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  • Today I had usual day. I am glad that in Moscow cold weather was established. Now it is possible to leave on street and to not be afraid to be soiled! My papers in embassy by way of! Dear Thom I am grateful to you for the help given to me in purchase of tickets for a trip to you. I am grateful that you have shown generosity. I see you trust me completely. Know Thom I also to you I trust!

    Today I had very good day, actually now our meeting, all becomes closer also closer! These news do me by the happiest girl on light!

    Thom know I can take many pictures with itself to America. It is a pity that now I have no pictures to send you. When I shall arrive to Murom I shall send you many new pictures! As I already informed you, I have legalized all necessary documents and I have tickets for a trip to you. It very much is pleasant to me! But I should inform you, that for arrival in America it is necessary for me to have a credit card.

    In embassy to me have told, that it is an obligatory condition, that I could arrive to you. I should show embassy, that I the financially secure citizen.

    Therefore I should have money to arrive to you to America. The minimal sum of money which I should have on a credit card, does dollars. I have no credit card, I did not know, that I shall require such sum for a trip to you. I shall go now to bank and I shall start to do a credit card. I understand, that these very unpleasant news and I understand your feelings. I have a few which money to me will suffice approximately on two weeks of a life in Moscow. I shall take from this money of dollars for a credit card.

    It means that does not suffice me more. It - very much a shame to me to speak, but I am compelled to tell to you about it. The situation has developed in such manner, that I am again compelled to ask you of money. But I hope for you, my dear Thom!

    I believe, that you will find an opportunity to help me, and we shall have at last a long-awaited meeting. I am assured, that it is last step on a way to our meeting. It is last barrier, and we should overcome it!

    Russian Brides Cyber Guide's BLACK LIST Russian Women Scammers

    I with hope in heart shall wait for your help! Really, I very much regret, but I did not know all of circumstance. I understand, that it very unexpectedly and unpleasantly. But we should make this step! Money should not become a barrier on a way to our meeting! You understand me, my favourite Thom? Also I should tell to you, that we shall not lose your money.

    When I shall arrive to you the USA, we can remove this money from a credit card in bank. After that I shall give money to you back.

    I spoke with serving embassies, and it has told to me, that money for my credit card are only formality. Thus I should prove to embassy solvency. We can return this money back as soon as I shall arrive to you, fine Thom.

    It is necessary to receive for me this money in relatives in some days, the embassy should not know that I have no such money. I should behave as though I have such greater money and I can freely do a credit card.

    I very much would not like to come back home not finished all things. Before sending you today the letter, I have told in embassy, that I shall do a credit card today. I also have told that if the credit card will be ready tomorrow I shall have money the day after tomorrow. It will be remarkable, if you can help me within next several days. Thom I wish to tell once again to you - this money simple formality.

    When I shall arrive to you on February, 2nd we shall go to this day in any bank and we shall receive your money back. You can back receive dollars from my credit card as soon as I shall arrive to you. You will not lose this money. I just as you have spent many money and forces, that our meeting took place. I did not know earlier, that money for our meeting are required so. But I think, that all our efforts are lead not unsuccessfully. I very much wish to have a meeting with you, my dear Thom!

    I love you and it is the most important! Please, understand me correctly! I with impatience shall wait for news from you and to hope for the best! I sent all the pictures she sent me as she attempts to change her looks. Hope you post her on the blacklist. Thom Galina Polushina Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-el, Russia I'm 37 and have seen this scam before, Although I have not fell for it, I have seen it a number of times and don't want to see anyone taken for thier money.

    I only included a few of the letters but you will get the point from them and I have included a few pictures. She had or has a membership on a website called hotornot. Today is the day she asked for the money. I sent a e-mail to the website hotornot. I have not heard back from them at this point. Here is the first letter. Thu, 07 Dec As I promised I write to you the letter! I am really glad to see your letter! I hoped that you will write to me and you have made it!!!

    Now we have chance to get acquainted closer and to begin friends or even more! I want to ask you to not write to me if you want only my naked photos. I never shall send you it!!! I search for serious relations with the man and if you want the same that I shall be glad to continue our acquaintance!!

    I live not in America. I live in Russia! I simply could not make a structure for Russia And I have made it for America! I speak you it because I do not want to tell lies to you! I very fair girl! I never tell lies to people. For me honesty is very important! But I hope that for you it not a problem and we shall continue our acquaintance. Now I want to tell to you a little about myself! As you know my name is Galina and me 30 years!

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    I love an active way of life I love the nature and at the same time I love rest and silence! Yes, I the active girl, but for me am very important my family, my beloved! I appreciate honesty and sincerity in relations. I think that the true relations should stand on sincerity and understanding!!! Oh I think that I should stop and give you chance to tell about yourself!!!

