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    Montreal Camps Summer Camps & March Break in Montreal QC & Area

    Consider Branksome Halla leading all-girls day and boarding school in Toronto. From the beginning, the school was lead by a series of forthright women who had lived at the boundaries social and intellectual life, and experience that they brought to their role as educators.

    Marché Bonsecours

    In the s, Mrs. The Bishop Strachan School has been endeavoring to fit you to become useful and courageous women.

    Marché Bonsecours

    I believe you will yet see our universities open to women. Work out your freedom, girls! She became one of a long line of headmistresses who would define the life of the school as challenging and progressive, a place where girls and women would continue to work out their freedom, and drink deep, just as Thomson hoped they might.

    She began a program of financial aidthe first of its kind in Canada, offering bursaries and scholarships to broaden the student base. She worked to create a community with a reputation of achievement, not privilege.

    Marché Bonsecours

    During her time, the school sent more students to university than ever before, this at a time when very few women went to university at all. They lead by example, providing a window onto a world of possibility. Disrupting expectations The world that Thomson, Walsh and others worked within is long gone. Yet, while there have been huge advances in the rights of women, traditional gender roles nevertheless are often unwittingly reinforced in academic and extra-curricular settings.

    Science and technology are more likely to be promoted to boys than to girls; English and the arts are more likely to be promoted to girls than to boys. Athletics, the prom, and many other aspects of student life can reinforce traditional roles and expectations. There she develops data solutions and applications, and then works with engineers to implement them. Her experience of being a woman participating in fields that are still predominantly male has lead her to take part in mentorship programs, such as Girls Who Code, in order to motivate young women to consider careers in math and science.

    As a result, fewer girls elect to take advanced math and science subjects in middle and high school. Finally, those who pursue STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Math jobs after graduation end up in fields that are even more overwhelmingly dominated by men. Sounds like quite the challenge! You will definitely need more than 2 nights! Kick it off with a Montreal Craft Beer Tour Not sure what to do during the hours preceding your dinner reservation?

    The Study Montreal Private School Girls K11

    The Plateau Best Bars Experience is the perfect way to warm up before a big night out, and get to know the area both through its bars, as well as its culture. Party Itineraries everything you need Nuvo Magazine These two ultra cool bars are the perfect opening to your night because they offer two distinct atmospheres in the same place.

    The bright decor replete with neon pink floors and retro green leaf wallpaper will transport you to a beach house. Tucked right beneath Boho is an upscale mezcal and tequila bar named Clandestino.


    While also Mexican themed, the ambiance at Clandestino is more refined with its plush, warm-coloured couches and antiques, giving the underground space an almost speakeasy vibe.

    They offer over varieties of tequila and 15 different kinds of salt to accompany them! Who knew getting blackout drunk could be so sophisticated? Then head to Flyjin Photo credit: The atmosphere has an air of mystery and exclusivity— you need to enter the club from an alley and then walk down a set of dimly lit stairs before getting a peak of its lavish decor. The exposed-brick walls and warm-coloured booths add to its intimate, underground ambiance.

    Marché Bonsecours

    They also offer bottle service with an extensive whiskey and champagne list. Flyjin is extremely popular for good reasonso be sure to reserve a table in advance. Yellow Pages This wine bar is another fun spot for bachelors in the Old Port. The laid-back atmosphere attracts a fashionable twenty-something to thirty-something crowd.

    Marché Bonsecours

    Their reasonably-priced drink menu has a little something for everyone, from unique cocktails to artisanal beers to a great selection of rum, gin and tequila. But their extensive champagne and wine list is truly the star of the show, so pop the bubbly and dance the night away! Downtown and Crescent Street A. Kampai Garden Photo credit: Eater Montreal Located on St. Catherine Street a mere metres from the Guy-Concordia metro station, Kampai Garden is a 10 square-foot resto-bar than turns into one of the trendiest nightclubs in the city.

    The Asian-inspired menu, from Canadian celebrity chef Antonio Park, offers delectable bites like fried chicken with a maple chili sauce, beef carpaccio, shrimp tacos and crispy pork dumplings. Go bar hopping on Crescent Street Photo credit: Separated in three floors, downstairs is the actual pub offering a large variety of English brews on tap.

    And upstairs is Karinathe lounge and dance club. Although it attracts a slightly older crowd, it still features live DJs and bottle service. Or go to Soubois Photo credit: No wonder the place has gotten a lot of people talking— one of them being Diplo, who threw an insane after-party here back in With expertly-mixed cocktails, great music, an intimate atmosphere and jaw-dropping decor, Soubois is a definite must-try.

    Apartment for pre-drink Photo credit: Apt attracts a younger crowd, so consider yourself warned if things get wild. On a personal note, I had my birthday here and I think I destroyed my liver in a span of forty-five minutes— it can get wild.

    Marché Bonsecours

    Completely redone last April, the vibe is laid-back and comfortable with its dark high ceilings, industrial beams and wooden-topped tables. You can also visit Suzannea speakeasy and dumpling restaurant just across the street with a funky decor the name is an homage to Montreal icon Leonard Cohen and one of his best known songs.

    Combined with signature cocktails and a wide variety of music, Suzanne is another great place to start off your night!