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  • An Orphan For Christmas by wingedmessanger reviews Everyone deserves a Christmas to create new memories. And this Christmas one of the Avengers and a Brooklyn street rat will create not only new memories, but new life. Yaoi and Twincest warnings! Devil May Cry - Rated: When they realize they are stuck there, they must find a way to deal with each other's company.

    Friendship, annoyance, and shenanigans ensue. Movie X-overs - Rated: Take it back to wherever you found it! Do you want me to put her back in the box?

    ‘Gossip Girl’ Series Finale — Burning Questions TVLine

    Stranded on Earth and cooped up in Stark Tower, they think it can't get any worse. Until Thanos comes looking for the Tesseract- which is on Asgard. Mind-Net by War reviews When half a dozen bodies appear in the United States, slung over television antennas and satellite dishes, the BAU is at a loss The avengers find out one by one. Warning, this story has adult situations and mentions of non-con.

    Please be cautious when entering, also, enjoy. Emily Harthorn to work on a 'classified project', she is drawn into a world of government secrets and politics. Re-acclimating a soldier to the 21st century Events occur prior to and during The Avengers. Rated M as a precaution. Rating Currently a T, not likely to change. OC involved, hopefully not Mary-sues Kuroshitsuji - Rated: Tony's New Assistant by MarbleGlove reviews A trickster god does not go about acquiring power by brute force.

    AKA, the one where, instead of becoming a supervillain when he fell to Earth, Loki somehow ended up as Tony Stark's personal assistant. T - English - Chapters: She claims to have a boring life, until everything changes one night when an unexpected, handsome visitor literally drops into her living room.

    Mass Effect - Rated: Steve is the long lost child of two Gods. Mpreg, AU and Yaoi. Logic now makes no sense. Some StevexTony at the end. The Movie - Rated: Persona Series - Rated: During their investigation, the Investigation Team had to deal with the antics of their leader, Yu Narukami. They have compiled a list of what they think was and was not appropriate, and planned to give it to him by the end of the year to help him better himself.

    Or how awkward and cute his new husband could be. Bunnymund finds him face down in the snow and takes him to North. But Pitch, still very weak, left a gift for Jack and it actually turned out to be a good one. They meet the BAU team.

    boy EnglishSpanish Dictionary

    Things happen, and life will never be the same for anyone. There's romance and mystery. If you don't like slash, you probably shouldn't read this. Wanting to leave a part of himself behind he searches for someone to carry his legacy. What will this change when that person turns out to be our favorite blond ninja, Naruto Uzimaki?

    M - English - Adventure - Chapters: When Odin took Loki from the temple he didn't realise he was taking the Jotun queen, the one who is supposed to breed the next generation of Jotun warriors by laying hundreds of eggs at a time.

    When Loki comes of age he decides Stark Tower is an ideal place for a nest, and the Avengers would make perfect drones. After the battle at the VotE, Naruto was banished. Kyuubi offered a deal and Naruto changes. Five years later, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin encountered three people of Ben's past.

    Marina Baby Girl Name Meaning and Origin Oh Baby! Names

    T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Twins of Wonderland by Danni Lea reviews We all know that there's a certain Mad Hatter who happens to look exactly like a young paleontologist. Who's to say they're not related? This time, the unfortunate soul that is dragged to the mess,is his brother Vergil, who ends up at Karakura town and is accused of being the father of the tenth division captain. Hitsugaya The Beast and Pariah by Aelsthla-Mental reviews The city is no longer under quarantine, and it appeared that all was well, but it was not to be.

    Kessler's vision is already happening, "The Beast" has appeared and has brought destruction in it's wake, searching for "Pariah". Can it be stopped? Set 3 years before Naruto and after Prototype ending. And thanks to a meddling Merciful Goddess, he got it. Oh boy, did he get it! T - English - Humor - Chapters: Of Ninjutsu and Kamehamehas by Kaiser Wilhelm reviews Goten has been reading the manga Naruto since he was a little kid, but one day when Piccolo discovers a certain Hyuuga lying unconscious on Mt.

    Paozu, fiction becomes too real to possibly deny. When they fade they sometimes vanish in to the pages of history and are forgotten. But then, some things that fade come back.

    Ultimate Weapon by sandman reviews A meteor has crashed in Central Park. A meteor with a very special cargo When the cargo is found by a year-old punk, all hell breaks loose. This is Ben 10 Ultimatized.

