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    People have a natural tendency to hate being alone and I bet he would straighten his act up real quick. I find it odd though that him and this girl are all over the internet an it seems like nobody knows her or her folks. I mean normally, people who have relatives would be all up in the gram comments talking about what they gone do when they see ole boy or something. Is this girl an orphan? Why is nobody expressing concern for her. Name Nerds main With Baby Boomers becoming grandparents, the stodgy old codger and plump, cookie-baking white frizzy haired grandparents are getting a massive facelift.

    Tired of the old standbys of Granny, Grandma, Grandpa etc. Put the word "grandma" in the subject line. The most common names for grandparents at least in the USA: Abi-Gabi - All the grandkids in my ex's family used that name for their grandmother. The name came from baby talk by one of the cousins. My grandkids call me Aito Ah-ee-toh.

    It is short for "Abuelito" which is a diminutive for "Abuelo" which is grandfather in Spanish All Right Lou -- When my husband was a very small boy, he was always greeted by his jazz-playing grandfather with a "Gimme Five! My daughters started calling my father Alvin because they thought he had puffy cheeks like Alvin the singing chipmunk. They call my mother butter-butt because while they were camping, she backed into a trash basket and got a butter wrapper stuck on her butt.

    I called my mother's mother Ami, pronounced as in the French "mon amis", I don't know what it came from. Recently we had our first son, and my in-laws wanted to know what they should be called. My ingenous 11 year old sister-in-law came up with the names "Amma"- for the Grandmother and "Adda" for the Grandfather.

    Top 5 Best Sugar Momma Dating Sites Reviews

    She derived the names from lord of the rings when one of the Elves were talking. I really happen to like the names, i beats calling them Grandma or Grandpa insert last name. My son calls my mother "Ammo", because he tried to say "Grandma" and couldn't. My mom loves the name! Pronounced like "onion" without the "n", this is supposedly based on a Hungarian word for "grandmother.

    I am thinking of being called Apple by my first grandchild as i am a granny smith!. So now my stepmother is both an aunt and a grandma. When my brother was 1 or so he was in day care where he had a Mrs Mary, our father's sister was also Mary and soon became At Mrs Mary He couldn't say Aunt. Everyone loved the name and when she had grandchildren of her own they called her At Mrs Mary too.

    I call them Baba and Gigi. Sometimes I just call my Baba Bubs. My Grandmother and Grandfather were from the Ukraine. We always called my grandmother Babchi bop-chee or Baba Bah-bah and my grandfather was Dadju Dah-jooh.

    I was always told that Baba was Ukrainian and Babchi was Russian. Both our Dads were Dziadzio. As both families lived far apart, it worked. When our first g-child was born, we pondered, as Busia which signifies "old" to me and Bunia were taken. So I became Babci it is even on my license plates! It is, however, more difficult for our older g-child to explain to her Iowa friends what Babci and Dziadzio mean, than say, in ethnic Chicago!!!

    Hubby's sister in Indianapolis adopted Bunia for herself with her g-children, and so it continues Are your eyes glazed over yet??? My other grandma, let me name her, and at 4 months, Baba came out My mom named her grandmother Bamboo, and it stuck with us great-grandchildren too.

    My Grandpa, was just Grandpa. My mother's name is Barbara and my father is just a big guy who gives great bear hugs I think it means Grandmother in Ukraine or another language. Its different and fun! My grandchildren call me "Badda," a name which my grandson invented as a baby.

    My grandparents' my dad's parents were Bagoo pronounced Bah-goo and Papa easy enough. I haven't a clue how these came about except that my brothers and my cousins named them. One of my brothers's thought it was actually Popeye until my grandfather's death, when he questioned about the spelling of P-a-p-a on a card! We all laughed because he called my grandfather this for years and nobody ever caught it. My son,the youngest of all grandkids couldn't pronounce grandma and grumpy at the age of 1 and named my parents Bamaw and Him.

    My other set on my mom's side were called Bam-maw pronounced the way it's spelled and Pyjaw pronounced Pah-jaw.

    Top 5 Best Sugar Momma Dating Sites Reviews

    Go figure again, my brother's had a hand on these names too! I don't have a clue what they were thinking or what they couldn't pronounce but I was born 5 years after everybody was named.

