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  • She's very anxious, naturally. She suggested coming over. So I put her off.

    Told her to come and admire the baby. As a young woman, she was brought to London in [4] for her first season by her socially ambitious motherin order to marry a member of the British nobility. Much to Robert's mother 's chagrin, Cora became engaged to him and the two of them married on 16 February, After her father-in-law died, Cora became the Countess of Grantham, her husband Robert became the Earl of Grantham, and, over their long marriage, spanning twenty-three years by the time ofthe Countess would give birth to three daughters: Mary inEdith inand Sybil in However, none of her daughters could inherit the title or her wealth [7].

    The solution was to have the eldest daughter, Mary, marry the heir Patrick Crawley. Edit We first see Cora in bed, the morning after the Titanic has sunk. She is reading The Sketch magazine about the tragedy. Cora doesn't believe it, as she thought they were going to America in May. Robert says that they must have changed their plans because they are definitely on the passenger list. She is disappointed at their deaths and believes that her eldest daughter, Mary, was in love with Patrick as she was unofficially engaged to him.

    This is not so. Mary did not have particular romantic inclinations toward her second cousin and is not too sad at his death. Edith, however, loved Patrick and was jealous at Mary for being engaged to him. She is heartbroken and cries at his funeral. This is overlooked by Cora and the rest of the family.

    But this changed more than Mary's romantic life. James and Patrick were the heirs to Downton Abbey, and now it is unclear who the heir is. When Cora's mother-in-law, Violet, comes to see Cora about it all, she announces that Cora was curious about Evelyn Napier, especially since the man seems to be of importance for Mary. Cora asks Mary whether she likes him and Mary replies by saying "I don't dislike him". This then builds up more questions from Cora and Mary discuss about Napier Cora to Mary about Napier such as "What is he writing about?

    Cora also reveals that she had a connection of friendship to Napier's late mother.

    There is a possibility that because Cora was close with Napier's late mother, she feels quite comfortable that Mary is writing to him. Cora then starts a discussion with Violet and Robert about Mary's perspective and actions about Napier. Violet agrees that Mary should pursue Napier since Mary is not interested in Matthew anyway. Cora reports that the Napiers have plenty of money.

    Cora feels concern because Violet does not seem pleased. Violet says that she is pleased, but she does Cora gives her opinions and thoughts about Matthew not think the whole scheme of Mary pursuing Napier is brilliant. Violet says that she does not want Robert to use marriage as a fight over Mary's inheritance, Cora reassures her of no such thing, saying that it won't make any difference.

    She says that the price of saving Downton is to accept that Matthew is the heir of the fortune and the estate. She, in fact, points out that she rather admires Matthew but she does not believe that it is sufficient reason to hand over the money. Cora visits Mary's room to announce that there was a letter from Evelyn Napier which says that he will bring a Cora reads out the evening letter from Napier friend from the Turkish Embassy, a man named Kemal Pamuk.

    She continues reading to say that Kemal Pamuk is son to one of the sultans and is here to attend the Albanian Talk, to create an independent Albania. Cora invites this Mr.

    Pamuk to stay in Downton as well. She finishes by saying that Mary will ride out with him. Cora, in the middle of Matthew and Evelyn, smiles about Pamuk's joke during dinner The very next evening Cora meets Mr. Pamuk and Napier, greeting both of them whilst getting a little kiss on the hand from Mr. During dinner on their discussion of Gwen's dream of becoming a secretary, Cora expresses that it matters because she wants the people who work for the family to be content.

    Pamuk's and the rest of the people's opinion about jobs and social class and their impact on the world. Cora smiles at Mr. Pamuk's joke and resumes discussion in the background with Napier while eating. Cora then asks if Mr. Pamuk enjoyed the hunt with Pamuk's reply being " I can hardly remember a better one".

    Cora is revealed about Pamuk's death in Mary's bed to Cora's great despair and disappointment.

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    She proposes Cora digests the fact about Pamuk's death, bewildered to both Anna and Mary that the three of them decide what to do for the best.

