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  • Biographical sources[ edit ] Very little at all is known about Saint Nicholas's historical life. Cann and medievalist Charles W. Jones both consider Michael the Archimandrite's Life the only account of Saint Nicholas that is likely to contain any historical truth. English argues for a historical kernel to the legend, noting the story's early attestation as well as the fact that no similar stories were told about any other Christian saints. English notes that lists of the attendees at Nicaea vary considerably, with shorter lists only including roughly names, but longer lists including around Nicholas did not attend the Council of Nicaea, but someone at an early date was baffled that his name was not listed and so added him to the list.

    Greydanus concludes that, because of the story's late attestation, it "has no historical value. English notes that the story of the resurrection of the pickled children is a late medieval addition to the legendary biography of Saint Nicholas [36] and that it is not found in any of his earliest Lives. Nicholas invited the sailors to unload a part of the wheat to help in the time of need. The sailors at first disliked the request, because the wheat had to be weighed accurately and delivered to the Emperor.

    Only when Nicholas promised them that they would not suffer any loss for their consideration, the sailors agreed. When they arrived later in the capital, they made a surprising find: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

    Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 In the town of Spanksville, there is a different Christmas tradition, different from those in other, bigger cities. True, like other cities, Santa Claus was present in the mall for all the little boys and girls, listening to what they wanted for Christmas and how good little boys and girls they were. So, too, in this mall, there was the usual line of children waiting for their opportunity to see the fat, white bearded, jolly old man.

    However, adjacent to this line was a second line. This line was made up of, not little boys or girls, but teenaged boys and girls. There were other differences as well. For one, while Santa was the one waiting at the front of the first line, sitting on his soft chair, the person at the end of the teenagers' line was "Ms. Instead of a red robe that Santa wore, Ms. Claus wore a red dress with a white collar that allowed her right arm a full range of motion which was important for what her function in the mall was.

    Also, she wasn't fat like Santa, but was tall and athletic, clearly a person who had worked out often. She also had an imposing but pleasant look to her. The other main difference was the attitude of those waiting in line. While those youngsters waiting for Santa were, with just a few exceptions, anxious and happy, in the full spirit of the holiday, those in the other line were not happy.

    Some were nervously biting their lips, others were almost crying and some were kept in line by the grip or presence of a parent. What was the reason for these reactions? Well, let me take you back to the first year this exhibition opened to the public. Claus first appeared and sat down on the chair specially made for her this chair was unusual in that it's seat was high off the ground and there were no arms on either side of the chair.

    Then the morning of its grand opening arrived. The first two in line were Bobby and Linda, 15 year old twins. They were brought to the store by their mother early that day with a "suggestion" that they visit the new attraction that was opening up. It so happened that these two twins were a constant trial for their parents, always in trouble with their misbehavior and their permissive parents were at their wit's end.

    Waiting in line, the twins were laughing and ridiculing the smaller kids in the other line. Seeing all this, unnoticed, was Ms. Claus, shaking her head. She made an imposing sight, with her legs making a impressive "platform" which would be very useful. Looking over to the line, she called the twins over to her. Bobby then asked if they could sit on her lap. Claus smiled to herself and told them "sure, why don't you both sit on my right knee facing to my left.

    Claus asked them the traditional question. Claus just smiled and said "I know just what you need for Christmas. Claus said "Not quite, but you have the color right. They found themselves face down over Mrs. Claus' left knee with Ms. Claus' right leg clamped over their legs.

    The twins were in such a state of shock, they couldn't even sputter out a protest. Linda finally blurted out "What are you doing? Claus only replied "I would think it would be obvious even if you haven't ever been spanked before!

    This is surely a special Christmas, it's not often you can get a Christmas present that it so new and so practical as well. You two should be very pleased. While all this was taking place, those waiting in the other line were witnessing what was taking place and were both shocked and laughing, as they remembered the ridiculing by the twins a few minutes ago.