    We call our grandfather Bamps and our grandmother Bamma because my oldest cousin could not say "Grandps" and "Gradma". They came out as Bamps and Bamma and have stuck ever since. We came up with this for our granddaughter when her other grandparents stole Mimi and Popi from us!

    Top 5 Best Sugar Momma Dating Sites Reviews

    My Father Pops always called my grandparents the Barkers because they acted like dogs, always barking at each other. The name stuck and now we call them Barkerina and Barkerino. Baw is what I call my mom's mom. I heard my mom call her Maw we are from the south and I tried it but it came out Baw and it has stuck ever since.

    My son is 9 weeks old and throughout my pregnancy, we tried to think up names for the grandparents.

    Top 5 Best Sugar Momma Dating Sites Reviews

    We joked the whole time that my mother would be called Be-Bop, from the children's Barney tapes. When my son arrived, we had no other name, so Be-Bop stuck. My mom loves it and my dad is called Pop!!! When my first child was born, we had grandparents and great-grandparents enjoying her. One grandma was called Grandma Bernice or Grandma Bea for her nickname.

    She loved saying it and Great Grandmas loved hearing it! I have a friend who had a hard time adjusting to the aging process and becoming a grandmother in general. She has compensated by having all her grandchildren call her "Beautiful". We used the older, more formal Danish "Bedste mor" for my late mom. My mom, not wanting to be as "old" as her "Bedste mor" had our kids call her "Bedste Jo" her name: Somehow, that made her sound even "cooler" as a grandma.

    I think my mother in law has the most unique grandma name She wasn't ready to be a "grandma" when her daughter started having kids 6 years ago and she still likes to tie one on. So her two grandsons refer to her as "Beerma" and so will my child! It's kind of fun hearing people's reactions to it! A precious grandchild and being called "beautiful" every day My 2 year old has called my parents - BeMa and BePa since the first time she could speak and even though she can speak properly now refuses to call them anything else!

    I came to your site to see if there was a language out there that used the same words but couldn't see anything. Anyhow, my parents absolutely love it! They're so proud to be the only BeMa and BePa that they know!!!!! I made up the name for my grandmother: My brother, when he was just learning to talk, called our other great grandparents Big Grandma and Big Grandpa. This was partly because they were great grandparents, and partly because they were, well, big.

    Growing up my mother's mother was 4 ft. Hence we called them Big Grandma and Little Grandma. I called my great grandmother "Big-Mama" and my grandmother "Granny-Mary" because her first name was Mary.

    I called my mom's mother "Granny" when I was in her presence, but would also often refer to her as "Granny-Mother" when I spoke of her to others. My grandfather was Pa-Paw. Big Momma - growing up this is what we called my father's mother. Gramary- this is what I will be called when my first grandchild arrives in February, as my name is Mary. I got the idea from "Mary Worth" comic strip in the newspaper.

    She refers to herself as Grandmary. Daidoe - is the Irish name for grandfather which my husband is considering as his "title". I have asked my grandchildren to call me "birdie", my daughter thinks I am in denial, but I just want to be unique. Blue Granny, Brown Granny: It stuck, and was in use throughout the family until their deaths. My dad wanted to be "Grumpy. My son, the oldest, couldn't say it. He instead started calling him "Bob-Bob.

    My son took it to heart I guess. Bob-Bob it is to all his grandkids and to all kids who meet him. Instead of "Call me Bob," it's "call me Bob-Bob. Several years ago my grand godchild was experimenting with words and "Bobaloo" came out. Since my name is Barbara, I thought Bobaloo was close enough! When my grandson learned to talk I knew I wanted him to call me Bobaloo. Bop-Bee Pronounced more like Bopeewhen I was little, I could never pronounce grandpa, so one day "bopee" just came out of my mouth.

    Now there is ten of us grandkids and the name is still used. I called my grandfather "BopBop" because I couldn 't say grandpa. I didn't see my husband's name listed under the grandfather names. The grandbabies call him Boppa. And now that the oldest one is 3 sometimes he even shortens it to Bop or calls him Boppy.

