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    Sterling Beaumon as Sludge, Widget's twin. Dee Bradley Baker as Trashcan, a dog-like robot who serves as a literal bin. Victor Bonavida as Sam, a teenage boy from Hamegg's house.

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    Tony Matthews as Cora's father. Bob Logan as Stinger One, President Stone's pilot minion who leads a group of aircraft with suction tubes and wants to capture Astro.

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    Ryan Ochoa as Rick, another teenage boy from Hamegg's house. Development[ edit ] InSony Pictures Entertainment purchased the film rights to Astro Boy from Tezuka Productionsintending to produce a live-action feature film.

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    Todd Alcott was set to write the screenplay, but the film halted in when Steven Spielberg began A. The more challenging was his kawaii portrayal, part of which were his large eyes and curly eyelashes, features that the filmakers thought they made him too feminine.

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    Imagi had several discussions on how round and curvy Astro's body proportions should be and in the end they were made to be more lean.

    From now on, there would be ten films nominated for Best Picture instead of five - the last time this happened was 66 years ago.

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    From tothe Oscars had between eight and 12 Best Picture nominees. This year featured one of the most even distributions of top nominees, with five films receiving at least six nominations, and no film receiving more than nine. Six of the top 10 contenders were released in the fourth quarter of the year -- only Up, The Hurt Locker, District 9, and Inglourious Basterds were released earlier.

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    It was also the fifth consecutive R-rated Best Picture winner, and the second of only two Best Picture winners to be a film festival acquisition the first was in Two films shared the most Oscar nominations nine and competed in a dead heat in the period between the nominations and awards: It marked a milestone win for a female director and American directorthe first ever. The suspenseful tale was about bomb defuser SFC Willliam James nominated Jeremy Renner whose recklessness and addiction to risk endangered his bomb squad support team.

    Academy Awards® Winners and History

    Five other Best Picture nominees scored at least one win, including in descending order: It was the first Best Picture nominee to be entirely filmed using 3-D technology. It was a futuristic, sci-fi adventure-action story about humans invading a fantastic planet inhabited by blue-skinned aliens for its rare radioactive natural resource - unobtanium. Avatar lacked a Best Screenplay nomination -- coincidentally, the last film to win Best Picture without a screenplay nomination was Cameron's own mega-blockbuster film, Titanic Remarkably, this was Cameron's first narrative film since Titanicwhich had a record 14 nominations and 11 wins.

    No director has ever attained a total of 23 total nominations in consecutive non-documentary feature films. Cameron only directed two documentaries during that year span of time: Geoffrey Fletcher was the first African-American to win an Oscar for screenwriting.

    Aldo Raine and his troupe of Jewish soldiers who sabotage Nazi installations behind enemy lines.

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    The film was nominated for Best Original Screenplay despite sharing the same English title as Quel maledetto treno blindatoanother film about American GIs wreaking havoc behind enemy lines The Blind Side two nominations and a sole win for Best ActressWarner Bros.

    Jason Reitman's Up in the Air six nominations, three for acting! Alex Goran nominated Vera Farmigaa mature businesswoman traveller, and Natalie Keener nominated Anna KendrickRyan's newly-assigned protege Neill Blomkamp's District 9 four nominations, with no wins gritty science-fiction film was part-apartheid allegory, mock documentary and tense action thriller about prawn-like alien creatures bi-pedal and taller than humans, with facial tendrils who were segregated in a Johannesburg, South African slum-internment camp called District 9and the harrowing tale of a bumbling, incompetent bureaucrat - a MNU field operative named Wikus van de Merwe Sharlto Copley to peaceably evict the 1.

    It was a rare nomination for a science-fiction film.

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    An Education three nominations, with no winsa Sony Pictures' coming-of-age melodrama about a 16 year-old English schoolgirl named Jenny nominated Carey Mulliganwho is courted by an older man and introduced to British high society The Coen Brothers' A Serious Man two nominations, including Best Screenplay, with no winsa quirky black comedy set in that retold the Book of Job, revolving around the trials suffered by physics professor Larry Gopnik Michael Stuhlbarg The nominees for Best Director represented a very diverse group including ex-spouses.

    All five Best Director nominees were attached to Best Picture nominees, though unsurprising due to the presence of ten Best Picture nominations rather than the usual five. The films of the five Best Director-nominees had the highest number of nominations for Best Picture.

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    It is fairly safe to assume that if there had only been 5 Best Picture nominees, the picks would have paralleled the five nominated directors. There were two first-time nominees, and three second-time nominees.

    25 Things You Might Not Know About 'Boy Meets World' Mental Floss

    It was an historic win - she became the first woman ever to win in the category. Bigelow was the second American woman nominated as Best Director following Sofia Coppola inand only the fourth woman nominated in the category.

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    Bigelow won the Directors Guild Award, the first woman ever to win the top award from the DGA, a solid predictor of her eventual win since the DGA feature film award winner went on to win the Academy Award for Best Director all but six times since Ironically, Bigelow was James Cameron's ex-wife. Action film director Bigelow had been a collaborator with fellow nominee James Cameron, who executive-produced Point Break and was also writer-producer for her film Strange Days He was personally up for the same three Oscars in Reitman was previously nominated for Juno With this nomination, he became the youngest filmmaker to have received two Oscar nominations for Best Director.

    It was also his second Best Director nod in 3 years.