    Those who were waiting in the same line as the twins weren't laughing at all, though. Some tried to get out of line but it seemed that their parents were right there to stop them.

    Boyz Being Boyz Stories Xmas in the Mall by Gary

    As shocked as Linda and Billy was, it got more shocking as first Linda felt her skirt being flipped up.

    Then Billy felt his pants being pulled down. It just so happened that his mom had him wear a pair of pants with an elastic waistband that could easily be pulled down without a belt getting in the way. What about Linda wearing a skirt? Why did her mom ask her to do that? Both twins couldn't believe what was happening to them. Already in full view of everyone in the area, they didn't want to yell and bring more shoppers over to see them in this embarrassing and humiliating position.

    Then Billy felt a hand grabbing the waistband of his underpants. Then Linda, horrified listening to her brother's pleas, felt her own panties being taken down. What a sight it was to the onlookers. A pair of teenaged twins, laying over this tall women's left knee, with their upturned bottoms bare and so prominent and waiting in the classic position. Both twins could sense the bareness of their bottoms as well from the cool breeze that they could feel behind them. Neither their legs or arms could reach the floor so they were completely helpless awaiting their fate.

    Claus raised her arm in that moment of truth and down it came, creating a pistol-like sound as it impacted upon Bobby's never-spanked behind. Then she raised her arm again and this time Linda's behind felt for the first time the impact from a well-placed palm upon her virgin bottom. Having initiated them, Ms. Claus then began to spank them in a methodical rhythm, alternating between each twin.

    How To Attract A Specific Person Law Of Attraction For Love

    Spank after spank rained upon their well-rounded bottoms, as their bottoms soon changed from their all-white color to a solid red. The twins pleaded and begged for the spanking to stop, promising to behave themselves like any child being soundly spanked. And the spanking continued. They almost match the color of my dress. After a number of additional spanks, the spanking stopped and the twins l aid over the lap, grateful that the spanking was over. But wait a minute, was it over?

    How To Attract A Specific Person Law Of Attraction For Love

    Unknown to the twins, Ms. Claus was seen reaching into the bag she had next to her and what did she pull out? To those familiar with being spanked, what they saw gave them pause and made them even more apprehensive for they knew the effect of being spanked with that particular item. It was a hairbrush, long used by many a mother when spanking a naughty boy or girl.

    This hairbrush was a formidable one, clearly one that would leave its mark on any behind that it was applied to. This was all unseen by the twins and imagine their thoughts when all of a sudden two quick spanks were administered to their already sore bottoms. As bad as the handspanking was, it still paled in comparison to a hairbrush spanking as the twins were finding out to their great dismay.

    Claus resumed the spanking, the twins began sobbing in earnest as spank after spank was visited on their rapidly burning behinds. As those who have experienced it could tell you, a hairbrush spanking on a unspanked bottom is bad enough, so imagine how it would feel to get spanked with one after a sound handspanking. Both twins were sobbing uncontrollably now and only the leg holding them kept them from falling off. Then, satisfied that the spanking was sufficient, Ms.

    Claus ended the spanking, leaving two well-spanked teens. There was a slight delay before the twins realized the spanking was stopped, the pain from the spanking was so intense. Both thought that they would never be able to sit down again. Just think, now you can enjoy Christmas without feeling guilty about anything you might have done the past year. In fact, when you leave, I have a little gift for you that you must promise not to open until Christmas morning.

    How To Attract A Specific Person Law Of Attraction For Love

    Claus' soft words didn't make the twins feel any better as they thought the only thing they would be feeling is the burning in their behinds. Claus swiveled her chair to her left and to their further embarrassment, the twins were raised up and placed in a corner that was adjacent to the chair. So there the twins stood, like two naughty little kids, their bottoms bare and yes, as red as the dress of Ms. And that is how the twins were the first of the town's teenagers to experience this new Christmas tradition.

