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  • Wait! Was 'Girl Meets World' Canceled!
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  • Julia Bianco jewliabianco Zetus lapetus, it's been how many years since Zenon: The epic trio of space adventure Disney Channel Original Movies gave us all fashion goals while also coining some stellar slang that we still slip into everyday conversation.

    The movies remain important to die-hard Disney fan, but many may not realize what the out-of-this-world cast is doing today. Easter already had experience playing a teen movie beau in the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movie Holiday in the Sun, which probably explains why he was so charming in this universe.

    Presumably, Zenon and Sage are still riding off into the sunset today, although in real life, Easter has moved on from acting to focus on a different art form: The Series, and, most recently, A Place for Heroes.

    Corey Fogelmanis on Girl Meets World BUILD Series NYC

    At the time of this writing, he lives in Iowa and has worked as a yoga instructor. Z3, but Glenn McMillan seems like a peach. McMillan took some time away from acting after Power Rangers, but returned with a small appearance in 's Swerve. Soon after, he was back on top, signing on to play the fan favorite character Carlos dos Santos in the Australian series Wonderland.

    Considering how much of a fan favorite he was despite his brief screen time, it makes sense that Thomas Wright has forged a stellar entertainment career. The show only lasted two seasons, but Wright bounced back quickly, landing a part on WGN America's Outsiders, which aired its final episode after two seasons in April His real big break came when he landed a lead on the cult-hit teen TV series Everwood, which he appeared on for four seasons opposite future Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt.

    That crime show ended inbut Smith has kept busy behind the camera, directing episodes of Shadowhunters: Although Anderson spent a little less time in the Zenon-verse, he has still managed to build a successful career since his time singing on stage in the popular franchise.

    Witness for the Prosecution and Greed.

    He also appeared in General Hospital: Crime Scene Investigation, and Bones. He was also a successful actor in non-kids properties before joining Zenon, with roles in Fatal Attraction, Arachnophobia, and Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves! In addition, Pankin frequently makes appearances at the St. Vincent Summer Theater in Pennsylvania.

    She transitioned that project into The Hollywood Beauty Detective, an organization dedicated to showcasing women of all different shapes and sizes to promote an inclusive image of beauty.

    Fulger funded the web-based group through IndieGoGo.

    Wait! Was 'Girl Meets World' Canceled!

    Sep 10, 6: She wasn't going to audition for soap operas or horror films. After all, she'd starred on a successful ABC sitcom since she was 12, making her bouncy Topanga Lawrence a beloved '90s girl icon alongside D.

    Tanner and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

    Surely there were plenty of casting agents on quality projects who'd kill to book her. Yeah, not so much. After a few years without any major gigs, Fishel went back on her promise and begrudgingly tried out for "The Bold and the Beautiful. Advertisement "Ah, the entertainment industry. Where talent and ability are less important than height and weight," she recalls in her new book, "Normally, This Would Be Cause for Concern.

    And you know why? Because I may not be perfect, but we are all too good for that crap. At 33, she's aiming to follow in the footsteps of Mindy Kalingwhose comedic memoir endeared her to female millennials and became a New York Times bestseller. So she's billing herself as the relatable celebrity, writing about how she eats at Red Robin and didn't realize her high school boyfriend — 'N Sync's Lance Bass — was gay.

    Danielle Fishel's world is in 'Normally, This Would Be Cause for Concern'

    You'd be forgiven if you think it all sounds like a calculated marketing ploy. When she got a call last year that the Disney Channel wanted to create a new series for "Boys Meets World" fans — "Girl Meets World," on which Topanga and her high school boyfriend, Ben Savage's Cory, are now parents — she had all but retired from Hollywood.

    At 27, she decided to enroll at Cal State Fullerton to get a degree in psychology.