    But I sincerely hope that very soon I shall see your new letter!!! A few letters later Tue, 09 Jan I like to spend my free time with you. I conside that it is impossible to live without dreams and hopes. When we have a dream, our life is filled with sense. Belief and Hope - eternal satellites of our lives. I dream to meet you and to speak with you face to face, in letters it is impossible to transfer all what I feel, I regret that early to speak about it, but I hope that all will be good also the future will open doors for us.

    I only want to be sure in you, it is necessary for me to know that I can rely on you in any situation, I want we always will be capable to help each other.

    I want to walk with you under the moon and to talk about the future, I would like all this has turned to the truth. I want my man to be kind with me. The most important for me is love.

    In Russia there are good, kind people, but nowadays they become less and less, I could not find my love here. May be you can understand me in it? I want to give happiness to the favourite person, I want to please with my sight, I want to dream with him about our future life.

    I want to be sure in my future husband. I want to be sure that it is possible to rely on him, I can entrust the deepest secrets. If we are a single whole, we can find happiness. I dream of the man which can understand me and help me in any situation. I never betray him and never shall cause any troubles to him because this person will be the dearest all over the world. I want to explain what the love means for me.

    May bre you can understand me now?????? I dream to have the happy future It is very simple dream, but unfortunately now it is very difficult to make her reality!

    But if we shall do all for this purpose I am sure that we shall to have family! They get better don't they? Sun, 21 Jan I was happy to read all your letters today!

    I as love you! And all time I think only of you! My mum speaks that I became cheerful and happy!

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    All this because in my life you have appeared! I am sure that all life I waited only for you! In my head it is a lot of ideas and I would like to tell to you much! But it is very difficult for me to speak through a computer! I would like to see you, I dream to feel your touches, I want to see your eyes, I want to hear all that you to me will tell!

    I am ready on all for the sake of that what we were together! We shall have fine family! You such kind, such lovely and gentle!

    Russian Brides Cyber Guide's BLACK LIST Russian Women Scammers

    I am sure that you the finest man on a planet! Better anybody is not present you! I all heart and soul want to be with you!!!!!!

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    I precisely do not know what difference in time between us, but I think approximately 8 hours. Yes I understand you, I too heard about such fraud through the Internet, you can trust me, I not such person which can deceive you. I can wake up in the morning and to be happy every beam of the sun, every birdy on a tree, every star in the sky! Because the angel of love lives in my heart now! I very much want meet you, I would like to walk with you on an evening coast, to sit on warm sand and talk with you.

    I want to kiss yours lips and to depart highly to the sky because I have found the destiny, I have found you!!! Even if two persons in love are far each other, that every of them will feel love to each other because hearts cannot love separated.

    My love I should wait for your letters every minute, I ask, that you have not left me during long time without them. Your letters for me as air, without which I cannot live. I so want to meet you, I so want to see your eyes and to tell: And nobody cannot divide us.

    I very much love you! With me all well and now I shall go to work! Remember always, that I love you! Also that I always very much miss on you! With all my love, Galina!!!!! Notice in the last letter I had asked her about a scam Tue, 23 Jan Now I have time to write to you the letter! As I spoke, I did not sleep all the night long! I thought of our relations! I had many ideas! I am really glad that we have met each other! Both of us searched for our second half. Both of us were mistaken, But now I am sure that we have found ours second half!!!

    I am sure that you my second half and I your second half! I am sure that we shall be happy together! I dreamed that I shall find my second half and now my dream has come true!

    We have only one step up to our happiness! Yes, we are already happy because we have met each other! But we cannot live so far apart! We should meet and be happy! I am simple I can not live here without you! I want to arrive to you because I love you!

    My dear Tom, I have learned all concerning my trip to you! I thought that it will be difficult for me, but fortunately I was mistaken!

    For me it is very easy to arrive to you! We in our city have good travel agency which helps people to legalize all papers for trip to your country! The most important, I should make the visa and the passport for travel abroad! They will help me to make it!

    I have learned that my visa and the passport will be ready in weeks! I think that it quickly enough and we shall be together! It is convenient for me because, The travel agency will make out, for me, almost all documents!

    It is good news, but I have bad news! I have learned that registration of all documents costs dollars! It is very expensive for me! I simply have no such money! My salary very small and I cannot save up such big money! I have told to my mum about it! She has told that if we really love each other that of money should not be a problem! My love I ask you to help our happiness! I really love you and I want to be with you, But I cannot simply save up such big money!

    I have learned that you can send me of money for the visa through Western Union! It is system of remittances! It close to my house and I can receive very quickly money! When you to come in the Western Union, everyone will explain to you. For this purpose it is necessary for you to know the following information: It will be necessary for me to know: MTCN to you will give, when you to send money. My love Tom I understand that it is the big money, but I ask you to send me them!

    I ask you to make it for the sake of our happiness, for the sake of our future! I love you and I want to be with you!

    I am ready to make all for our meeting, but I simply have no such money!