    Of course, he wasn't exactly what the BPRD was expecting, either. She had no idea that she would discover the power of the guyver unit.

    The Kristen Archives Just Incestuous Stories N Z

    Will she be able to understand her new power and keep herself away from Chronos? What's going on, and who's behind all of these? Furthermore, how will the two separate worlds cope with it? Live Stream Posted by admin April 4, in Game Lots of everybody typicalgamer with your daily YouTube live streams and more in today for you guys got some for tonight actually gonna be playing battle royale with Samara my. Girlfriend and down we're gonna see how many wins we can get last time we got to we're playing off stream we got two wins as well and snares been training, she has been training so.

    Make sure you hit that thumbs up button if you join us and most of all most importantly make sure you hit that subscribe. Button as well I'm gonna be doing GTA and maybe another stream after that as well so.

    Stay tuned I know I've been playing a lot of for night but I'm not keeping the videos up so watch um if you well don't feel like you have to. Purchased the skin second skin in for a night look she's got the I have the same one just cuz I don't know if I.

    The Kristen Archives Just Incestuous Stories N Z

    Was gonna see you and then. I thought maybe we could we give show off our gliders together she's so independent she's so independent guys I want to describe I want to describe to you ladies and gentlemen. The game that Samara played yesterday because it deserves an explanation okay so Samara Samara is not a she's not pro forma night player no.

    She's getting better though she, really likes the game okay and last night we were playing for fun and Samara went off I don't know what triggered an or something triggered on Samara and she saved my life, she called out everybody got four kills, I got 11 kills and we ended up winning the game and I just I wish we would. Have streamed it I wish we would have streamed it because it would have been incredible like you guys would have freaked out with how it could Samara was so we're hoping here the, Samaras hype continues because she was going off and I would definitely like to, see you continue going off oh yes I can hear you going off on.

    Your keyboard that's what I can do well but were you hitting re jumping really going at it I have minis I've slur yeah like I was saying this spot I don't think people realize. Yet is definitely the best spot. In the game to loot right now a hundred and ten percent I'm calling it I am a hundred percent calling it what what you saying. Okay what oh my goodness okay Oh Samaras set Samaras set she's good, she's goofy and Louie story I believe pizzazz yes you definitely are dude all thoes like the, only this big factory in the bins are not the NZ bins no I don't look that oh I thought you knew that, already no no and and the pallets you break here give you so much wood like 50 top so for example I'm already I'm already stacking that wood I'm half the, max of wood right yeah it's reckon insane, yeah I'm stacking wood what makes me happy about this and why why did a second stream here and smears and join this game so much.

    And that makes me so happy she's enjoyed like she's enjoyed she wants to play opsroom to and stuff like that I mean she does that with other games but, too much he'll oh you should. He should probably use the heal at the moment okey-dokey I'm pumped up I'm ready to go I'm ready to get some dubs Samara I'm ready my body's ready I'm, feeling good I'm feeling great I've had my warmup today I bet I've played like six, hours this morning yeah a little bit a little bit of warm-up zone — I'm gonna max myself, out of would we do good out here all right where we're eating good murid and frickin good we also have a new moderator here today Oh what's a, sorry let's break, in the tree we have a new moderator Ken Lorraine big shout out to Kayla awesome awesome part of the TV community and already a moderator for Samaras so that works out.

    Perfectly — I — you and also we have, another moderator I just saw him in chat and that it's gonna be well lead believe is an incredible incredible person everybody give Walid and Kayla a big shout out in chat, they both deserve it greatly and I appreciate both of them very very much as I.

    Do everybody in chat there you go there you go I'm gonna cry they grow up so fast did you leave. Melbourne all day everyday living a vida loca I blacked out oh there you go I. Literally blacked out yes you're gonna be on that point they're growing up you're growing up I believe in you I know I know you are that's, really unfortunate oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh. Boy oh boy beer back one sec shout out to we have a couple of super chats and new, sponsors here as well so what I want to do it real quick usually I, weigh in between games but shad — white tiger for the super chat monster the NA s the nice ocean oh gosh wait you get some air hold.

    On I'm coming leave her alone you bully hi okay i unmuted myself here as. I was doing the sponsor — that was a bad time to mute like I thought we were good we're like on the cusp of the circle hey it's okay they have met in here.

