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  • So when my nerdy male pal recommended it, I had to stop everything I was doing to watch it immediately. This was not because Kashimashi is shallow and trivial work and I had schoolwork piling up the entire time watching it consumed.

    Parody kashimashi » nhentai hentai doujinshi and manga

    It was because of the annoying and and outright insulting nature of it. This requires, however, that the characters are just plain dull and generic. In the case of Kashimashi they are not, they are way out on the negative scale, disturbing and annoying or she is. Kashimashi takes all the imaginable half-assedness of handling such themes to a new level, treating the main character literally like an object for the first half. Both she does it herself, and all the males close to him suddenly turn into voyeurists and sex-maniacs.

    And she's supposed to be a normal girl here, the original Hazumu's Y chromosome just got misplaced with an X during his body's reconstruction with the alien technology. Give me a break! In works like Happiness! Here, nothing is explained.

    Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl Manga Read Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl Manga Online for Free

    Kashimashi is obviously oriented primarily for males with a fetish for a thought of themselves as lesbians as a fantasy it's completely different thing from reality, after all lesbian porn is highly popular among menor just extra kicks from the knowledge that a hot female used to be a guy.

    That means, as you'd guess, the fanservice is inevitable.

    We can't just have Hazumu behave like any normal person in a bit strange new situations, we must have her be an complete idiot without any common sense. Or how many of you guys think if you suddenly were dressed in a skirt you would reflexively use it as a fan and having to have someone else to tell you that's not a good idea?

    Yep, this is what Kashimashi is largely about.

    Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl SIF Figure Osaragi Hazum

    The last thing you'll remember about Kashimashi will be the episodes consisting of nothing but fanservice comedy, and how they ruined all the potential.

    The last few episodes were like I would have wanted and expected the whole show to be like - serious, realistic drama.

    It has been a few years since I watched Kashimashi. And time has not goldened memories. I viewed it in the most positive light maybe two weeks after watching, when I compared it to other pure-fanservicey series and thought it stilll had some desperate trying in this sense, I think of Kashimashi much the same way as of Code Geass R2.

    I still have very mixed feelings and don't know whether it should get 1 for completely ruining the good premise or for having that good premise and a few relatively good episodes toward the end that make up for those preceding them.

    Shunned by the girl of his dreams, Hazumu loses himself in the mountains and is promptly squashed by an oncoming space ship. Each girl is wearing her red school uniform and black knee high socks.

    Hazumu, the main character, is sandwiched between her friends Tomari and Yasuna. This simple cover does a nice job depicting the love triangle defining much of this series. The printing is good and there are nice extras; including a colored first page, honorifics guide, translation notes, short volume two preview, and a description of the flowers and plants in this volume.

    This includes the Japanese, Latin, and English names. The characters are all very cute and I enjoyed the contrast between the rounded female faces and the angular jaw lines of the male characters.

    I have seen this before, but not to such an extent. Backgrounds are sparse, but the panel layout is varied and the art flows well. The translation reads very well and the only problem I found was one place where a word was missing and another where two words in the dialogue had the order switched.

    However, there are places in this volume where panels have an English SFX but no Japanese equivalent. It is possible the editor chose to overlay the Japanese SFX in smaller panels that would have appeared overcrowded with both language versions.