    Boppa loves the name - it truly sets him apart from any other grandfather - and he knows he's special! My parents got stuck with these Bops came from Pops because my son couldn't pronounce his P's My oldest son came out with Booma instead of Grandma. Everyone in the family calls my Mother Booma and she just loves it! Boompa My husband ended up with the name, "Boompa," derived from a Jimmy Stewart movie entitled, "Mr. Hobbs Take a Vacation.

    The best sugar momma club for seeking sugar mommas, sugar babies or sugar mamas online

    Everytime we asked him, "What would you like your granddaughter to call you? When asked by my daughter what I wanted my first grandchild to call me I jokingly suggested the one from "Mr. Hobbs" since I thought that Jimmy Stewart's reaction when unexpectedly being called "boompa" was priceless. My daughter took me at my word and it has stuck. Since then I have had to show her the movie so that she can see where the name came from.

    I wondered if the name predates the movie so I "googled" it and got a whoppinghits - yours was one of those. I still don't know how old the name is, but I respond to it proudly.

    My first grandchild started calling me Boowa when he first began to talk. Someone once suggested that it sounded somewhat like the Spanish Abuela, but there really seems to be no reason for it. Now all of my five grandchildren call me Boowa.

    My mother has all of her grand kids call her "Bubba" that is what she use to call her "grandmother" who came from Czechoslovakia when she was little.

    Also, it is easier for kids to learn the letter "b" so both of her grandkids said "Bubba" at a very early age. Their great grandmother was called Bubba Yana again, not sure on the spelling. At first I had no idea which was which and can still get them confused! This is the only way I could figure out how to spell it. We don't know where it came from, but it was orginal from him, so therefore I loved it.

    My Dad loves going walking with my son. When my son was little he would lag behind and my dad would say "come on, buddy" Then one day my son wandered a little ahead of my dad, so my son said to him "come on, buddy" and so Buddy it was.

    My mother wanted my children to call her Grandmother, but when my oldest daughter tried to say Grandmother, mother came out as budna.

    Top 5 Best Sugar Momma Dating Sites Reviews

    It stuck and now my Mother will always be called Budna by her grandchildren. We used to call my grandfather Bumpa and since I'm one of many grandchildren before me there's no telling how that got started. These are the versions of Grampy and Grammy that I came up with as a small child. My grandfather has passed away, but 25 years later I still call my grandmother Gummy sometimes. My son calls my husband's parents "Dappy" because he couldn't pronounce Grampyand "Bun" because we were calling her Grammy Bonnie her first name is Bonnie and he couldn't say that, so he shortened it to Bun.

    They love their "new" names, and we think the names will stick, since he is the first grandchild!

    Top 5 Best Sugar Momma Dating Sites Reviews

    My husband called his grandmother "Bunny". It came about because, even though her name was Marie, she had an old boyfriend who used to call her Bunny. Her son-in-law my husband's father kidded her about this and called her Bunny too, so the kids started using it, and it stuck.

    Sugar Momma Club Trusted Sugar Momma and Sugar Mummy Dating Sites Reviews

    I know a boy where I work I cant remember what one. My in-laws chose these names over 26 years ago when our oldest was born. To this day my mother in law introduces herself to everyone as CeCe It came from her initials. My maternal grandmother's first name is Ceshlova seshlava but all her friends call her Jessie. When the grandkids started to arrive she was not ready to be grandma so she decided on the shorter version of her given Polish name, Cesha sesha.

    I love it and could't imagine her as anything else! Chicken Nana- My kids called both their grandparents nana and papa. My parents have a farm with chickens, rabbits, ducks and geese on it. On the way to there home one night I told my son we were going to nana's. He said "which one", I said "nana that has the chickens" he replied "Oh Chicken Nana" ever since then he has called her "Chicken Nana" I guess it is better thatn the other Nana's new name.

    She passed away and we visit her at the grave every so often. My mother-in-law did not want to be referred to as "Grandma", she insisted on being called "Chic". Of course as the kids got old enough to talk it turned into "Chickie". My father-in-law's name is Bill, but growing up his brothers and sisters called him "Bul-Bul".