    Anna suggests to them to carry the body to where Pamuk is staying. Cora is evidently shocked about the suggestion but then is more convinced in realizing of what a giant scandal this would be and how Mary's reputation would be destroyed. She suggests covering him up?

    They, including Cora run up to where Pamuk is staying, carrying his dead body. Cora takes out the sheets underneath Pamuk and sees to it that Anna puts on the blanket upon him. Mary cries over Pamuk's body but Cora and Anna carry Pamuk's corpse then is interrupted by Cora who stands in front of the door, holding the sheets.

    Cora says that she can never forgive Mary for what she has put her through. Her eyes filled with anger and sheer disappointment. Cora promises to keep the secret from Robert because she knows that it can damage him but she adds that she keeps the secret not for Mary but for Robert's sake. She also tells Anna to conceal Mary's secret, and with that they leave the room. The next morning, Evelyn Napier says goodbye in the grounds to Cora, Cora asks whether they will see Napier Cora and Napier, before they bid goodbye to each other again but he says that he is quite busy.

    He makes himself quite clear that he does not consider himself an interesting person and he believes that a woman who marries him but thinks that he is boring can never love him because he believes that marriage should be based on love. Cora compliments Napier that his instincts do him credit. Cora suggests that Mary get to know New York to Violet but she says " Oh I don't think things are quite that desperate".

    Cora told Violet that Mary was upset upon the death of Pamuk, to Violet's confusion not knowing what secret Cora was carrying. Cora points out again that the Entail is unbreakable, confident that Mary cannot inherit. Cora orders Branson to take Sybil to Ripon the next day for a new frock. She says " So women's rights begin at home? Well I'm all for that" in Sybil's Cora tries to comfort Mary discussion on women.

    She also discusses schooling in America, saying how its very different in Britain because they are taught only French and how to curtsy. Cora follows Mary to her room to find her crying, she learns how sad and angry and jealous Mary is about Matthew.

    Cora keeps reassuring her that her family loves her but Mary breaks down and blames everything. Mary ends by saying " Things will look better earlier in the morning, isn't that what you always say" and she replies by saying " that's because its usually true.

    Cora seems quite surprised in seeing her daughter Sybil wear a more boyish frock. Clarkson pays a house call on her. After examining her, she learns that she is pregnant again after 18 years, much to Robert 's shock.

    Both she and Robert were thrilled at the news, as they hoped they would finally have a son and heir. Clarkson tells Robert that Cora is probably about four months pregnant meaning she conceived presumably sometime from early to mid March The pregnancy complicates Matthew 's still unanswered marriage proposal to Mary. Mary is staying with her aunt Rosamund in London and promised that she will answer Mattthew when she returns to Downton.

    Rosamund tells Mary that she shouldn't accept Matthew now and she should wait to see whether the baby is a boy. Violet says she would accept Matthew now and not wait for the baby to be born. Matthew assumes it is only because of her worry that Cora will have a son and supersede Matthew as the heir. Mary is actually hesitant because she feels that she must reveal the secret of her and Kemal Pamuk to Matthew. At the same time, Violet is trying to find a replacement for her lady's maid Simmons and requests Cora's assistance.

    Sarah O'Brien misinterprets that Cora is looking to replace her and grows bitter and resentful. While Cora is bathing, Sarah slides a wet bar of soap next to the bath. Sarah, realizing that this is too evil and has second thoughts, but as she is about to stop Cora, Cora slips on the floor.

    The fall caused a miscarriage. Robert, in tears, tells Bates that he learned from Dr. Clarkson that the baby would have been a son. Cora is still recuperating when news arrives at that Britain has declared war on Germany on August 4, Sarah's guilt causes her to be completely loyal and protective of Cora.

    Had the baby been born, he would have become Viscount Downton at birth, and the heir apparent to the Earldom of Granthamsuperseding his father's heir presumptive, Matthew Crawley. Edit Cora is all into the war effort at the beginning of Series Two, as she is hosting a concert benifiting the men at the front. The only problem is, she points out, that Matthew and Mary are both coming to Downton the same day he has his leave and wants to bring Lavinia to Downton to introduce her to the Crawleys ; she has been staying in London and is coming back they might meet on the train.

