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  • List of Disney Channel original films High School Musical 2 is currently the most successful DCOM in terms of popularity and accolades, setting a basic cable record for the single most-watched television program, as its August debut was watched by The Cheetah Girls films were also notably successful in terms of merchandise and sales for its concert tour and soundtrack albums.

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    The first film in was the first made-for-TV movie musical in Disney Channel's history, and had a worldwide audience of over 84 million viewers.

    The second movie was the most successful of the series, bringing in 8. An date concert tour featuring the group was ranked as one of the top 10 concert tours of ; the tour broke a record at the Houston Rodeo that was set by Elvis Presley inselling out with 73, tickets sold in three minutes.

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    In addition to its made-for-cable films, Disney Channel has rights to theatrically released feature films, with some film rights shared with sister network Freeform. Programming blocks Current Disney Junior — "Disney Junior" is a block that features shows targeted at children aged 3—9. Eastern and Pacific Time the block primarily targets preschoolers as Disney Channel's usual target audience of pre-teens and young adolescents are in school during its designated time period on weekdays.

    18 Celebrities Who Appeared on 'The Twilight Zone' Mental Floss

    The Series or DuckTales. Since Octoberprogramming on both night's schedules has been somewhat fluid as while all series have a permanent place on the Friday and Sunday primetime schedules, episode premieres of all Disney Channel original series are subject to rotational scheduling depending on the lineup for that given week; depending on the night, these episode premieres usually air Fridays from 8: Encores of the respective night's programs typically air between Special weekends Out of This World Weekend Summer of — a weekend of shows having space themed episodes.

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    Weekend April and Summer — a weekend of shows having mystery themed episodes. This was the first special weekend. Summer Adventure Weekend July — a weekend of shows with vacation themed episodes. Flash Forward Weekend Summer — a weekend of shows related to time travel.

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    Freaky Freakend April — a weekend of shows featuring paranormal themed episodes. Weekend April and April — a weekend of shows featuring guest stars from other Disney Channel shows; occurs mostly in April.

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    The guest stars usually play a bizarre character. Former Disney Nighttime — As a premium channel from April 18, to April 6,The Disney Channel featured programming aimed at adult audiences during the evening and overnight hours under the banner title "Disney Nighttime". Unlike the nighttime content aired on the channel's then-competitors such as HBO and Showtime at the time of its launch, the "adult" programming featured on The Disney Channel was largely devoid of any overt sexual and violent content.

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    Programming seen during Disney Nighttime included older feature films similar to those seen at the time on American Movie Classicsand eventually Turner Classic Movieswith both Disney film titles and movies from other film studios mixed inalong with original concert specials featuring artists ranging from Rick Springfield to Jon Secada to Elton Johnvariety specials and documentaries. Disney Channel Discovery — aired on certain Saturday evenings at 7: Eastern and Pacific Time from October 5, toshowcased family-oriented feature films not previously seen on television or in wide theatrical release.

    Mystery Night — ran each Tuesday evening starting at 9: The Best of Hollywood — ran each Monday later Sunday evening, starting at 9: Sunday Night Showcase — ran each Sunday evening starting at 9: The title character has done so many weird heists that when someone else does an heist in a larger-than-life manner people tend to blame him unless there's a clear indication it wasn't him, like the heist involving guns or the caper being executed by too many people he only has one accomplice, his lover Eva Kant.

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    And even then, some may suspect it's part diversion, as, after all, he did do both On a meta level, the authors and writers of the stories may pull any and all examples of Superdickery and many readers will fall for them every time. Because if one of the earliest tricks they've pulled on the readers was to give Diabolik a Secret Identity of sort and set up Elisabeth Gay as his lover and future accomplice only for Elisabeth to get him arrested and exposed by accident in Eva's debut story, they could do something like that again.

    And the numbers of those who have they wouldn't do it anymore are greatly diminished since the special "The Return of Gustavo Garian", in which the title character Gustavo Garian, the first named character to be introduced and the one who first mentioned Diabolik, was Killed Off for Real.

    Over the course of The Transformers: More Than Meets the EyeWhirl acts so bizarre and outrageous that the rest of the crew stops being able to tell whether or not any act he claims to have done or opinion he expresses is for real. Any accusation or claim about him is treated as semi-plausible, no matter how ridiculous, simply because it's Whirl. It doesn't help that Whirl also has a really warped sense of humor. Played for Drama with Prowl; when Bombshell mind controls him and forces him to act as a Decepticon agent, nobody sees his sudden ruthless Jerkass behavior as suspicious.

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    Prowl was already a pretty shifty and manipulative guy, so they were willing to believe, however subconsciously, that Prowl would really commit crimes for utterly inscrutable reasons and generally be an obnoxious jerk. When he's freed from Bombshell's control, Prowl is understandably disturbed that his supposed friends saw things like emotional manipulation or covering up politically inconvenient crimes as normal behavior for him.

    Harry himself develops a reputation at Hogwarts for being able to do anything with his trademark finger snap, but that comes to bite him in the ass when Lesath Lestrange, certain that he can do anything, went on his knees and begged Harry to release his mother Bellatrix Black from Azkaban. He makes sure that The Daily Prophet releases absolutely ridiculous rumors about him, so that no one ever believes what the papers say about him anymore.

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    He scares a Dementor in front of the Wizengamot, and they take it in stride, because he's The Boy-Who-Lived and it fits story logic. Well, ''most'' of them do. Draco Malfoy cannot do a good deed without everyone thinking he is plotting something nefarious. Dumbledore's Obfuscating Insanity confuses people as to whether he's sane pretending to be insane, or insane pretending to be sane pretending to be insane.

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    Add one more layer of sanity. He may or may not have used Obfuscating Evil on the Death Eater faction to stop them from taking people's families hostage, but now they think Dumbledore isn't above stooping to any low. But people still have trouble believing that he's set fire to a chicken.

    Defense Professors have had such a terrible record over the last decades that any accusation against them is plausible Film A particularly unusual example in The Hangover franchise:

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