    Top 5 Best Sugar Momma Dating Sites Reviews

    Although he wouldn't mind being called "Grandpa", we all call him "Bul-Bul". My uncle in Alabama is the president of several banks, and his grandkids call him "Chief" When my son was born we decided to call his grandparents Grammy and Grampy. He pronounced Grampy as Chippy. The name Chippy stuck and all my kids called their grandfather Chippy. I even started calling my father Chip instead of Dad. Now that we have grandchildren of our own: To distinguish they have Chocolate Shirley and Vanilla Shirley--because I am allergic to chocolate and the other one loves chocolate and makes divine fudge.

    The other grandchildren call me Grams and their grandfather either Bumpa or as they are older Grumpa--which most certainly came from the Snow White character Grumpy. Ciaba cha-ba - I learned to speak at a very young age. My parents loved hearing me say new words.

    They got a real kick out of me trying to say Babcia because I would always say it wrong. Well, when my grandmother heard me call her Ciaba she told my parents she loved it and to stop trying to get me to say Babcia.

    Sugar Mamas The Best Sugar Momma Dating Site For You!

    She never liked that name anyway. My mother was always called Coco by her 9 grandchilden. She manufactured chocolates and owned a candy store and we thought it was cute and appropriate. Her twin sister was called Gingin because her name was Ginny. I love it for a grandmother's name and wish it wasn't already taken. Her neices daughter which is like her grandchild started it and it has just stuck and fits her. She also loves cookies! One of my daughters calls my mother "Cracker" -- why?

    She called called my father "Pops". I told them they sounded like a cereal commercial! When our granddaughter, Isabelle was very young, I would show her the Cuckoo clock and make it sound over and over again.

    Now she calls me "Cuckoo" cupcake- because my grandson was very poor and his mommy left him all alone. I call my grandma Da I tried to say Dad's momand my grandpa Papa. My father's parents were always Daddy Chris and Nana to me and I had always looked forward to carrying on the "Daddy Chris" tradition when the time came.

    Unfortunately, my grandson's father wasn't comfortable with anyone else besides himself being referred to as Daddy anything so I'm stuck with the highly unimaginative "Grampa" which, four years later, I'm only starting to accept.

    On the plus side, my daughters's half-sister refers to me as "Daddy Chris" to differentiate between me and "Daddy Jim," her biological father. That's something, I guess When my first child was born, my mother elected to be called Grandma. She was happy with that. At the time my father aka Pop would try to correct his grandson, but to no avail.

    My mother decided that Damma was unique, and she was keeping the name. Postal Service seems to get a kick out of reading the name on letters and packages that we send To: And so it is! Their dad used to say "What a dandy kid! On my mother's side of the family we have always called my grandmother Dandy, thanks to my brother's mispronunciation when they tried to get him to call her 'Granny. My oldest cousin, being the first grandchild in our generation, had the privilege of naming both of our grandparents.

    Our grandmother was "Dardin", since my cousin as a toddler couldn't say "Darlin' ", which is what our southern grandmother called everyone as a term of endearment. Our grandfather was not so lucky: He had better ideas though, he called her DayDay, and the name stuck.

    She lived to be almost 90 years old with lots of grandchildren and lots of great grandchildren all calling her DayDay. Even friends and acquaintances in the community where she lived referred to her as DayDay.

    I always told the kids we wouldn't forget that we were in 'd' for dumb - if we DID forget. My children started calling me 'DD' a long time ago, and now want to have my new grandson call me DD.

    He absolutely refused to say grammaat first i was ger,,than i was der,,now i am officially called DEAR When we are out somewhere. DeeDa and Paw Paw: My nephew and niece call their grandma DeeDee because when my nephew was first born, whenever the family left DeeDee's house, she would tap on the window on his side of the car and say "dee dee dee dee" He began calling her Dee Dee and it has stuck for 15 years now! I just became a step-grandma at 36!

    I think Grandma is too old for me so I'm using the first initial of my name! Being a family of animal lovers, it was no surprise that my cousin decided to distinguish between her paternal and maternal grandfathers by use of their dog's names.