    I have minis I have minis I've everything everything you need okay that was that was the quick I. Have to unmute and, come back we were trying to finish you off right yeah I think they were there a bloodthirsty I came in with the best headshots ever I came in hot no no I saw a mini as. I've 7-minute is if you need some I have slurps — so you pop the minis. Real quick okay then you need pop — slurps unless you have a big shield you have big shield okay so.

    Pop the two small ones and then take the slurp pop all right hold of — okay okay I'm gonna try to. Read these I don't know if I should wait until that I gotta wait until the game's over okay. You can see that why away I was like usually I. Wait I actually said this I said usually I wait because people like will try to kill us, and as that happens that you're shooting over them that's funny okay let's keep going near Albany sponsors and super Jets and all the chests ping yeah no you turned it on you turned, it on where's the say you could turn it off go so if.

    You do super chat I will read it it should be under the hide section just. Turn it off and on and off might be a ghoulish yeah it might be then that.

    The Kristen Archives Just Incestuous Stories N Z

    One turn it on and off yeah just turn it on and off just because it, glitches out I've had that good before oh they got the drop two guns drop is right over here 75 they're running out running out 60 75 degrees okay this is gonna suck here come down I'm lagging. Oh this is weird oh that's not good oh gosh.

    Don't don't stand in bang with them there they got a sniper I'm gonna die here oh come on I could. Have played that so much better I'm sorry that was my. Fault well how did you how did you get hit [Applause] were you coming down okay that's that'll do it that'll do it I should have popped a mini oh my gosh, I'm sorry why did I pop a mini, no those my fault there we could have lived we can live how do that okay I'll be Rebecca shad to, all of you in chat make sure you like it subscribe if you're enjoying it so far monster the NA s the NASS shout to you for a.

    Sponsoring welcome to the TGT truly appreciate the sport enjoy, those emotes if you guys don't know I'm talking about anyone who sponsors gets to use these emotes right here they look really really cool you get a TV logo beside your name as well, you can sponsor link will be in description button though we also have a shoddy thank you for the. DM help make my day a little bit brighter all the supporting I love you bro Congrats on Samara go on, ham shut you Shaunie I appreciate that bro glad I could open your way on, the game of God shout to eat the soup chat Jabril Reno Jarius golden, shad to both of you a Shawnee is well appreciated the soup chat my friend officer Breggin says, hi sub officer bacon have broken girl's room oh it's got a scent love and support to you love you Andre bro girl dream you the best great to see you and chat and.

    Thank you so much for the super chat you are awesome alright let's do this what's. The curse Otzi it's the curse the first game you lose. Whatever I'm gonna jump now I'm upset there I you know what you just gotta I think it's with everything in life you know if, you mess something up it's it's a great learning experience so for me next time I get into an experience once I'm walled up I should heal and then go get, him because I would have lived and killed him, a hundred and ten percent there was no rush to kill that guy there so but you know what you live and learn I think I'm pretty good the.

    Game my stats reflect that as well and and, you know there's always chance for learning so I'm not gonna take it as negative experience maintain its positive experience and and.

    That's that's what you should do through life as well I feel you know, get philosophical on everybody do you feel motivated that's good somebody's here oh they're on your roof on your art no on this, other roof here I hit him with a revolver as they fell down on me kill them both we get the revolver on the way down with this next, level next level let me know if you get minis I have full shields as well I found minion the.

    Same one yeah I feel I feel real good about this game here I have a. Good feeling do you think I could oh I hope golden scarf I'm a big shield big shield here well come get the you, can use both big shields and we can keep, them in here yes Gold scar looking good I have one mini on me so I'm not sure if you want to. See I don't know if last game is the 25 health would have saved your life or not but kind of might have always the possibility that ones underneath.

    You I got another chip might just drop them in here it is so so. Good this is very nice very nice gosh got more mini okay, okay I big shields at minis if making yeah there's a green AR up here if you want it oh gosh I didn't.

    Mean to do that yeah I do enjoy how you super careful do you want me to hold the Rockets or do you want easy cuz me with a rocket launcher equals win.

    Well I I've just known for my proficiency. With the rocket I give you a gold scar for it yeah old scar for it no no I'll. Trade you I want to do a fair trade there's a big shield over here yeah come over here yeah I'll trade, you for the RPG I think it's a fair deal you have rockets you didn't.

    Have any extra ammo okay do you need a big show I don't have an AR anymore I'll take it can you hold Minnie's there you go perfect and then do you have a big shield slot much, what this game are we good we should be good to.

