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    AH, well I remember that long summer's day When, round about Richmond our broken ranks lay. Week in and week out they had been at the front, And bore without flinching the battle's fierce brunt.

    Till, shattered and weary, we needed repose "Sre we met in death-struggle our numberless foes. Our knapsacks were empty, our uniforms worn, Our feet, from long marching, were naked and torn; But not a man grumbled in the rank or the file, We bore all our hardships with a joke and a smile, For Jackson was with us, and under his eye, Each soldier determined to do or to die.

    That evening old Jack had us out on review, When a glance down the line showed us all something new— Eighty-seven young boys from old Baltimore, Who had run the blockade and that day joined the corps. Their clothes were resplendent, all new, spick and span— Twas plain that a tailor had measured each man.

    When we learned who they were what a shout we did raise! How we cheered our new allies, the " Baltimore Grays!

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    But we were old vets of Stonewall's brigade; We'd been fighting so long that war seemed a trade; And some of us laughed at the youngsters so gay Who had come to the battle as if coming to play; And all through the camp you could hear the rough wits Cry, "Hullo, young roosters! They didn't wait long, for the very next day Wo were ordered right off to the thick of the fray; For early that morning we'd heard the dull roar Of the guns of our foeman on Rapidan's shore, And all of us knew, with old Jack in command, If fighting was near him, he'd at once take a hand.

    And, sure enough, soon marching orders we got, And we swung down the road in "foot-cavalry" trot. The boys were behind us. I fell to the roar, To see how the youngsters on march would appear. Their files were close up, their marching was true, I reported to Stonewall, " Yes, General, they'll do.

    We met the first shock, for we were the van; But we stood to our ranks like oaks of the field, For Stonewall's brigade never knew how to yield. Upon us, however, a battery played, And huge gaps in our ranks were now and then made, Till Jackson commanded a charge up the hill.

    We charged—in a moment the cannon were still. Jackson said to the Grays, "Such valor you've shown, You'll veterans be ere your beards are full grown; In this, your first action, you've proved yourself bold; I'll station you here, these guns you must hold.

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    But the red tide of battle around us still flowed, And we followed our leader, as onward he rode; Cried "Good-by'' to the boys; "take care of the guns— We'll relieve you as soon as the enemy runs. By some fatal blunder our left was exposed, And by thousands of Federals the boys were enclosed; They asked for no quarter, their Maryland blood Never dreamed of surrender, they fell where they stood. We heard in the distance the firing and noise, And double-quicked back to the help of the boys.

    The guns were soon ours; but oh, what a sight! Every Baltimore boy had been killed in the fight, Save the girlish-faced captain, and he scarce alive.

    When he saw us around him he seemed to revive, And smiled when we told him the field had been won, And the Baltimore Grays had saved every gun.

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    The Stonewall rode up and endeavored to speak, But his utterance was. Then, dismounting, he knelt on the blood-sodden sand, And prayed while he held the dying boy's hand; The gallant young hero said, " General, I knew That the Grays to your orders would always be true; You'll miss not a Gray from our final call; Look around you, my General—you'll here find us all. Now let there be through all the land one grand triumphant cry, Wherever beats a Southern heart, or glows a Southern sky; For He who ruleth every fight hath been with us to-day, And the great God of battles hath led the glorious fray; Oh, then unto His holy name ring out the joyful song, The race hath not been to the swift, the battle to the strong.

    From royal Hudson's cliff-crowned banks, from proud Ohio'sflood, From that dark rock in Plymouth's bay where erst the Pilgrims stood, From East and North, from far and near, went forth the gathering cry, And the countless hordes came swarming on with fierce and lustful eye.

    In the great name of Liberty each thirsty sword is drawn; In the great name of Liberty each tyrant presseth on.

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    I looked on fair Potomac's shore, and at my feet the while The sparkling waves leaped gayly up to meet glad summer's smile; And pennons gay were floating there, and banners fair to see, A mighty host arrayed, I ween, in war's proud panoply; And as I gazed a cry arose, a low, deep-swelling hum, And loud and stern along the line broke in the sullen drum.

    Onward, o'er fair Virginia's fields, through ranks of nodding grain, With shout and song they sweep along, a gay and gallant train.