    Thus they became "Digger Poppy" and "Willie Poppy" respectively. She is now pregnant with her first child and I lovingly refer to my uncle the future grandfather as "Chloe Poppy" honoring his sweet and playful English Sheepdog.

    I may not be young, but I'm fun! Dodo - The entire family called my great-grandmother this.

    Best Sugar Momma Dating Sites Top Ten List TheTopTens®

    It sounds ugly at first but it was very much a term of endearment. One of her grandchildrenstarted calling her this and it stuck. Don't know where this name came from, but all the grandkids called this grandma this along with her nieces and nephews.

    They tried everything, and this is what stuck! My grandmother Granmom got christened Dubba by her first great-grandchild. They were trying to get him to say double G. DuckDuck - This is what I called my step-grandfather. He was a hunter and had ducks on his walls Our kids call my in-laws E Maw and Poppa. My stepson couldn't say my name - Elise rhymes with policeso he called me Ese. My brother added part of 'sister' to it - but I really think it was when the guy at the copier on Saturday night added 'ster' to everything you know - the Rickster, etc.

    Anyway, I got the nickname 'Easter' and I love it, so when my grandson is born in May, I hope that's what he calls me. Our first grandchild calls me Emmaw pronounced M-maw and calls her graandfather Da.

    We love the names that she chose for us and decided to keep them. My grandson calls my wife "Essie. So Rachel often called Marcia "E. Sometimes it comes out "Grandessie," since he calls me "Grandaddy" and the parallel gets into his head, but mostly he says "Essie," and as he gets a little older he's 25 months now "Grandessie" will probably disappear.

    I called my grandmother: Faf and so did everyone else, I started it, because I couldn't say the word Ruth or Rufus that is what my dad would call herall of her beauty salon clients would call her too! At her funeral in her coffin we had flowers made that spelled out her name "Faf" She was 35 when I was born. I called my dad's mom this because she lived in Florida and I live in NJ, as does my other grandmother.

    The spacing and capitalization has changed and is always different, but it has always been the same meaning, and we always knew which grandma we were talking about!! My sister's grandchildren call them Ganny and Farnarner,"Farn" for short. There is no close grandpa for this little girl so no ideas on that!! FiFi and Sir- Before my five year old cousin was born his grandparents were asked what they wanted to be called. They said they wanted to be called FiFi and Sir.

    We thought it was a joke when they came to the hospital wearing shirts bearing these names but it is five years later and this is still what they are called.

    Foxey and Papa Gum - When I was born my grandmother was only 40 at the time and thought she was too old to be called grandma. As a joke Foxey grandma was brought up and well the Foxey part stuck.

    Top 5 Best Sugar Momma Dating Sites Reviews

    My grandpa was called Uncle Bum by his neices and nephews. I just couldn't pronounce Bum and Gum is what was said instead. Although we now just call him Papa. Fringa - My grandmother tried to show my brother to play the piano and said 'use your fingers' a few times and ever since we've called her Fringa.

    My niece and grandchildren call me FuFu. Due to the fact my niece 12 yrs. I called my great grandma "Funny Face" because that is what she called herself. She said she was very old and had a funny face. I don't remember thinking it was odd until I got to be around 8!

    Sugar Momma Mate Best Sugar Momma Dating & Sugar Baby Personals Site Online

    She died when I was 10 and we all still refer to her as Funny Face. When my grandma found out she was to become a Great-Grandma she was quite sure she wasn't that old. She insisted my son call he G. All her greats called her G. A childhood friend was spending the day with my family, and in an attempt to be cute, she began calling my grandparents G-Ma and G-Pa. It has stuck ever since. Plus, it's a lot faster to write on birthday cards and Christmas presents.

    My husband became a grandpa in his 40's and didn't like the idea of being a "papaw" so he named himself "G. When I recently became a grandmother for the first time, I needed a name that went with G. Since my son calls me "Mom" we came up with G'Mom. The grandbaby is just 9 months old so time will tell if it catches on with him! In April of I turned 50, became a first-time grandmother, and had a hysterectomy due to uterine cancer it was very early and I have been cancer free for seven years.

    All of mine call me Gabbe, some of his do, some call me Beth, but no one calls me Grandma.