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    I thought you'd use your metal hand! Hiz head is probably harder.

    V Vetinari Job Security: Hilariously deconstructed with Baron Wulfenbach. He completely fits the description in that he is so important and necessary for the continued functioning of Europa that only a madman would think about overthrowing him. Unfortunately, this being Girl Genius, there are powerful madmen a.

    Sparks everywhere, which is why there is nearly always a rebellion somewhere. Further illustrated in that, as soon as he is hospitalized and possibly killedthe whole continent immediately erupts in chaos.

    And then he time-freezes himself inside Mechanicsburg, and everything goes even further to hell. Worse, The Other's forces are active again. Although it's never been made entirely clear how much of the empire has been lost.

    The Other does this, as fits her personality but not Agatha's, providing a minor bit of hilarity. Villain Has a Point: The Kolee-dok-Zumil relationship is hard to describe concisely, so go read the article. Zeetha is the first person other than Punch and Judy who really exerts herself to keep Agatha alive and well.

    Word of God has effectively stated that the father Zeetha claims is indeed Klaus, but she knows of him only under Klaus's Skifandran name. This makes Zeetha and Gil at the very least half-siblings. Nothing documentable is known of Gil's mother.

    If the latter is true, it would explain Klaus's concern that Zeetha is here to kill Gil. Later, during the bar fight at Mamma Gkika'sThe Unstoppable Higgs says those words every girl longs to hear -- " Miss, you look so Battles Edit While she is a formidable fighter, it is something of a running theme that Zeetha tends to end up on the short end of the stick when engaging in actual armed combat.

    She almost gets eaten by the Monster Horse Beastie which the Circus encounters, despite chopping off its head. Sprouting a new mouth and all those tentacles is just not fair! She ends up pinned down with Klaus's knife at her throat when they meet, but fortunately he is reluctant to actually kill her, and distractions arise.

    When in Castle Heterodyneshe is run through with one of her own swords by Zola and patched back together by Violetta and Mamma Gkika.