    Isobel helpfully informs them that they won't meet on the train, as Matthew and Lavinia are driving down in Lavinia's car. Mary comes back to Downton and is getting ready for the concert with Cora, Edithand Sybilwhen Mary says "Why didn't you tell me about this wretched concert?

    I'd have come back tomorrow," and Edith replies haughtily, "But you would've missed Matthew. I don't know how helpful you're being. Sybil asks Mary"So you don't mind? Good luck to him! Mary tries to change the subject. Then the following exchange goes on between Cora's two oldest daughters: Have you ever come across Richard Carlisle? The one with all those horrid newspapers? How old is he? Old enough not to ask stupid questions. Anyway, I can't wait for you to know him.

    TV roles for maimed veterans as Downton recreates First World War Daily Mail Online

    Cora eagerly says that he should come to Downton and that he will get along with Robertto which Edith says, "Oh really? I shouldn't have thought he was Papa's type at all! Cora sympathises with Lavinia and defends her against her mother-in-law: So that's Mary's replacement? Well, I suppose looks aren't everything.

    I think she seems rather sweet. I'm afraid it must be rather intimidating meeting us all here together. The storyline centres on the fee tail or "entail" governing the titled elite, which endows title and estate exclusively to heirs male.

    As part of the backstory, the main character, Robert, Earl of Grantham, had resolved past financial difficulties by marrying Cora Levinson, an American heiress. Her considerable dowry is contractually incorporated into the comital entail in perpetuity. Robert and Cora have three daughters and no sons. As the eldest daughter, Lady Mary Crawley was to marry her second cousin, son of the then- heir presumptive. The first episode begins as news reaches Downton Abbey that both Grantham heirs perished in the sinking of the Titanic.

    A distant male cousin, solicitor Matthew Crawley, is from an upper-middle-class family — as his mother reminds him in episode two of series one. Matthew Crawley becomes the new heir. The plot centres on the relationship between Lady Mary and Matthew, who resists embracing an aristocratic lifestyle. A subplot involves John Bates, Lord Grantham's new valet, and Thomas Barrow, who resents Bates replacing him and causing Barrow to be demoted back to footman.

    Bates and Thomas remain at odds as Barrow works to sabotage Bates after learning he was recently released from jail for theft. Barrow is caught stealing but hands in his notice as he has joined the Royal Army Medical Corps. Matthew eventually falls in love with Lady Mary, but she rejects his proposal. Cora becomes pregnant, but miscarries after O'Brien, mistakenly believing she was to be fired, retaliates by leaving a bar of soap on the slippery bathroom floor.

    Downton Abbey series 2 The second series comprises eight episodes and runs from the Battle of the Somme in to the Spanish flu pandemic. During the war, Downton Abbey is temporarily converted into an officers' convalescent hospital. Matthew becomes engaged to Lavinia Swire, a wealthy solicitor's daughter, and joins the British Army as an officer.

    William Mason, the 2nd footman, finally gets permission from his father to join the Army and becomes Matthew's soldier servant. Unfortunately, both are injured in a bomb blast. William dies from his wounds after a deathbed marriage to Daisy, the kitchen maid. Daisy never loved William but Mrs Patmore, Downton's cook, pressured her to make William's last days happy by marrying him.

    Mary finally acknowledges her feelings for Matthew, but becomes engaged to Sir Richard Carlisle, a powerful and ruthless newspaper mogul. Their relationship is rocky, but Mary is bound to Carlisle after he quashes a story regarding her past scandalous indiscretion.

    When Mrs Bates mysteriously dies, Bates is arrested on suspicion of her murder. Matthew and Mary realise they are in love but Matthew honourably remains committed to marrying Lavinia.

    Unknown to him, a devastated Lavinia overhears Matthew and Mary declare their love. The Spanish influenza epidemic hits Downton Abbey at the end of the war.