    Get into engage winner — no I'm good — Rockets furchesters not bad okay wait what you. See over there oh there's a big shield over there yeah this spout is so good I'm telling you guys if. You guys want to win if you want the fighting chance but I would say land here if you know you're. Doing already because otherwise you're gonna be losing come to a battle and it might not end very well because if you don't know how. To shoot it doesn't matter what loo you.

    Have usually I don't have a sniper in me Rob how much I was sniping last time was that her first game yes yeah the last game was her first, game right yeah it was it's okay it's alright then we have to get the rest off it. Was it was technically a warm-up for me cuz I didn't, play for an hour to me just an hour and they just know I don't know if an hour or two oh my gosh I almost died I know but I, I will prevail Mini's there's a mini here nope here I'll make it fall.

    Alright there we go I'm like lagging a little bit what's up of that this morning when I dropped so I couldn't dive down I was like frozen just. Like in the air like I wasn't moving in the air that's weird so I landed like a good 30 seconds after everybody else here's, some more rockin mo alright 13 Rockets you've done a service to humanity when I jump like right at.

    The ground at stutters for like a split second sometimes very annoying yeah ever since the. New updates been a little more like like a huge amount but a little bit so you got a gold. Scar down how you feel about that I would think so okay yeah I got a rocket so I.

    Feel pretty good hey how's the solid. Trade we're stuck we're stacked up okay so oh I got rocket to you there's gonna need launcher there if you want where's that can you drop the great grenade launcher earthy, okay oh wow I am blind oh my goodness gracious here come up here there's a grenade launcher if you want it it's, always good to use yeah it is but if you can it comes with a few grenades.

    I believe this is actually where we won the game missile right here on that we won that dreaded game that day. I see somebody 60 70 on the other side they're going into that Hut we can we can close up on them but.

    We got to go quick, no further oh my gosh yeah I guess my materials geez I'm not going at it over here, not the question of if what's when that's kind of DM Samara I saw you finish that guy there's no guy somewhere I don't know where he's knocked down but not out I don't really have anything to.

    The Kristen Archives Just Incestuous Stories N Z

    I guess we could drop one of my shotguns I don't know I'm really in love with a pump tactic combo at the moment there's some, fighting going down oh he died okay you guys we get we got a launch pad over here like.

    I kind of want a real sniper here I'm gonna grab it I'm like yeah it's like it's weird, it's not like the biggest leg I think there's some for tonight servers that are just, aren't that good for us yeah so it's unfortunate but we'll deal with it like I know it's kind of hard to see on screen but.

    You'll see for a second like before I landed like hovers that's rude yeah I don't, complain it for with leg unless there's actually like so you guys know me then it's variable.

    See right there like I jump but I couldn't go all the way up sometimes that's actually game mechanic tough because you can't jump in a row and there's some people in the town, oh I see Pope flying here I see people flying here, 15 30 gosh it's right here they're right here you're gonna build up the hill or something yeah do you see a machine show keep going keep going, shoot shoot oh that's a solid one beside us oh yeah yeah build, on it okay oh gosh I don't have any frickin can you say I know are you safe I don't know holy shoot I have no.

    Materials by the way so this is very unfortunate leave me alone there you go ya get messed up son Oh what. Even happened here oh my I'm so done with the game I just blew myself, up I'm stupid that's why I'm not I don't have any IQ I don't have any ideas great, really this guy's unrelenting right now oh my gosh I have no material of the one that constantly on this is. Great oh my goodness gracious those three teams on me three. Teams there was a team on the hill there was a team that came from factory and there was the team that was looking that oh my gosh Ida panic leave because there's two guys shooting at, me I still went.

    For them I had them both with the rocket there but then there was the team behind me and there was team above me I couldn't predict the team above me there were there's three, to six people. Shooting at me six shooting at me yeah if I made out of that that would have been I already felt like, that was really good until oh boy all right beer back shout to a Duncan Lang for the, super chat man appreciate that you can find the streams with the direct links if you guys want usually tuned amount on Twitter otherwise, I'm gonna be I'm listing them just because I don't want my channel to be a hundred percent for.

