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  • All Seven Halls of the International Centre. More info at Cyberspokes. Stay tuned to Cyberspokes. At Touch of Texas Front St. Motorcycle related merchandise please. More details at Cyberspokes.

    Texarkana Gazette Texarkana Breaking News

    Food, drink, music and more! Phone Tom Lasky or Mike Gentile January- "Cleveland Ohio International Motorcycle Show" Powersports enthusiasts from across the country can see the latest and greatest innovations, products and services, and aftermarket products, as well as the hottest new motorcycles, custom bikes, ATVs, scooters and more.

    Less than miles from Buffalo! Last year's series attracted nearlyattendees who turned out to see the latest products that the industry had to offer. The series is supported by leading manufacturers: For more info call See and hear what upgraded audio can do for your ride. Snacks, beverages and a chance to win a HD Gift Card! This event helps raise funds to for us to fight for the rights of ALL bikers and their rides! Food, drink, door prizes, Chinese Auction and alot of fun!

    Sexy and nude doing biking

    Chances to win TV's and other big ticket items! Updates posted on Cyberspokes. Also join us for our Membership Meetings 7: We encourage all motorcycle enthusiasts, private sellers and businesses to participate. Route Hilton, NY Just a little over an hour from Buffalo, NY. Saturday February 3, - "Jamestown Harley Valentines Superbowl Softail Event" Gentlemen, here is your chance to get your Valentine's Day shopping done for that special person in your life.

    We have plenty of merchandise to choose from 10am-3pm. Show your love by giving the perfect Harley-Davidson gift. We are raffling off a Harley-Davidson rolling cooler! This is a great raffle for all those that love to tailgate and are Harley lovers.

    Texarkana Gazette Texarkana Breaking News

    Don't miss out on a chance to win this prize. Who would you like to see win the Super Bowl? Support your team and wear your jerseys or team color. Come and see our Sales Manager, Charlene, in her comfort zone It is never to late to be informed! Sunday February 4, - "16th Annual Snow Buster Swap Meet" Here you will find many tables filled with new and used vehicle parts, including rare and one-of-a-kind items, toys, racing gear and collectibles.

    Parts for ALL cars, trucks and bikes. Antiques, customs, rods and more.

    Naughty Biker Girl

    This event is perfect for the Restorer, Hobbyist, or Collector. Be sure to visit the snack bar. Free Bulletin board to advertise your event! Get your inner barbaric viking ready. Plus chocolate for all!

    It's a night you WON'T want to miss. Since reuniting in to celebrate a 30 year anniversary reunion concert, this three-guitar power house band, armed with all its original members, has been performing to sold-out shows wherever they set up shop. The band also unselfishly donates their talent and time to worthy fund-raising events throughout Western New York.

    For more info checkout Cyberspokes. Center of Progress Bldg. February- "Toronto Motorcycle Show" The Toronto Motorcycle Show is the biggest manufacturers show in Ontario, with a wide-ranging and exciting line-up of exhibitors that celebrates the motorcycle lifestyle. From the open road, to the track and to the trail, this is your chance to see the newest models from the big names, plus the latest in apparel, accessories and touring destinations - all under one roof.

    The Show is jam-packed with special features and events that are sure to please riders of all ages, including the kids. Enercare Centre Princes' Blvd. Suite 1, Toronto, Ontario M6K. Live music with Rod Horning Project and Steelhorse! Food, drink, vendors, contest, raffles and more! Please join us for a great cause! Revolving video by Nova Popovich.

    Texarkana Gazette Texarkana Breaking News

    It is Five O'Clock some where! How does it work? Your bikes been sitting all winter and the carb probably needs a good cleaning. Join us as we bring our community of DIY builders and riders together to hang and get our hands dirty. We will go over the details of this system and what you can do with it. We will also have 2 bikes with the WHIM already installed so you can experience it yourself.

    Blueooth Wireless Technology Wireless interface permits full access to the Infotainment features without the hassle of being connected to the bike.

