

    It remained that way for most of the remaining years. NBC did air the show individually in mid-season post after it was not initially announced for their fall schedule. Only some of the Stan Lee narrations for the third season are on the current masters. The missing narrations have not aired since the NBC airings. After working together to defeat the Beetle and recovering the "Power Booster" he stole from Tony Stark a.

    Cartoons, Anime, 3D PERFECT GIRLS

    Iron Man the trio decide to team-up permanently as the "Spider-Friends". They live together in Peter's aunt 's home with her and a pet dog, Ms.

    Lion adopted from Firestara Lhasa Apso. Together, the superheroes battle various supervillains. Original characters[ edit ] A number of characters in the series were original characters that did not appear in the comics prior to the premiere of the series: Firestar Marvel Comics One of the series' main characters, Firestar was created specifically for this series when the Human Torch was unavailable due to licensing issues.

    Her pre-production names included Heatwave, Starblaze, and Firefly. She appears as a member of the Hellionsa group of teenage mutants who functioned as rivals to the New Mutants a similar group under the tutelage of Charles Xavier. After leaving the Hellions, Firestar becomes a founding member of the New Warriors and later serves as a distinguished member of the Avengers along with her fellow New Warrior, Justice. She is currently a member of the X-Men.

    Hiawatha Smith's home is adorned with decorations from various cultures including Hindu and native African tribes.

    Old Man Meets Girl At Gas Station Porn Videos

    Producer and story editor Dennis Marks created the character and admits to basing him on Indiana Jones. Smith often employs a boomerang in battle. He possesses a supernatural ability to communicate with animals.

    Like her half-brother Bobby Drake a. She can manipulate and control light. Her other light-based powers include laser blasts, photonic force fields and solid light pressor beams.

    She can also transform herself into light; in such a form, she is able to exist in the vacuum of outer space. Jonah Jameson named Joanna Jameson, who like Jonah, slanders superheroes. Spidey encounters Spider-Girl, who is very surprised and rather angry that there is a male version of her hero identity, constantly telling Peter to stay out of her way, telling him "a boy can't be Spider-Girl".

    Women From Mars Meets Man From Earth Free Porn Videos YouPorn

    Peter gets through to her by using a quote someone told her about " with great power comes great responsibility". Now believing him, she questions if everything else he said is true as he confirms by revealing his identity and she does the same. He warns her of the Green Goblin, who is after her blood.

    Petra, having faced a "Goblin" before, says she knows where to find them. As they arrive at Oscorp, Spider-Man is surprised to see a female version of Green Goblin, named Norma Osborn voiced by Wendie Malickwho is based on the original incarnation, with a costume, bat-glider, and pumpkin bombs, while Spider-Girl is surprised to see a male Green Goblin voiced by Steven Weber, based on the Ultimate incarnation, who is monstrous and mutated, yet still uses a glider and bombs.

    She questions if "Goblin is a man or monster", which Goblin replies "Why can't I be both? After finding an opening to steal a sample of Spider-Girl's blood, and after doing so, Norma asks Norman to give her what she asked for, which is a vial of the Goblin serum.

    After drinking it, Norma transforms into a monstrous version of herself, fully becoming She-Goblin. As they battle and defeat her, Spider-Girl runs out of web-fluid and falls off of the Georgia Washington Bridge, but Peter saves her.

    Having defeated Norma, Petra thanks Peter for helping her, saying "it's good to know there's another hero out there, even if he's a boy.

    After defeating Spider-Goblin, Electro, who Goblin had been using as a slave throughout the story, is freed from the Siege Perilous, and having been empowered by it, merges with the Helicarrier, transforming into a massive battle mecha. As they fight Electro, he sets the Helicarrier to self-destruct. With the battle won, Spider-Girl, along with all of the Spider-Men, returns to her dimension Personality Much like her male counterpart, Peter Parker, Petra is very confident in her abilities, and constantly delivers witty quips and jokes.

    She is very talkative, ranting on and on without letting Peter ask a question.

    Although her overconfidence tends to get her into trouble, like when she underestimates Peter's version of the Goblin. She is also very sexist, calling Peter a "boy" in a negative tone, although this may be a result of her native universe, which may be dominated by women. After she finds Peter had a life similar to hers, she was surprised by this but accepting as she had someone who understood her and became friendly with even motivating him not give up in a fight with a villain.

    She also became amazed by that there were other worlds even if her counterparts were males. Petra even befriended the other spidermen from other worlds and worked with them to save the city.