    A nice shout to you bro the game of God showed you for the soup chat Lloyd Mitchum and Darryl. Perry shout to both of you for sponsoring thank you welcome to the TG League truly appreciated sport, and just thank you thank you so much enjoy those emotes and everybody welcome to a new chat let's have to count a long tube Josh at, you Nick a Baskin hi GG Samara me cuz she had a team dick I. Appreciate that you're far too kind route well what's up to you and big shout out to you for the.

    Super chat Cordell Benson a man I've been watching since thousand subs chordal thank you for the very generous soup chat my friend really really do appreciate that and. That's very generous thank you so so much then. We have Lord Mitchum hate to do you are my favorite youtuber by far and I've been around since 1 million subscribers is, awesome you hit 6 mil keep up the amazing content I'll be around the whole time hashtag TG fam Lloyd man that means.

    A lot to me bro that message that message really got to, me if that's what you're going for it got to be bro big shad to you Lloyd Mecham thank you for sponsoring thank you for the super chat and thanks man that means a lot that's been a.

    Journey bro since 1 mil I know you know it bro that's whoa I got chills shoutout to you bro. Really appreciate it alright is anybody landing here I don't think so ok he's landing in there I'm coming with you I'm.

    Coming with you ok he's. Gonna shoot me I'm gonna die oh I don't have a weapon just come here Liam hey Liam oh my gosh he's gonna finish me off jump down jump down yeah me Liam yeah that's.

    Not a melee pistol I try to come help you but then I guess he didn't care, about you my pistol is garbage garbage sup mom thanks for the soup chat appreciated bro what's on what what are you serious. We should play like tomorrow let me see chicks are fairly oh. I don't know I don't know it's kind of its kind. Of isn't you might be playing as a pig it's I don't think it's the there's an article why it isn't popping. Up this way it's the saw DLC like it saw DLC all right yeah let's go to it there's so many good games and, stuff coming out now like it is difficult I go towards the water here and then I Bank over usually, a place out pretty well yeah usually and then yep oh no.

    Right here and then you can just kind of float all the way around sometimes it works sometimes you land a little short you like me short I'm good I'm in cuz it's a. Valley over use come surprise mother trucker somebody here knocked him I'm not mean so I won't finish, them off well hopefully his friend comes down you drawn me you shoot at somebody here you shot.

    Me something there oh my gosh I just kill so. Many people out I'm gonna make you dance yeah going up oh I think he fell through you will dance for me clown what that he's shotgun to you girl swap give. Me that shotgun all right so we're good for I, got mad Steen you better opt you bandages shotgun Emma okay I only have three but I will take, a little bit a little bit half they look a little yeah yeah you can take it I got mini-sub here it all works out, in the end what a punk you tried to finish you up if I didn't.

    Hit him with the buggy he would have killed you you were to scrub the earth big chef I got a big shield or solder the door was. Open here I think it might have been that guy though be wary just be wary we're getting a ton of.

    The Kristen Archives Just Incestuous Stories N Z

    New sponsors today absolutely insane please please for tonight why are you lagging for tonight another. Way my chat is is all upon sir I don't know why is everyone sponsor her now shout to everybody, appreciate it we only really started pushing sponsors recently so to everybody that's really showing that love responses in a sec I just got Rockets, booyakasha yay all right I need a I need like a tack so if you.

    Find one let me know I'd like a memorize to every location so if you have trouble love me yeah you know, like your proficiency if you find a tack like even a green one let me know because I'm rolling uh rolling no tap right now I'm just a, pump no no no it's okay but just like when you get, why is it so lucky today that's not snot later though it's nice to just oh my god ice is so flaky it's annoying because even like a little stutter.

    Bilara cute teen girl in love with her dog

    Is a, big deal in this game please don't turn into up G with the leg I'm just like flying with the fuzz how do you have a better AR have you seen one I have a way one, it's okay do you have, rockets they'll come let's get into the zone Oh where'd I get right a little far let's go watch out for the stones and.

    Storm so look at DJ and chat looking out for us you're. A good man Oh watch out for the storm watch out for the flick of my storm let's not break anything cuz we got a really making it yeah. It's by shifty chefs is anybody else that's playing the game right now cuz they know a lot of to watch the stream and play are you guys experiencing. Any leg I wonder if it's just me like yeah I'm not downloading anything it was very odd, very odd yeah setting my judgment oh there's somebody right here yeah she's there right here yeah he locked.

