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  • Amalfi Coast at glance Isernia Isernia was one of two provinces in the region of Molise. In Isernia became the capital of the homonymous province, created out of part of the province of Campobasso.

    Gates of Vienna

    The city's Roman name, Aesernia, reflects probably a former Samnite toponym, but a connection to an Indo-European root, aeser, which means "water", is tenuous. The first mention of it in history occurs in BCE, at which time it had already fallen into the hands of the Romans, together with the whole valley of the Vulturnus.

    Ontario Common Law Relationships

    It encompasses 52 municipalities, only two of which have more than 10, inhabitants. The territory is mostly mountainous with a vast heritage of woods and natural landscapes. To the southwest, the mountains give way to hills and plains the Venafro plain. A unique feature of the area is represented by the Tratturi, broad grassy paths of stone and gravel, created by the trampling of herds and still viable over long stretches. Today they are a protected archaeological feature.

    Ontario Common Law Relationships

    The province is traversed by several rivers and streams: Although having been object of repeated destruction, Isernia preserves a large number of monuments of fairly good archeological interest. The territory, where the most ancient presence of man in Europe was recorded, can offer important signs of the presence of many civilizations: Numerous natural and man-made spectacles can be admired in Isernia, a fascinating place that should not be missed.

    Bermuda's City of Hamilton

    Discovered in the neighbouring town of La Pineta, an archaeological site of international importance, are the remains of an ancient human Paleolithic settlement from more than Still on the subject of archeology, the remains of a Samnite town dating from some time between the 11th century B.

    There are also many other museums worth visiting in the province, including Archaeological Museum of Venafro, at the site of the former convent of S. Chiara, with a wealth of pre-Roman and Roman remains.

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    Ontario Common Law Relationships

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    Bermuda's History to prewar

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    Ontario Common Law Relationships

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    Ontario Common Law Relationships

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    Ontario Common Law Relationships

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    Ontario Common Law Relationships

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