    In the wake of the twins' spankings and their standing in the corner, imagine the feelings of those waiting in line. Many had tried to leave but couldn't, as they found their mom or dad right next to them.

    Others were rooted to the spot, in a state of shock from the proceedings. As for the twins, after a short delay, while they were on display in the corner, they were finally allowed to leave the corner. Billy was allowed to pull up his underpants and pants, wincing as he did so and Linda pulled up her panties, also wincing, and let her skirt down over her now panty-covered bottom.

    Both of them were glad to be able to cover up their well-spanked behinds but weren't too anxious to meet anyone who might remind them of what had happened to them a short time ago. Having sent the twins on their way, Ms. Claus turned and looked to see who was next in line.

    That "lucky" person was Sue who unlike the twins hardly ever misbehaved. She never even tried to leave as she didn't expect a spanking herself. But now she was standing in front of Ms. Claus as Sue was asked the traditional questions about whether she was good the previous year, to which Sue answered affirmatively. Claus replied, "unlike the twins before you, you are telling the truth and have been a good girl, but, even so, a reminder never does any harm.

    Claus and was gently pulled over her knee. Unlike the twins, Sue, although not too often, was familiar with being in that position and although embarrassed, she didn't resist. Then Sue felt her skirt being raised in the back and, as she let out a sigh, felt a hand on the waistband of her panties. Slowly, her panties were pulled down and the feel of the cool air on her now bare bottom told Sue that her bottom was bare. Claus started the spanking. The spanking wasn't as long or as hard as the twins' but still Sue was crying before the spanking ended and her bottom was no longer white but a shade of red.

    Also, unlike the twins, Sue's panties were pulled up and her skirt pulled back down before she was allowed to get up on her feet. Nor did she have to spend any time in the corner. As for those in line watching, there was no doubt as to what was in store for them.

    Some, in fact, ended up making more than one trip through the line. One such person was Jeff. Unlike the twins, Jeff did get spanked at times, but still found himself easily getting into trouble, both at home and at school. Then came the day that Jeff was most certainly not looking forward to. After all, he had heard about what went on and didn't look forward to his day.

    That morning, his mother told him that they were going to the mall. Jeff protested and said "No, I'm not going.

    How To Attract A Specific Person Law Of Attraction For Love

    Jeff's mom didn't say a word and having heard enough arguing from Jeff, sat down on a chair in Jeff's room and pulled Jeff over to her. Then Jeff found himself looking at the designs in the rug as he was placed over his mom's lap.

    His pajama bottoms were pulled down and Jeff realized that his refusal was costing him an additional spanking beyond what he would get at the mall. Then Jeff's thoughts were interrupted as he felt the first of the spanks on his behind. The spanks came down hard and fast and Jeff found himself crying and agreeing to go to the mall. Finally the spanking ended and he was let up to get dressed. Before too long, Jeff was waiting in line like the others and seeing those being spanked in front of him only reminded him of his earlier spanking.

    That and his tingling bottom. Finally, it was Jeff's turn. At first, he hesitated but Ms.

    All Games for Girls Play Girl Games Archive A

    Claus' insistent voice had Jeff soon standing in front of her. Claus reached over and undid Jeff's belt and unbuttoned the top button of his jeans. Then she expertly pulled down the zipper of his jeans as well. Such treatment left Jeff feeling greatly embarrassed. Having completed the preliminaries, Ms. Claus carefully and slowly pulled down Jeff's jeans, leaving his underpants the only barrier to his bottom being completely bared. Both to his relief and dread, Jeff was then guided over the waiting lap of his soon to be punisher.

    With her right hand, Ms. Claus reached for and grasped the waistband of Jeff's shorts and pulled them down, leaving Jeff's bottom bared for the second time that day. I thought you said you weren't a naughty boy this morning? And what happens to naughty boys, Jeff? And you will also pay for not telling the truth as well. Claus adjusted Jeff's position over her knee until she was satisfied and raising her arm, began Jeff's spanking in earnest. Spank after spank rained down as Jeff again found his bottom burning from the spanks smacking down upon his poor seat.