    His buddy out that's kind of mean oh they ever off the hill no more they no more have a rocket you should. Probably take that rocket back I can I can drop you some yeah every time I'm. Landing I'm lagging somebody's saying they're lagging I'm seeing a lot of people saying yes they're liking and. For tonight I usually don't lag in for, their let's watch out that drop and then we'll descend upon it I'll raid super chats and sponsors so will smear in between, matches yes what is up with this please for tonight just tell you I'll tell you when it happens yeah like it's good it's good it's good and then, one time I dropped you so I don't even know if you lose seven you get scared with the RPGs and, stuff actually know what the grenade launchers the grenade launchers you go ham I don't know I lied.

    Sorry once I'm not gonna build around it please don't scream big big big oh gosh Oh, big shield what you say oh that's good I mean I could drop my band no no just keep it we gotta get moving then how do I have five. Kills women this happen, I can five people all right so we may be my expert Scout mickeymo a there Oh as I don't die the, like I'm happy I've died like I like the bright fornight nose very suspicious it's being very aware of the situation okay we got to go oh my you.

    Did not have that commercial as a child I know it I am more than. Willing to share that commercial with you stay alert stay safe anybody. Ever had this commercials don't don't just say it because you want it just say yes yeah I'd be honest if.

    You guys yeah and and don't don't think just cuz you heard it here that you heard in, your childhood I feel like I feel like that happens a lot you see I see people yeah if that. Had I would have sold my kidney to the black market not even to a credible buyer hit the one on the left not even to, a credible buyers oh gosh yeah I know I blocked you but kind of needed to oh I didn't reload oh my gosh, you thought he was dead exhale next he'll pick it up right here oh there's a lot of stuff everywhere near big shield pot if you find it is there, a big shield, you have a little vase I have a thousand ar mo in 44 rockets we looking like a whole snack right now you can move cane there's a lot of rockets today, there's a lot going on let's continue yeah I'm holding mine there wasn't a big shield for you did you take them oh you, shouldn't take Allah okay you goodbye questionable investing possible right oh jeez Oh tight, squeeze all right I'll take one now we seem to be at the top of things we seem to be at the top of our, game don't.

    Judge me why don't you build me up there's a lot rollin man I see somebody miss she done the street they're both here lower keep shootin I'll, distract them with rockets oh that's gonna smack them let's put on Matt shot Samara, with a kill damn girl girl that's my girl oh you scared me I don't know why I scared me so much I was terrified I've never been camping I wouldn't know, I've never been camping oh I hit him he's so far that's like a that's a banger of, a shot if I got that.

    I am messing with you did I build a little for it if you're not snapping Samara cuz then they could just shoot you right yeah but I mean, it's right here this is like it's gonna be a delayed moon he would do a little for it do you I'm proud of you you're a. Little for it there should be a rapper named little for it I. Hate hitting people and not getting the Killa the sniper makes me a little upset as a person is a human being.

    Oh hello sir hit that free shoot the start in three two one shoot it shoot shoot down that wood wall yeah right there oh that's perfect all that's. Perfect America oh you do cuz I hit it yep they're getting walked up on huh they're walking into the. Zone they're scared oh my gosh they're dodging rockets they're. Dodging Heat oh that would always hit them there by the gas station Oh careful now yeah where's that.

    Oh there on this hill right in front of us north oh my gosh we gotta move we gotta move gotta move right now I might hit him oh wow.

    That didn't careful cuz this is really slim reckon click my love I know I, know you could but doesn't the game doesn't care oh wow that's a hit right there I know my friend I have no more. RPGs just kidding wow that was there's a method here yep I really value on the phone oh man really. Inappropriate behavior Braille machine from oh my gosh how are you not oh you are doing fantastic smear you are a legend there's a one more person besides them though they seem like they're not that.

    Great though so we should be Oh till left I didn't hit him there to the left of where they. Were just shooting us at like on the lower and the lower part careful cuz there's still.

    One more right we don't know, where he is I have 30 Rockets I'm afraid oh oh you fell off the cliff he fell apart never go down oh there we go he's dead he's gonna keep going tonight rocket up rocket right guys go. Push push push push push push push you got the spare push push push push push.

    Careful there's one more guy we don't know about this is our win this our length month Oh I gotta my house you, call problem or if they shoot a grenade launcher we're both, dead oh that's a grenade launcher oh that's way too close okay we got to run out the back door of this, guy quick okay nope I'll build us a.

