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  • The Reverend John Aldred obtained it at Waimate in A fragment of the original dogskin wristcord remains in the butt. The stone used to create Ngatoto is dark grey in colour, and is worn and polished. There are several small chips along the blade edge. There are six grooves around the flared butt. Display, Auckland Museum Additional text: It bears a sticker saying 'New Zealand' as though it was once part of another collection.

    Ernest Rutherford Scientist Supreme

    Don Hitchcock Source: It was used for cutting up whales, sharks, and dogs. Hempleman probably obtained this mere by trade from local Kai Tahu people. Before towns were established in the s, shore-based whalers were an important source of European items for trade. Resolving never to fight again, Ngawaka became a Christian missionary.

    Amazing New Zealand 4 WEEKS

    Ngawaka finally surrendered in December and was sent to prison for four years. On his release he returned to Taranaki, where he died in Don Hitchcock Source and text: The club was taken to England prior to World War 1, and some 50 years later it was returned to New Zealand and recently presented to the Auckland Museum.

    The wood used for this piece has a very wavy grain, probably chosen for its inherent toughness when used for warfare, since it would be unlikely to split.

    Ernest Rutherford Scientist Supreme

    The kotiate is a patu or club named for its shape, which resembled a split human liver 'koti' is cut and 'ate' is liver. It could be made from wood or whale bone.

    Ernest Rutherford Scientist Supreme

    The Haena rino iron harpoon was an important part of a whaler's equipment. Kuru middle right, number 5 The kuru pendant is one of a variety of pounamu jade ornaments that were suspended on flax cords and worn around the neck or hung from pierced ear lobes.

    Ernest Rutherford Scientist Supreme

    The lethal part of the tewhatewha was the back of the blade. This weapon was only used by a chief. It was more often used in battle to communicate orders to the warriors rather than as an actual weapon. This weapon tapers from the worn blade to a rounded point.

    Ernest Rutherford Scientist Supreme

    There is a janus head three quarters of the way along the length. Otherwise it is uncarved. It is from the Sir George Grey collection. The tool was cm to cm in length and was used as a striking weapon, stabbing spear, and missile weapon.

    Ernest Rutherford Scientist Supreme

    It was difficult to find whalebone that was of the right length, weight, and strength to withstand the rigours of close-combat fighting. This one is particularly fine because of its straightness.

    French Cycling Holidays goes down under! Guided Biking Tours in New Zealand

    Display, Auckland Museum Taiaha kura, Kimihia A taiaha is a hand weapon usually made from hard wood, or sometimes whale bone, and usually about mm long. Taiaha have one end carved in the shape of an upoko head with a face on each side.

    Ernest Rutherford Scientist Supreme

    The eyes of the two faces see all around, reflecting the alertness of the taiaha exponent. An arero tongue protruding from the upoko forms one end of the weapon.

    Ernest Rutherford Scientist Supreme

    The upoko is adorned with a tauri collar of dog hair, the tassels of which form the awe. Below this, the tinana body provides the grip. The regeneration of Viaduct Harbour is a legacy of New Zealand hosting the America's Cup yachting regatta and has turned this waterside area into one of the city's main entertainment and dining hubs. As well as being one of the country's major marinas, Viaduct Harbour's lively calendar of events is a tourism draw card.

    Amazing New Zealand 20 Days

    Every Sunday, the Flower Market here brings in crowds with live music and street food, while regular free events during summer months are a favorite with local families. One of Auckland's top attractions for visiting families, Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium allows you to get up-close-and-personal with life under the water.

    A series of huge aquariums containing aquatic life can be observed from the tunnel walkways with aquariums devoted to sharks, tropical fish, and stingrays. Kelly Tarlton's also houses an Antarctic Encounter gallery, complete with a snow-filled penguin enclosure, highlighting New Zealand's close association with Antarctica's international scientific communities.

    Adrenaline-junkies are catered for as well with the aquarium's Shark Dive and Shark Cage Snorkel experiences. Downtown Auckland can, at first, seem a thoroughly modern city, but amid the contemporary towers, there are several prime examples of early architecture for history fans to seek out.

    The imposing Ferry Building Princes Wharfforms a striking English-Baroque landmark on the harbor front, built in Also, don't miss Auckland High Court Waterloo Quadrant with its richly-decorated brickwork, complete with turrets and gargoyles, modeled on Warwick Castle in England. Ruggedly beautiful Great Barrier Island is a must-visit for wilderness fans with a multitude of camping, hiking, mountain biking, and sea kayaking opportunities.

    Rangitoto Island is a dormant volcano and home to the world's largest forest of pohutukawa trees. Hiking to the island's summit rewards walkers with stunning views across the Hauraki Gulf.

    Tiny Tiritiri Matangi Island is a wildlife sanctuary for some of New Zealand's most endangered birdlife with a variety of easy walking trails winding through the island's interior.

    Among the species that keen birdwatchers can spot here are takahe, blue penguins, kiwi, and brown teal. Ferries leave from Princes Wharf in the central city Location: Hauraki Gulf Takapuna Beach Share: The city's eastern coast is speckled with gorgeous forest-rimmed beaches that are top swimming and sun-bathing spots for locals during summer weekends.

    Takapuna Beach, overlooking Rangitoto Island across the water, is one of the finest sandy strips in the city and deservedly popular.

    Nearby are both Milford Beach and Cheltenham Beach, which tend to be less crowded.