    Russian Brides Cyber Guide's BLACK LIST Russian Women Scammers

    I very much regret that I have to ask you about money if I had money, I would pay for the visa! Now your help is necessary for me, I love you, I am ready on all for the sake of our love! You are probably disappointed by that that I ask you money, simply understand that it is necessary for both of us, our love without is valuable, now it is necessary to make only a small step, a step to our happiness!

    Oh I just now have thought! It is very big step! But I am ready to make it! I love you and you my happiness! I do not want to lose you! The original website I was contacted with was True. Her profile was really just a name and were she lived…New Orleans LA. I wrote her asking for the information and received the following 9 emails covering a couple of weeks. During the first week her profile was removed from the dating site.

    Needless to say when I received the last email, I sent her a response telling her that under no circumstances I would send her any money. That is the last time I hear from her. I'm so happy to receive your answer! It was good to meet you on dating site! You made my day! I feel something special about you so I hope you will like my email and photos! There was not much in my profile because I didn't know what should I write there, I've never posted my profile before and I was not sure how it works.

    I've never tried to find someone in Internet but soon I will come to your country to work there, so I will have a work visa and a permission to work. She worked in amusement park from 11 am till 6 pm and from 7 pm till 3 am she worked in a bar. Of course she was always tired but she made very good money! I think I can do it too! Now she is in Europe, working for 3 months. She wrote me she liked to work in the USA better! I want to find a man who can tell me about the life over there and maybe of course something more then just a friend!!!

    I don't have a boyfriend so I'm free for new adventures!!! I'm in Russia now, but soon I will leave Russia to make my trip so you can forget about our distance. I think I will come over there after the first of the year. I think it will be something like January I like warm climate According to my visa I can work in your country for 3 months, I can prolong it to 6 months if I want. After 6 months staying over there I can go home or try to get a green card.

    I think my level of English is quite good, but although it's very simple. I can't read philosophy books in English or business books Anyway I want to improve my English while staying over there.

    I write and speak English by myself. My spoken English is good too. I like this channel so much! I'm sending four pics for you. One is me with my dog Lima. Another one is me last summer in Sochi South of Russia near the black sea. The view is very beautiful!!!! Another one is me near the window and home. And the last one is me with my sister. I live in small town here in Russia, and I decided to find someone by Internet not to be alone when I make my trip.

    The life is different in every country and I think it's hard to live there when you don't know anybody. I can do some simple job as a waitress, or to work in some shop. And later when I improve my English I want to find a better job!

    Russian Brides Cyber Guide's BLACK LIST Russian Women Scammers

    I will start my trip from Moscow, I will go there to pass English tests and have an interview. I think everything will be OK!

    Working program helps me to get the visa, permission for work and all travel documents and they will help me to get job. It's a special program for young people who is not lazy and make some money. Also they can settle me with another girls from Russia and Brazil who came to work there too, it's very cheap. I think I can change my life and see many wonderful things and just different life. I am full of plans and different dreams.

    Russian Brides Cyber Guide's BLACK LIST Russian Women Scammers

    I am sure you will be not disappointed to meet me in the real life!!! I don't have a special plan or something like that for a new relationship, I'm open to everything! I don't want to be an abuse for you, if you will not want me as your woman, we can be just friends! But I hope you like me and my photos! I had a boyfriend, but it was nothing serious and we broke up one year ago because he moved to Vladivostok.

    OK, I will finish this email I don't know what else I could write you in my first email. Your questions are welcomed! Please answer me even if you don't like me, because you are the only man I am responding to.

    If you don't like me I will continue my search. I hope so much to receive your answer!!! I hope we can have a nice communication by emails so I will know somebody is waiting for me over there! Not so long time to wait for me, really?

    I hope you are my soulmate and we match each other! Next time I can answer your questions if you have some and tell you about my family, send you many pics of my family, also more of my photos!!! Tell me about yourself and the place where you live!

    And send me photos! Please write me at this mailbox, "krasivaya" - the name of my mailbox means "beautiful" in Russian. Sincerely, Irina 2nd Letter just want to send you two more pics. One of them was taken recently on the wedding of my good friend.

    I hope I will find a good man and marry marry too someday. Another one was taken last summer at the balcony of my friend. I don't have free time now, I will write you a longer email about everything later today. We have to buy presents for New Year with my mother. I know you have Christmas soon but Russian people celebrate Christmas in January.

    Thank's for your reply so much!!! I hope soon I will be able to come to your area by my birthday and we will meet each other! I'm not sure why I picked you but I feel something special about you! I hope you are having very happy Christmas!!!!! Russian people celebrate New Year more then Christmas. Tell me how do you celebrate Christmas!!!! Thank you for pics! This time I will write you more about myself. I think you should know more about my life and my hobbies so you will know if we have any common interests.

    So you already know my full name. I'm 26 years old, not that young I think? My birthday is January I'm cm tall 5.

    Russian Brides Cyber Guide's BLACK LIST Russian Women Scammers

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