    Black Lives activists who grabbed Confederate flag killed Daily Mail Online

    Oh, ne'er, I ween, had those broad plains beheld a fairer sight, And clear and glad those skies of June shed forth their glorious light. Onwards, yea, ever onwards, that mighty host hath passed, And "On to Richmond" is the cry which echoes on the blast. I looked again, the rising sun shines down upon the moors, And 'neath his beams rise ramparts high and frowning embrasures, And on each proud abattis yawn, with menace stem and dread, Grim-visaged messengers of death; the watchful sentry's tread In measured cadence slowly falls; all Nature seems at ease, And over all the Stars and Stripes are floating in the breeze.

    They are on it! Lo, ever swelling, rolleth on the weltering tide of blood. When Cleveland visits the Griffin house, Stewie asks if his show had been cancelled. In the end, after stopping the rednecks, Peter pointed out that they would've showed the rape on his show and then did a song about it. Cleveland adds that in that case he would've "just been the black guy. Amusingly, an animated Mike Henry can be seen in the background recording the very lines Cleveland's currently speaking.

    In one episode Lester asks Cleveland if he ever felt the world would be better off without him. Donna's mother, Dee Dee Tubbs. Wanting to maintain her singing career, she gave Donna to her brother Kevin, aka Auntie Momma.

    Unlike Family Guy and American Dad! She has started a few flashbacks about her past life, which looks quite glamorous at one point she was married to a noblemanbut before she can elaborate someone always tells her to shut up.

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    Has a Cleveland R2-D2 toy in his room. Rallo takes his girlfriend to a Cheesy Charlie's.

    Video — Australia’s 1 News Site

    Their Quahog location was supposed to host Stewie's first birthday party, but Peter cancelled. Often Lampshaded for comedy.

    Rallo ended up getting killed off screen in a couple episodes.

    Video — Australia’s 1 News Site

    In one episode he ends up bleeding out from his own injuries while all of Stoolbend was getting into a rumble with a nearby town, and shows up as a ghost at the end. He says that things will be back to normal in the next episode. He's also told not to run with scissors, but as soon as he does, he ends up cutting his head off, walks back into the shot with him holding his head, and casually asks for assistance.

    In "Brown History Month" it was implied Lester and Kendra are related, but in "To Live and Die in VA" the very next season, it was revealed Kendra was a guidance counselor in Lester's school and she made him drop out so they could be together. It backfired when Cleveland bough a ton of Worf merchandise. According to a DVD Commentarythat episode was actually shown at a comic-con, and when Cleveland talked about where virginity would lead, and it cut to the convention hall, the audience was laughing so hard, they couldn't hear the rest of the scene.

    Principal Farthquar was described to be a "virgin principal. In "Love Rollercoaster", when a trio of nerds mock Junior's model rocket entry in the Science Fairhe asks them what their entry is.

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    The lead nerd tells him that they "translated Monty Python and the Holy Grail into Klingon, and were going to do a Stop Motion Shotfor Shot Remake using vintage, new-in-box, eight-inch, Mego DC Comics "action figures", combining a lot nerd stereotypes into one. High five each other Nerds! No Celebrities Were Harmed: Federline Jones, Roberta's boyfriend, is quite similar to Kevin Federline.

    No Communities Were Harmed: Stoolbend is based heavily on Richmond, Virginia, where Mike Henry the voice actor for Cleveland and co-creator of the show grew up. During the opening theme, especially, many of the scenes are literally cartoon versions of parts of Richmond. So we get two related shows portraying the same state in very different ways. We never find out why, not even in later episodes.

    In "Birth of a Salesman," one of Cleveland's stories to Mr. Waterman was about why Terry was called "The Wet Banana. Averted with Roberta which Rallo finds this out the hard way. It then leads to a Mistaken for Dying plot until Donna explains to Rallo that women are supposed to do that. Not Really a Birth Scene: Junior accidentally drinks a glass of water containing Rallo's pet goldfish, swallowing it whole. The two expect him to eventually "pass" it without incident and spend the next few days acting like he's pregnant.

    When he actually goes to the bathroom, Reality Ensues and the fish is metaphorically stillborn. When rescuing Lester from an angry mob of black people in Harlem, who were using him as a pinata because he referred to one of them as "that word you [Cleveland] call Rallo all the time", Cleveland says that white guys with at least one black friend get one free use of the N-word which was a bluff, but it did save Lester's neck.

    When Rallo fell down the stairs, he accuses Cleveland of calling him "the N-word," with Cleveland saying, "What? I'm allowed to say it.

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    In "Beer Walk", after Donna broke her leg, Cleveland had to do all of her chores. However, since Donna finally has her husband do some work, she fakes her injury after she's healed.

    It took a Batman Gambit to snap her out of it.