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  • It premiered on May 2, As Mercedes and Mike return to mentor the Glee Club for the upcoming Regionals, Mercedes is tired of her producers, Mike discovers a new Glee Club talent and Kurt is scared for his father's results relating to prostate cancer.

    It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World () Articles

    The episode was directed by Wendey Stanzler and written by Brad Falchuk. Contents [ show ] Plot Good news is in abundance for the glee club: Rachel calls Will to tell him she's one of the finalists for the role of Fanny Brice in "Funny Girl" and credits him for helping her to get there; Will has re-proposed to Emma, and she's re-accepted; Brittany's touring MIT on early acceptance; and Tina's been wait-listed at a veterinary school. The rash of "wonderful" news prompts Will to build his latest lesson around the positivity of the music of Stevie Wonder.

    Kitty confronts Artie about his apparent depression, believing that he's hopelessly longing for her, but he reveals that he was accepted into film school in New York but won't be going - and he swears her to secrecy. Meanwhile, Kurt sweats out the results of his dad's latest medical tests, returning to Lima in hopes that Burt's finally cancer-free.

    His arrival coincides with Will's recruitment of Mercedes and Mike to help New Directions step their game up for Regionals.

    Hello! My Baby Music Theatre International

    At the coffee shop, Mercedes is excited about her upcoming album, while Blaine notices that Kurt's acting a little OCD with his sweetener packets. Kurt loses his cool when questioned about his and Blaine's relationship, but his friends realize he's upset about his dad and offer their support - especially Blaine.

    The Wiz CMT San Jose Children's Musical Theater

    Rachel learns that she needs her NYADA teacher to sign off on skipping her dance midterm so she can go to her Broadway callback: Cassandra July could have the power to shatter her dreams. Noticing Jake's standout dancing, Mercedes and Mike want him to appear in her debut music video.

    COS Thoroughly Modern Millie

    At the doctor's office, Kurt, Burt and Carole await Burt's results, and Kurt's stress-induced superstitions test his father's patience. Fortunately, the news is joyous: Burt comes as Kurt's special guest during glee club, where he dedicates a song to him - a special song Burt used to share with him as a child: You Are the Sunshine of My Life.

    The Wiz CMT San Jose Children's Musical Theater

    Catching Rachel rehearsing her lines for her callback, Cassandra tortures her by explaining that to ensure she'll be able to be on hand to watch Rachel choke at her first big Broadway audition, she's rescheduling Rachel's dance midterm to first thing in morning.

    She assigns her one of the most challenging ballet routines imaginable.

    The Wiz CMT San Jose Children's Musical Theater

    However, she meets Jimmy and ends up falling for him instead. This actress must be an excellent singer able to sing in several different styles, speak in a mid-west American accent and have competent tap dancing skills!

    The Wiz CMT San Jose Children's Musical Theater

    Jimmy Smith - Gareth Thomas A charismatic charmer. Jimmy is a player who has an eye for fun and women with not a lot of commitment. This changes after meeting Millie who, much to his surprise, he falls hopelessly in love with.

    Cast Recordings Josh's Broadway Bootlegs

    Falls easily in love has a wonderful pas-de-deux with Trevor Graydon but ends up falling for Ching-Ho. This actress must be a good contrast to the more feisty Millie. He is a typical leading man. Boss of an insurance firm and the boss Millie sets her sights on marrying, although he is not very bright and oblivious to this.

    The Wiz CMT San Jose Children's Musical Theater

    Falls hopelessly in love with Miss Dorothy on first sight, but is sadly this loves becomes unrequited. This actor has to be very straight laced but be aware of his clean-cut good looks.

    The Wiz CMT San Jose Children's Musical Theater

    He is completely unaware of why he is funny! The Speed Test, Ah! Mrs Meers - Faith Powell A former actress turned criminal. This role requires the actress to have excellent comedy timing and great physicality.

    The Wiz CMT San Jose Children's Musical Theater

    Must be able to switch between the disguises of kindly Chinese lady to ruthless businesswoman.