    Texarkana Gazette Texarkana Breaking News

    You have full freedom of movement for turning your head and getting off the bike at fuel stops. Integrated Into the 6. Come out and join us for some fun and excitement. Enjoy some games with each department and get entered for a drawing of a prize. Free Food and Drinks.

    Live entertainment by Laughing Bandit from ! Guest speakers and information on addiction and recovery. Huge basket raffle, including an early bird raffle at 3 PM! We are also raffling off a 55" Smart TV! There will also be a T-shirt sale, a memory wall, and more! We are so excited for this day of fun and to show how much we appreciate all the hard work from Save The Michaels!!

    Save the Michael's raises awareness of prescription and other drug addictions. Abuse and misuse of these controlled substances leads to serious illness, depression, deaths from overdose and suicide, and the devastation of caregivers and loved ones. Save the Michael's House of Hope and Community Resources supports families during their loved one's journey through addiction and into remission.

    We provide a nurturing and supportive environment to parents, grandparents and spouses of addicted individuals. We practice compassion and promote education, self-help and wrap-around care before, during, and after treatment. Vendors, contests and much more! Retro Model Pinup Contest with cash awards!

    If you think your chili has what it takes, call or stop in to sign up before March 3rd. We welcome all of our customers to come in, sample the chili, and vote for their favorite. Stan's Angels will also be collecting donations to send to our troops! Donations towards postage will also be accepted.

    The Throttle Dolls Meet the glamorous allgirl motorcycle gang Daily Mail Online

    If you are interested, new to the sport, please come out and meet other riders and enjoy a fun time at our dealership. Get a grand tour of our dealership, a seminar will be given with a video, and meet some of our dealership new riders and hear their stories! Interested riders, we will have our JumpStart set up so that you may try it out! Feel the rumble between your legs and shift through the gears of a motorcycle! Snacks and Drinks will be provided.

    Saturday March 10, - "American Harley St. Wear your green and come see us! Come learn what is expected of you while riding this and every motorcycle season to prevent needless accidents and more importantly protect yourself. Also Jim Corley from State Farm insurance.

    Question and answer session at the end. Coffee and donuts will be provided! Hosted by Hogs and Heroes Foundation, Inc. If you have any specific questions you would like answered please feel free to ask and we will get a list going for Trooper Niezgoda. We will have a ladies seminar and a tie dye station for those interested in dying a t-shirt please provide your own t-shirt!

    Ride following seminar weather permitted. Free Food and Drinks! Cleveland Rocks, Auto-Rama Rolls as the theme!

    Texarkana Gazette Texarkana Breaking News

    More than one million square feet of piston powered vehicles. Led each morning by a parade of prestigious military color guard, enthusiasts spend hours, and in some instances days, soaking in the horsepower of the largest indoor showcase of custom cars, trucks, antique construction equipment, motorcycles, tractors, planes, military equipment and more of its kind in the world!

    Saturday March 17, - "Gowanda HD Ladies Intro To Motorcycling" We're talking bikes, gear, training, accessories, and everything you would want to know about motorcycling. This event is for Women that just want to know a little more, or those that are ready to get started on their path to freedom!

    Join us for a really good time. When you first begin to think about motorcycles, the excitement can make the idea seem overwhelming. Where do I start? How do I choose a motorcycle? Gowanda Harley-Davidson has been helping dreamers just like you since Come see for yourself. No license or prior knowledge needed.

    Our friendly and trained staff will coach you about the controls and inspire you. Fire up the bike, roll on the throttle, shift through the gears and know for yourself just how exhilarating riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle can be.

    Batavia, Genesee County, New York Wear all your green so you don't get pinched and come join us for a "Find The Shamrock" game, food and a raffle.

