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    Falmouth is the home of the famous Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Marine Biological Laboratory as well as several other research organizations, and is also the most-used ferry connection to Martha's Vineyard. Falmouth is composed of several separate villages, including East FalmouthFalmouth VillageHatchvilleNorth FalmouthTeaticketWaquoit, West Falmouthand Woods Holeas well as several smaller hamlets that are incorporated into their larger neighbors e.

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    Mashpeeis the home of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe of Native Americans. The area features many beautiful beaches, including warm-water beaches along Nantucket Sounde. This popular windsurfing destination was bequeathed to the town of Barnstable by Dr.

    Kalmus on condition that it not be developed, possibly one of the first instances of open-space preservation in the US. The Mid-Cape is also the commercial and industrial center of the region. There are seven villages in Barnstable, including Barnstable VillageCentervilleCotuitHyannisMarstons MillsOstervilleand West Barnstableas well as several smaller hamlets that are incorporated into their larger neighbors e.

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    In the present day, the five outermost towns Provincetown, Truro, Wellfleet, Eastham and Orleans are more commonly and collectively known as the "Outer Cape". This area is home to the Cape Cod National Seashorea national park that encompasses much of the Outer Cape, including the entire east-facing coast from Orleans to Provincetown. The Outer Cape and the beaches in the area have become infamous for their summertime great white shark sightings along with numerous other shark species.

    In the summer ofa tourist was attacked and bitten by a great white shark off Ballston Beach in Truro. The Outer Cape is the least populated area of Cape Cod, though Provincetown has a city-like atmosphere during the summer season.

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    Provincetown is also renowned for its historic fishing fleets and Stellwagen Banka popular fishing ground and whale watching destination, is located a few miles north of Race Point. One is that the terms derive from early nautical navigation. When one traveled to the east, one went down the longitudinal scale toward zero at GreenwichEngland.

    Additionally, prevailing fair weather winds generally out of the southwest have been used as the basis for directional descriptions by European settlers and their descendants in eastern North America.

    That is, one would be traveling "down [wind]" to the east with a westerly wind at one's back.

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    Provincetown, therefore, despite being the Cape's northernmost town, was the furthest "down" that one could travel. The Cape's unique shape brought a new paradox along with the automobile and highway system: The best known colloquial explanation, however, is that the shape of the peninsula as it appears on maps and charts resembles that of a human arm.

    In that analogy, the southern portion of the Cape represents the "upper arm", Chatham the elbow, and the north-south portion is the "lower arm", or forearm.

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    Going further, some say Provincetown is the curled hand, or fist, with Race Point and Wood End at its knuckles, and Long Point at the fingertips. In the late twentieth century, as the Cape began drawing more vacationers and artists on retreat, the nautical nomenclature and potential confusion over directions have gradually been giving way to the simpler "Outer Cape", although the older terms are still used by some local residents.

    Geology[ edit ] "East of America, there stands in the open Atlantic the last fragment of an ancient and vanished land.

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    Worn by the breakers and the rains, and disintegrated by the wind, it still stands bold. Together, these formations are known as the Outer Landsor more obscurely as the "Isles of Stirling".

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    Geologically speaking, Cape Cod is quite young, having been laid down some 16, to 20, years ago. Most of Cape Cod's geological history involves the advance and retreat of the Laurentide ice sheet in the late Pleistocene geological era and the subsequent changes in sea level.

    Using radiocarbon dating techniques, researchers have determined that around 23, years ago, the ice sheet reached its maximum southward advance over North America, and then started to retreat. Many kettle ponds — clear, cold lakes — were formed and remain on Cape Cod as a result of the receding glacier. The British forces trying to relieve the siege suffered heavy losses. The siege was only lifted on 15 Februarybut the war continued until May By that time, the British had built a concentration camp at Kimberley to house Boer women and children.

    Apartheid in South Africa Although a considerable degree of urban segregation already existed, one of the most significant impacts of Apartheid on the city of Kimberley was the implementation of the Group Areas Act.

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    Communities were divided according to legislated racial categories, namely European WhiteNative BlackColoured and Indian — now legally separated by the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act. Residential segregation was thus enforced in a process which saw the creation of new townships at the northern and north-eastern edges of the expanding city.

    Later in the year, the Mayibuye Uprising in Kimberley, on 8 Novemberrevolved around the poor quality of beer served in the beer hall. Other prominent figures of the struggle against apartheid who had Kimberley connections include Robert Sobukwefounder of the Pan Africanist Congresswho was banished placed under house arrest in Kimberley after his release from Robben Island in He died in the city in Another leading figure in Coloured politics in the apartheid era was Sonny Leon.

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    Some quasi provincial infrastructure was in place from the s, but in the post period Kimberley underwent considerable development as administrative departments were set up and housed for the governance of the new province. A Northern Cape Legislature was designed and situated to bridge the formerly divided city. A new Coat of Arms and Motto for the city were ushered in.

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    In practice this process has been one of upward mobility by those who could afford the more costly options, while by far the majority of Black people remain in the townships where poverty levels are high. Major township residential developments, with ' RDP housing', were implemented — not without criticism concerning quality. Also added to the city is the settlement of Platfontein created when the! Most of the community had moved to the new township by the end of In the Kimberley Comprehensive Urban Plan estimated that Kimberley hadpeople representing 46, households living in the city.

    By estimates were in the region ofinhabitants.