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  • Maybe he wasn't even there. The girl had probably lied. Gingerly Maya pushed the door open.

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    The girl had definitely not lied. That was definitely Josh on the bed, topless, very intensely making out with a girl in just her underwear. She stood there for almost ten seconds before she managed to form words just in time too, Josh had started to unhook Just-Underwear-Girl's bra. But Josh didn't respond, he was still staring at Maya in shock. But obviously not to you! Josh didn't reply, and just put his head into his hand and sighed exasperatedly.

    Just-Underwear-Girl squinted at her. Like did you make out or-" "Yep, made out, yep. Just-Underwear-Girl turned back to Josh.

    What the fuck Josh?! She's just a kid! What the actual fuck! Calm down for fuck's sake! It was just a kid- kiss, kiss! Josh opened his mouth to reply, but Amanda stopped him. She couldn't believe this was happening. He looked up at her. He looked confused, as if he had no idea what she was talking about. She waited for a response, glaring at him.

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    Show the true you? Because I'm 'too young'? He knew there was no way out of this. You were the one who said 'someday'. That was all you, Josh! He stood up, and she took a step back, suddenly struck by how much taller he was than her.

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    When you kissed me! This perfect vision of what her and Josh were crashing around her. Well I'm not a 'nice guy', Maya, and here's the proof.

    I don't understand, Josh! She frowned and took a step back.

    I'm not an idiot, Josh. And I'm not a little kid. It has everything to do with sex. You didn't even like Amanda, did you? See the hurt in her eyes. Animalover48 Riley never found out about Maya's feelings for Lucas.

    Girl Meets Zaya, a girl meets world fanfic FanFiction

    So after she and Lucas are together for three months, Maya is still heartbroken by it. When she sitting against the lockers crying one day, she is lucky that a certain guy who may have feelings for her is there to comfort her. I think Maya looks good with both Josh and Zay. Inspired by Randomness Girl.

    Don't get me wrong, I am happy for them but at the same time jealous. I kind of developed a crush on Lucas ever since that day they were planning on taking the art class down. I never realized how much he cared about me; it was amazing how much he cared. I also really like it when he turns into his Texas self, even if he doesn't like it, I like it.

    I am so glad Riley never found out because if she did, she would try to push her feelings aside in order to make me happy. I wouldn't want her to do that because she is not as strong as I am, she would start hurting herself at lot on the inside.

    I am sitting down against my lockers while Lucas and Riley are down the hall smiling and each other and kissing. Tears start to stream down my face, why can't I ever have love? I also have a crush on Riley's uncle, Josh, but he always rejects me because of the age difference.

    Also because Lucas is like madly in love with Riley, he would never notice me. I guess I don't deserve to be loved; makes sense because I am not as pretty or fun as Riley.

    She can get any guy to like her including Charlie Gardner. The only guy that actually liked me was Farkle but even then he obviously liked Riley more; but now he has Smackle which is great because those two are adorable together.

    I really wish I can be happy for them, I really wish but I can't. I bury my face into my hands and just sob. I sob uncontrollably not caring that others are walking by, they probably do not care about me. Nobody cares about me, not even Riley, she only likes Lucas.

    I feel really bad for her because I sort of figured out that she had a crush on him. I mean it was obvious she did I mean the way she looks at him; but to be honest, I sort of like her a lot.

    I mean she has something I always want in a girl, strength and confidence.

    She wouldn't let anyone hurt her unless it was something big and that's what I like in a girl. I though Vanessa had those qualities but Maya has something that she doesn't, confidence. Maya isn't afraid to speak her mind and that is another reason why I really like her; if she didn't like Lucas, I would've probably asked her out.