    Protective wall in something oh he's not that I don't know he doesn't know the range of his weapon I see him he's fifteen thirty in the modern s I'm at rockets yet shoot that, wall push up on it who's there he's not moving he's gonna be screwed here in a second okay he's.

    In there somewhere oh that is a campfire hello sir come out with your heads oh he's on the left side. Left side left side left side, he jumped out oh my he's so screwed just used a corner good you did good you didn't really give it good how many kills did you get I had. Beer back alright shout out to a bunch you in Chapter these super chats we got to lie mitchum again and that is.

    Exactly what I was going for her haha you're sending off more for your chose to go buy some cocka cocka shout out, to you like fish Adam man appreciate I'm gonna buy some chocolate i'ma buy some chocolate big shout to my friend thank. You for that soup Jen, thank you for sticking with me since 1 mil my friend we also have sup mom 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 Darien Allen love your, videos keep the good work thank you Darien I appreciate the method my friend pick. And welcome to the TG elite truly appreciated sport enjoy these emotes right here and if you guys want.

    To get them as well you could sponsor at link in the description below and you get TG look epicenter name K dot I've been watching you since you had 20, K subs and you were up like GTA 5 information bits keeping up the good work you are a real 1k. Dot that is a seriously long time ago and I really really do appreciate.

    The Kristen Archives Just Incestuous Stories N Z

    You sticking with my friend the information days is where it all started so shad to anyone who remembers that shad anyone, just supporting me now is that I appreciate it and I love you all you. Fun love your vids marry you to our number one hope you have a great day having a great day I hope you are too and thanks so much for the soup chat and finally, we have Brandon Williamson wouldn't, even be playing arc big shout out to you my friend and Ark will be soon no exact date yeah but we'll be seeing that guys picked up a sniper I can't hit him oh, my gosh I can't hit him Oh what oh my gosh Samara come to me come to me provide me quick.

    He can't he can't kill you survive he has a sniper. Oh my gosh I'm gonna kill him so bad sure I've wanted to kill the guy who shot me oh gosh, grenade oh my gosh come pick me up again if you can oh he's coming up it's coming up I think no no you're good.

    Eva Longoria and Jose Baston are expecting first child Daily Mail Online

    You should be good thing is this really hard to get up here unless you have materials and they probably. Don't oh they're building they're building up be careful okay just, pick me up I don't know you might come kill you there don't move don't move when they come right here I have I have no materials either okay, what can we say I see him I see him okay he's gonna try to goodnight.

    Launcher oh my gosh I had nothing I had nothing whatever gee gee, that sucks that sucks I hate when you get a really great game and then hits it with a slow one slow one. Where you have nothing that was a really good game you had rehire that one you don't sound, that happy I want to watch that I'm gonna go back and watch that shout out to a brandon williamson for the soup chat timothy, of votre and rudi lopez all with super jabs even I am Devon Devon who has no fun in the Sun.

    All right who's ready for this in chat if you're watching you enjoyed this so far make sure you smack that like button in, three two one let's fight and I think if we win a game right before we, win we're gonna do a sub spike I feel like that's the play I, feel like that's to play patronise padrone's let's go flush factory all right now sorry, you know it about new factories body such a say I'm excited I'm having a lot of fun playing see Samara what, oh my goodness gracious some people don't know that or don't watch so no you know what it is true we start it's personally there's somebody coming in here.

    And they have a candy thing as well they're landing here with you we have a lot of friends what theI got a hitmarker, on him oh that is so lame tell me he has a hundred health tell me out his hundred health oh my, god okay I I need like report this the forehead no you don't understand yeah you shot him a bunch though I picked it up I shot him, with the shotgun and I got a hitmarker but it did no damage I shot him with the shotgun it did no damage that's, great you guys can verify to.

    Chet look slow-mo it I wish I could play it for stream we all play for sure I don't wanna play for sure here hold up I already I already I'm gonna open an Internet. Explorer because um because I have too many tabs on Chrome you know I just.

    Want to show hang out I'll show the lots of surfaces how, do i slo-mo it here we go it was nonsense here I think they're both doing the worm I'm like I'm gonna pause, this pyramid look at that hitmarker look at that I have the hitmarker I have that look it even. Shows I hit him there's a circle there's a circle around the damaged area of where I shot them but it did no damage that's great oh my goodness gracious my face when I, got shots he was hilarious like I probably wouldn't have changed it but.

    You would definitely would have killed him in one shot yeah where do you.