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  • I was hired as the receptionist during my first year in college. What better place than a CPA firm, especially since accounting was my major.

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    My coworkers and the long time clients of Lucas Horsfall have kept me loyal here for more than 20 years. I work in both the bookkeeping and tax departments on individual and corporate clients.

    MTV Original TV Shows, Reality TV Shows MTV

    My main duties are assisting corporate clients with their accounting needs, financial statement preparation and preparation of individual and corporate tax returns. I spent 9 years in the entertainment industry first working as a freelance production accountant for the major film studios and then at Warner Bros in Financial Reporting. Outside of the debits and credits, I love to hike and camp with my husband and two children. Being outdoors is my passion.

    I always wanted to work in an organization where I enjoy what I do and I like my coworkers.

    Sexy Teen Filipina Girls

    Lucas Horsfall has provided me this great opportunity. I love the culture of LHMP where everyone is respected and part of a team striving for the same goals.

    This culture fosters a collaborative atmosphere where everyone can be themselves yet inspires each other towards continuous improvement. I joined Lucas Horsfall in February working as a bookkeeper. I love spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy going to the beach, hiking, walking, gardening and reading.

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    The people, the management style, and the clients are what makes working at Lucas Horsfall very enjoyable. I provide bookkeeping services. I gotta say it is very different from what I've experienced before staying in a beach resort. You won't feel lonely as friendly GO Gentil Organisateurs are everywhere who greets and talk to you. Let's have a look on what are the things you can do in Club Med Cherating Beach.

    Now let's check out the room that I was staying in Club Med Cherating, shall we? If you prefer motion pictures, watch my travelog about Club Med Cherating here! To keep your energy for outdoor activities in Club Med Cherating, it is better to take a flight and there will be airport transfer arranged for you.

    MTV Original TV Shows, Reality TV Shows MTV

    Cold towels and lemongrass scent welcome drink were given to us while waiting for the room check in. If you want to have amazing sunrise view right from your room, do stay at the Suite that is much more spacious with amazing view. Suitable for both couple and family.

    Club Med Cherating has been opened since and garnered tons of awards eg. Green Globe Certification inTravelers' Choice by Trip Advisor andit was renovated in to maintain the wooden beach village.

    Considering this is a beach resort, my room was very well maintained and important room facilities like hot shower, toilet flush, TV Channels are all in good shape. Just remember to close your room's window whenever you want to go out as the naughty monkeys might pay a visit if you kept food in your room. Club Med Cherating location map, room keys and towel card The Club Med Location Map is kinda old school and it would be challenging for older people to see that tiny words.

    MTV Original TV Shows, Reality TV Shows MTV

    But fret not, if you have any questions about places that you wish to go, just ask a GO and they will try their best to guide you. We were given a time schedule for outdoor activities and you will definitely need to arrange accordingly so that you can try out all the activities listed there.

    Beach Love Girl Games

    Zen Pool is a place suitable for adults to enjoy the sunny breeze while dipping inside the pool and listening to the waves. No kids are allowed here so you can definitely have serenity in this place. Basically, you won't be hungry as food are available since 7. If you are still hungry during midnight, you can either drink at the Orchid Bar with free flow of alcoholic beverage.

    Or else, you can have the cup noodles provided in your room. I love how I can have unlimited salted and century egg to pair with my porridge, lamb steaks served during dinner, variety of food including Western, Indian, Korean, Japanese and most importantly got Malaysian food too!

    MTV Original TV Shows, Reality TV Shows MTV

    Archery Training before you become Katniss Everdeen 2. This is where I learned to shoot arrows and compete with my another half who is eager to be Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games. Every time you will be given 3 arrows and you can shoot unlimited time for at least an hour. You can also join the adults tournaments at 5pm if there is enough challengers. The instructor who is also a GO guide us to relax and feel our body while listening to the birds chirping and facing the sunrise.

    The weather was cloudy during my yoga session but that's when you see the misty Club Med and grasses covered with morning dews. If you are lucky, you will able to enjoy the morning sunrise while doing yoga. It will be super blissful! Unusual sunrise at Club Med Cherating Beach 4. Wake up as early as 6. You will definitely like the serene mode here if you like nature.

    MTV Original TV Shows, Reality TV Shows MTV

    I caught the sunrise twice during my visit and was really happy to stumble into what I found on the beach. I managed to capture lots of sunrise photos and morning creatures that say good morning to me ;p Two color tone beach at Club Med Cherating Shellfish digging back into the sand Tiny little fishes got stranded at the beach while swimming towards the sea Wondering if all these fishies are still alive? Things you can find on CLub Med Cherating Beach Plenty of sand dollars and shellfish together with sea shell scattered along the beach Fisherman going out for early catch.

    MTV Original TV Shows, Reality TV Shows MTV

    Or coming back haha Sunrise near the one and only sailboat on the sea in Club Med Cherating Morning crab at Club Med Cherating Must take a photo with this little one before see it run back to the sea ;p Remember to spend quality time walking on the beach together Flying Trapeze at Club Med Cherating Beach 5. You can try it yourself at the Flying Trapeze area as there will be a GO guiding you to hang your leg on the trapeze while catching hands of another GO from the other side.

    It was scary at first but you will want to do it again after the first jump. I will consider this as a little warm up before you join their water polo games in the swimming pool. It is a good moment to spot if there is any eye-candy for you too.

    MTV Original TV Shows, Reality TV Shows MTV

    You will need to take the shuttle train fueled with biodiesel to reach here. You can take a nap at the sun lounger without being disturbed by kids or dipping in the Zen Pool while enjoying the seaview. Since we did kayaking before, sailing seems like a good idea.