    Cora, taken seriously ill, survives, but Lavinia, also infected, dies. Barrow is rehired at Downton after helping the staff during the outbreak. Mary and Matthew reunite, while Bates is found guilty of murder and sentenced to death. Lady Sybil, the youngest Crawley daughter, who hated her stifling aristocratic life, falls in love with Tom Branson, the chauffeur with strong socialist beliefs.

    They elope to Ireland after receiving Lord Grantham's reluctant blessing. Ethel Parks, a new housemaid, has a relationship with one of the injured officers, Major Bryant.

    Mrs Hughes finds them together in bed and dismisses Ethel, but takes pity on her and helps her when Ethel realises that she is pregnant. She has a baby boy and names him Charlie after his father, but Major Bryant refuses to believe that he is the baby's father.

    Downton Abbey series 3 In the third series, —, Mary has ended her engagement to Richard Carlisle, despite his vindictive threats to expose her past indiscretion. In the meantime, Edith has fallen hard for Sir Anthony Strallen, whom Robert discourages from marrying Edith due to his age and infirm condition. At Edith's insistence, Robert gives in and welcomes Sir Anthony, but the latter cannot accept the fact that there is no reservation from the Grantham family, and at the altar on their wedding day announces that he cannot go through with the marriage, devastating Edith.

    Meanwhile, due to dislike and increasing tension, Bates's cellmate tries to sabotage him with a crime that will ruin his chances for a pardon, but Bates is informed by a fellow prisoner about the search, which results in the guards not finding what they are seeking. Back at Downton, Mrs Hughes finds out she may have breast cancer, which only some of the household hear about, causing deep concern, but the tumour turns out to be benign.

    Tom Branson and Lady Sybil, now pregnant, return to Downton after Tom is implicated in the burning of an Irish aristocrat's house. After Matthew's reluctance to accept an inheritance from Lavinia's recently deceased father and then Robert's reluctance in turn to accept that inheritance as a gift, Matthew and Robert reach a compromise in which Matthew accepts and uses the inheritance to invest in Downton, giving him an equal say in how the estate is run.

    Tragedy strikes when Sybil dies from eclampsiashortly after giving birth.

    Period Dramas for Saint Patrick's Day • Willow and Thatch

    Tom, devastated, names his daughter Sybil, after his late wife. Bates is released from prison after Anna uncovers evidence clearing him of his wife's murder. Tom becomes the new estate agent at the suggestion of Dowager Countess Violet. Barrow and Miss O'Brien have a falling out, after which O'Brien leads Barrow to believe that Jimmy, the new footman, is sexually attracted to him. Barrow enters Jimmy's room and kisses him while he is sleeping, which wakes him up shocked and confused.

    In the end, Lord Grantham defuses the situation. The Marquess confides to Robert that the estate is bankrupt and will be sold, making Robert recognise that Downton has been saved through Matthew and Tom's efforts to modernise. Mary gives birth to the new heir, but Matthew dies in a car crash while driving home from the hospital. Cora hires Edna Braithwaite, who had previously been fired for her interest in Tom. Eventually the situation blows up, and Edna is replaced by Miss Baxter.

    Lady Mary deeply mourns Matthew's death. Matthew's newly-found will states Mary is to be his sole heir and thus gives her management over his share of the estate until their son, George, comes of age. With Tom's encouragement, Mary assumes a more active role in running Downton.

    Two new suitors — Lord Gillingham and Charles Blake — arrive at Downton, though Mary, still grieving, is not interested. Middle daughter Lady Edith, who has begun writing a weekly newspaper column, and Michael Gregson, her editor, fall in love.

    Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery What's an Essex girl doing at Downton Abbey Daily Mail Online

    Due to British law, he is unable to divorce his wife, who is mentally ill and in an asylum. Gregson travels to Germany to seek citizenship there, enabling him to divorce, but is killed by Hitler's Brownshirts during riots.

    Edith is left pregnant and with help from her paternal aunt, Lady Rosamund, secretly gives birth to a daughter. She intends to give her up for adoption in Switzerland and places the baby with adoptive parents, but reclaims her after arranging a new adoptive family on the estate.

    Subsequently, Mr Green is killed in a London street accident.