    In memory and celebration of Kevin Reid's birthday, we will have cake as well. Service will have a seminar from Join RedDog in our Service Department, while he covers the importance of safety on a motorcycle and how you can be seen; from lights, tires, accessories, and rain coats. Come have some Saint Patty's Day fun with us. Food and beverages available. Phone Lynn Smith Ural National Demo Day is a spring celebration held at our dealers throughout the country. It is a perfect event for both current Ural owners and for those of you who have never been on a sidecar before.

    Come out and meet our dealers, ride the new models, swap stories with local riders and just have a good time! You're invited to come take a Ural Sidecar Motorcycle for a spin or let us take you for a spin! Polish Villa II and Sweet Lisa food trucks will be here, so feel free to bring the family and the dogs too! The cool guys from City Limit Moto will be here to take care of you.

    Texarkana Gazette Texarkana Breaking News

    Hope to see you there! I know many of you here tonight are dying to find out 'Who Invented The Bicycle'? So ladies and gents, boys and girls, Now is the moment you've all been waiting for Lights, drum roll please The shocking truth is that I hear you gasp down there at the front row. No madam not impossible.

    But first let me ask you this so I know where to start. When is a bicycle, a bicycle? Does a hand or foot propelled plank of wood with two wheels and a cushion, count? If your answer is YES Then we must consider that the prototype of the bicycle was invented by French craftsman, Comte Mede De Sivrac, back in the 's. His vehicle was called a Celerifere or Velocifere.

    However, ladies and gentlemen, if your answer be NO The Draisine or Draisienne had two wheels and a wooden frame with a rotating handlebar attached, which permitted the front wheel to be turned. It was powered by pushing with your feet along the ground. Of course, the Baron found it incredibly useful for covering the large distances he travelled to collect his tenants' taxes.

    The Baron's invention caught on across Europe and England. Other inventors began to tinker with his design. They added arm-rests, adjustable seats and gave them fancy names like the hobby horse and dandy horse a reference to their expensive price tags. Then in a Scottish blacksmith by the name of Kirkpatrick Macmillan, came up with an ingenious way of making it possible for the Draisine to be ridden with your feet OFF the ground.

    Guess how ladies and gentlemen? Go on take a stab.

    The busty French girl Eva riding a cock

    The foot treadle was connected to the back wheel. But ask yourself this If all the chaps before him hadn't invented their primitive bikes first, would young KirkPatrick come up with the idea for a bicycle prototype or would he still just have been pumping the billows and hammering iron in his forge? I'm not judging one way or the other - just throwing the question out there. All I'm going to say is Pedalling right along now Macmillian Kirkpatrick's pedal bicycle triggered a craze for bicycle riding.

    It is interesting to note, friends, that no one had a serious crack at improving this design for another 6 years until the development of the Dalzell by another Scotsman, Gavin Dazell. The new improved Dalzell became rather popular with the Brits. Pierre joined together with the enterprising Olivier Brothers to form a velocipedes company called Michaux et Cie Michaux and Company.

    The Michaux velocipede was the world's first mass-produced bicycle. It caused a sensation across the continent and the craze lasted two years until the next big fad came along. It had a wooden frame and wooden wheels. Those wheels were then encased in iron The front wheel was slightly higher than the back.

    And the pedals were attached to the front wheel. I imagine the size of the average bottom must have been vastly smaller in the 's than they are today. Just looking at that seat makes me feel uncomfortable!! In England they called it No actually you guess. Don't you love it?!! Can't you just imagine some poor bloke's teeth rattling as he judders over the old cobblestone roads on his Boneshaker.

    Girl Meets Bike Bikes + Press

    Despite this the old Boneshaker was immensely popular. Unfortunately for the poor old working men and women, Michaux's velocipede was expensive.

    Texarkana Gazette Texarkana Breaking News

    This meant that only the folks at the high-end of town could afford it. Aren't we lucky, ladies and gents to live in a time where, I bet just about every one of you here tonight, has their very own bicycle? OK so this is Lallement's story In his design he attached a transmission to the front-wheel hub. The transmission was made up of a rotary crank device and pedals.