    With each spank, Ms. Claus scolded him like he was 8 yrs. Again and again, her arm came down and her hand smacked Jeff's crimson behind. How much more can he take? This never-ending spanking went on and on.

    Jeff's cries had long ago turned to sobs as he couldn't believe how much this hand spanking had hurt. Finally, it ended, not his sobs, but the spanking, as Jeff continued to sob from the resulting pain. Look at you carrying on like this.

    I only used my hand, not my hairbrush.

    My Notting Hill

    How are you going to be able to take a spanking with the hairbrush if you act like this after just a simple spanking with my hand? Jeff answered with a strained voice. I couldn't take it For the next two Saturdays, you are to report to me here for your spanking.

    Next week's will be with the hairbrush and what I use the on the last Saturday depends on whether you have behaved yourself. Do you agree or would you rather get a hairbrush spanking right now? So, unhappily, Jeff agreed to come back the following two Saturdays. Claus pulled out the hairbrush to show him and swiveled her chair to her left and Jeff was escorted to the corner and with two hard spanks to his inflamed bottom and instructed to keep his hands in front of him and remain in the corner until he was told to leave.

    For the next hour, Jeff had to remain in that childish position, struggling to keep himself from putting his hands to his bottom to either rub it or to cover it from the gaze of those present. During the time in the corner, Jeff could hear others getting their turn over the lap of Ms.

    Claus and being spanked, some with the hairbrush or with both her hand or hairbrush. None, however, were spanked as hard or as long as Jeff was.

    How To Attract A Specific Person Law Of Attraction For Love

    Additionally, each spanking behind him only added to his embarrassment as it afforded the spankee with a even better view of his own red behind. Finally, after an hour, with the most recent spanking behind him over with and the teenager having left, he heard Ms. Claus get up and he was aware of her being behind him. Placing a hand on his back and bending him forward, she applied 10 quick and very hard spanks to his already well-spanked bottom and then pulled up his underpants and jeans.

    Sobbing again, he was allowed to leave. Since that time, no other boy or girl refused to go to the mall or misbehaved that day as the news of Jeff's memorable spanking traveled fast in that small town. As for Jeff, you can believe he didn't even think of refusing the following two Saturdays. The next Saturday found himself again in line and soon after that, over Ms. Claus' lap with his bottom bare.

    One difference was that this time his bottom was pale and not subject to any earlier spanking that day. Of course, that condition didn't last too long, as Ms.

    Claus' well-polished hairbrush began to make its mark on Jeff's behind. Again and again, the hairbrush found its way across his reddening bottom. Although the spanking he received the first week would never be forgotten by Jeff or anyone who saw it for the intensity and length of that spanking, there still is nothing like being spanked with a hairbrush, especially when it is applied as briskly and often as it was being applied to Jeff's bottom that day.

    Jeff soon found himself sobbing and making all sorts of promises as spank after spank was applied. Finally, the hairbrush spanking stopped and Jeff rested across the lap of Ms. Claus as he tried to recover some form of control over his still jerking bottom. To the rest of those present, Jeff's behind looked like a red beacon signaling to others and more than a few, ran their hands in nervous anticipation across their own bottoms as they fervently hoped their own spankings wouldn't be even close to the one that Jeff had just received.

    How To Attract A Specific Person Law Of Attraction For Love

    Again, Jeff was put into the corner and remained there for 60 minutes and after 10 hard spanks with the hairbrush, he was able to get dressed and leave, again sobbing. During the next week, Jeff was both looking forward to to get it over with and dreading the arrival of Saturday and the last promised spanking.

    The last Saturday of Jeff's punishment co-incided with the day before Christmas and the end of Ms. Claus' time at the mall.

    Once again, Jeff was over Ms. Claus lap with his all too often bared behind in her view.